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Wasting Time [Flashback | Missions | Taika]

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on Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:45 pm
Mission Name: Cleaning off Vandalism
Rank: C
Type: Clan
Client: Local Merchants
Exp/Ryo Reward: 600 Ryo
Mission Description: The local children and some academy kids have been going around vandalizing the compound with spray cans. Some of them have had the audacity to carve their initials into the wooden walls within the compound. Clean the graffiti and sandpaper out the carvings by any means. Simply return them to normal.
Location: Land of Fire
Additional Information:
Eligible Members: Senju

Akane would lean against the heavily graffitied wall and would begin to wait for her partner, Taika Senju before beginning to start removing the graffiti. It was a pain that she had to get put on such a stupid mission since a bunch of average people would be able to do this, it didn't really require the work of ninja. Although, it was not her place to say what they had to do and how they had to do it. She just needed to get this job over and done with so that she could get the Ryo that she needed to cover her everyday expenses, Taika probably wanting the money from the job just as bad as she did.

The most interesting thing was that the kids weren't even being tracked down for doing it and were being allowed to do it, but it was of no concern. It was just getting more Ryo into her pocket, although maybe she shouldn't really feel that way since it was where she lived as well and represented her as well as everyone else who lived in the area. Upon seeing a figure approaching she would rise from her position and would grab the sandpaper out of her pocket. She needed to start working before someone told the merchants she was wasting time sitting around.

She'd begin by sanding off the vulgar words carved across the wall and would repaint it, making it look as if was never even there. She'd continue to do this for a good ten minutes and would begin to wonder where Taika was, until she realized that she was actually early and they were suppose to start the mission around twenty minutes after she had got there. It wouldn't really matter though, it'd cut down the time required to complete the mission they'd both be able to go home early with a good sum of Ryo.

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