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Another Day (Open to other Senju)

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on Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:36 am
Morpheus walked through the stronghold of his adoptive clan, sanguine eyes looking over the glorious landscape and the people who tamed it. Morpheus looked strange for a senju, what with his hair being a very light brown, almost blonde and his eyes tinted heavily in the red. Morph's name was also something else, Something most people took one or two tries to repeat and even then, they usually mispronounce it the next time he sees them. That didn't bother him too much though. He tried to keep a subjective look on life, despite how everyone around him seemed to be preparing for war. Weapons of all kinds were in the forges, ninja were practicing and honing there skills like a monster was slowly, but surely coming in their direction, and not to mention the anxious tone that seemed to hang over it all. Morpheus, however, tried to be different than all that. He smiled at everyone that he made eye contact with, he spent his free time reading or napping and generally tried to be friendly. He knew the people around him didn't have the time to be kind with tensions rising between all these other clans. Kindness was a luxury after all, one it seemed only little ol' Morpheus could afford. His blue jacket rippled as the wind blew across him and he grinned, enjoying the cool breeze on his skin. It was a beautiful day outside. Birds were singing and flowers were blooming. It hardly a day for kids like him to be preparing for a war... Morpheus was dubious, however, that the situation may not get better. In fact, things might actually get much, much worse. In contrast to the happy, cheerful attitude he put out as his front for everyone else' benefit, there was a fear that the family he had gained, the relationship with his clan that he had built, everything that made him what he was would be taken away from him again. It was the single chill that ran down his spine every day. A single chill, but one that shook him like he was in a blizzard. Salzem's smile seemed to shake as these thoughts played about inside his skull before it flipped into a frown completely. He wouldn't be able to stand it if his family was taken from him a third time... With these fears in mind, Morpheus's mood shifted and converted until he joined the crowd.
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