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Yvonne Ocelot

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Name: Yvonne Ocelot
Nickname: Kitten, The Cat Sage
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Yvonne Ocelot GWSdYHs
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 90lbs
Appearance: Yvonne is a small boy that looks very young for his age, appearing to others as someone around the age of a pre-teen, rather than an actual teenager. He has flawless porcelain colored skin and piercing purple eyes. His features often are schooled into a bored and aristocratic look. His hair is a deep raven black and is cut so that it falls down to the middle of his back, with bangs that fall into his eyes when they aren't pulled back. He has taken to wearing a large black, sleeveless hoodie that looks like it could very much double as a dress, the collar covering the lower half of his face and the hood itself casting the rest in shadow. Underneath the hoodie, he wears black biking shorts, the shorts being completely covered by the hoodie at most times. He also wears black, thigh-high socks with black shoes and black half-sleeves that start at his elbow and reach to the middle of his palms. He seems to alternate between that and combinations of long dark pants, black tee and midriff shirts and different forms of footwear, the most common being sneakers. He wears a number of different accessories, including leather wrist bands, chokers, earrings, and mesh gloves of varying lengths.
Yvonne Ocelot EW0JlD2
Character Rank: C
Clan: -
Element: N/A
Yvonne Ocelot IVLimad
Yvonne is soft spoken and rather quiet under normal circumstances however behind that seemingly timid appearance he has an ambitious and pushy personality. While he won't go out of his way to say things he will instead do it on his own and hold grudges against those he thinks have offended him. When angered enough he replies with intense episodes of violence however he rarely flies off the handle and once he has released his fury on the person offending him he returns back to normal without any traces of the violent outburst remaining on his features. He typically has a good check over his emotions and is usually humming a very low tune to himself as he walks around. He doesn't easily make friends, as he would much rather keep to himself instead of socializing, but when he does make friends he loves them as if they were a member of his own family. He will fiercely defend those he hold dear, and offending them is met with the same vehemence as it would be if aimed at Yvonne himself. He is rather sarcastic as well, always having some quick comeback in conversations, looking for any and all ways to display his silver tongue. Whenever he deigns to speak at all, of course.
Character History:
The End of Eliza
Eliza U. Arashi was born a couple decades after the gift of chakra was bestowed upon the world, and thus she grew up learning its secrets. She was indoctrinated into the primitive version of the modern day shinobi system, placed through many tests in order to prove her worth. She passed them all, breezing through the competition and becoming known as one of the strongest women in her day. Once she attained this title however, she suddenly left her village, disappearing for several months only to return bloody and haggard carrying her childhood friend Pyua Odaku. She refused to answer when asked where she had been and how she managed to get Pyua back and due to the random disappearance was forced, albeit her father regretting his decision, to spend time in prison.

Disgraced as a warrior and disowned from her budding clan, Eliza took comfort in the fact that Pyua continued to visit her however eventually when a small war started she was left to mingle with the rest of the prison populace. With her chakra sealed and limiters placed on her body she found it difficult to survive and was constantly terrorized. It was obvious why, she was easy pickings due to her weakened state and thus she was constantly beaten and broken down turning from the bright spitfire she used to be into a slightly downcast inmate. However her depression would fade when she saw Pyua hiding her injuries while disguising them as if she were clumsy, though both of them knew what was going on but she had to at least pretend to be happy so Pyua wouldn't feel as if it was her fault.

One day she had been cornered by two inmates and was dragged into a bathroom both of them stripping her down with their intentions however she fought with everything she had not caring if she died and screaming until she attracted the attention of a certain inmate known as Nightmare. Nightmare would save her from the two male inmates on a sheer whim, claiming that "He was bored" while Eliza was grateful even if Nightmare had given a shitty explanation. The two eventually grew close after Nightmare rescued her from being raped and Eliza returned the favor when she nursed Nightmare back to health after a particularly brutal interrogation. Eventually Eliza got pregnant and the clan elders wished to take the baby away, her aging father however still her clan's head despite not having any male heir's put out a word for her allowing her to raise Alex within the prison.

The early years allowed her some happiness, and Eliza began to regain some of her lost personality as she raised her son Alex, Nightmare having decided to name him after his beloved infamous alias. Sure it was tough raising a kid in prison however Alex quickly grew to be loved among the prisoners mainly due to his bubbly personality, in fact Eliza saw much of herself in him. She taught him much of her own techniques or at least the theory her own sealed chakra preventing her from truly educating him as she had planned on him eventually going to be trained and perhaps rejoining her family more specifically her sister as Saeko had never visited her, no doubt blaming Eliza for their mothers death. However it would seem it wasn't meant to be as one day, no doubt on the orders of one of the Arashi Clan members, her food was poisoned three days before Alex's 8th birthday. She would suffer for three days refusing to simply roll over and die before she could at least wish him a final birthday while trying to hide exactly how bad it was from her son. Her present to him of course was a diary with Nightmare having bribed one of the guards to smuggle it in a couple of years earlier, Eliza would write her entire life story and leave it to Alex so he could remember her and at the very least hear her side of the story if the clan tried to poison him against her.

The Vengeance of Alex
When Alex was 8 his mother died, Vela, the woman who had stepped up to take care of his mother and himself after her labor, said it was food poisoning, though she never seemed to trust eating the food the guards brought after that. He knew it wasn't food poisoning, they killed her because they could and that was when he decided he would never trust anyone. Alex grew up sealed, treated like a criminal for crimes he never committed, however he enjoyed it, for he was born in the harsh reality of the world and adapted to it. Being sealed as a child his body over compensated and eventually he broke his restraints and tore a war path through the prison breaking out multiple convicts in a bloody escape. Vela ensured his survival however when she took the fall for staging the breakout, her only reason for doing so being that she loved him and wanted to see her Silver again. She died in his place and that further distanced him from his mother's home village as he had lost not just one, but both of his parents to shinobi.

He was pardoned primarily due to his young age and perhaps because the clan wanted to make use of his talents. Unfortunately for them while he was trained elsewhere, he wouldn't give up his secrets nor was he interested in any of their marriage proposals seemingly only focused on becoming as strong as possible to join a group of ninja that were focused on hunting down threats to their livelihood, known only as Hunters. All of his training was done in secret, the only things which were commonly known were his mastery of the Body Flicker technique, and his utilization of Chidori. He would join the Hunters at the ripe age of twelve, where he would remain for 5 years learning everything he could about their structure and organization.

He became a Hunter under the cover of proving his loyalty to them however he always felt like a chained animal and was escorted everywhere at least when he wanted to be followed that is. He had long since kept his true skills a secret, just like Nightmare he was extremely skilled in weaving illusions. At the end of 5 years he was easily stronger than the current leaders of his Academy but he didn't wish to lead...no he wanted it to burn but realized not everyone deserved to suffer for his rage. So one day he killed his escort and left to explore the world, honing his skills and enjoying his freedom. He took his mother's preferred last name in order to conceal his identity, becoming Alex Ulfric.

During his tour over the world meeting various individuals that he found promising to recruit into his fold, he met Wes a fellow Rouge Nin, who routinely disguised herself as a male, the two of them partnering up and eventually having a kid. The two of them became more notorious their bounties skyrocketing, in fact within their home thanks to the exploits of someone who kept killing Hunters assigned to hunt him down his bounty had eventually been deemed a Flee on Sight. The pair was happy, and everything seemed fine as Wes tempered Alex's rage towards the world, toning it down and preventing him from simply storming around with an army and destroying all that stood in his way. However revenge wasn't something that simply faded away and Alex had a master plan, raising his daughter up until she was five then leaving her in a nearby village before going completely of the grid, his infamy fading into legend.

The Creation of Ceres
Ceres is a retired medic having done her service to her village and marrying her co-worker Xeno Ocelot. She remembers her father however and how brutal he was and has tried to shield her son from his influence. Her life wasn't that eventful after she was left, having been found and was quickly hailed as a medical prodigy due to having been taught by her mother primarily with this in mind. Her father had wanted her to assume control over the Medical Corps and then subsequently poison each of the shinobi with a slow acting and barely traceable poison he himself had cultivated. She had ultimately grown attached to life and couldn't bear to take it causing her to abandon the only thing she had been taught as a little girl. She is strongly opposed to Yvonne's involvement in the new shinobi world fearing her father's potential influence.

The Years of Yvonne
Yvonne grew up in a loving albeit a little over-protective household, his mother Ceres trying to protect him from everything and his father Xeno typically agreeing with his mom. Yvonne found himself at odds with his parents and eventually enrolled in the shinobi program, much to the dismay of his mother. Yvonne wasn't particularly interested in the shinobi life however was doing it to piss off his folks. He does aspire to be the best at what he does, though. He has begun reading up in the village library and has stumbled upon some interesting information...something about a renegade from an ancient clan of Storms and a Nightmare...
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