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Sage Art Amphibian technique

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on Fri May 05, 2017 8:31 am
Name: Senpō: Ryōsei no Jutsu[Sage Art: Amphibian Jutsu]
Rank: S
Cost:  60
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Range: 1
Power: 100
Handseals: None
Description: This technique is used by all summons with the rank of sage to fuse with there summoner. It maximises the sage chakra for the person they are fused to. This also allows the summon or summons to continuously gather natural energy for the user, as he/she cannot do so themself while on the move, thus eliminating the weakness of exhausting all of his natural energy in battle.
Combination: senpou goemon, any sage art techiques
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on Fri May 05, 2017 8:40 am
This is a Toad sage jutsu. Specifically easier because the toads sat on the shoulders of their summoner. Please find yer own version of this. And perhaps your own snakes to make it work. Its called Amphibian tech for a reason lol.
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