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Yudai Terumi

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on Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:14 am

Yudai Terumi Yudai_app_pic

Yudai Terumi 0OeODz3

[ Yudai Terumi ]

[ Yudai - a name of japanese origin meaning masculine. ]

[ Terumi - a name of japanese origin meaning "beautiful shine". ]


[ The Red Flame | White Haired Devil ]


[ Twenty ]


[ Male ]

Yudai Terumi GWSdYHs

[ 6’5” ]


[ 165 lbs ]

Appearance: (Describe within at least 200 words what your character's appearance is like. B ranks/Special Jounins and up must use AT LEAST 300 words. Making the minimum doesn't always mean you're good to go, so put some effort into it.)
Yudai Terumi EW0JlD2

[ Yumegakure ]

Character Rank:

[ S ]


[ Terumi Clan ]


| 灼遁, Shakuton |

Yudai Terumi IVLimad

[ Considerate : Something that he normally does passively unlike a few other of his traits. Yudai is naturally considerate of those around him, being careful not to harm nor be an inconvenience. The extent of this trait only goes to those he knows though, as he could care less about the complete strangers around him. When it comes to those he doesn't know, he is still polite but not as much as if he knew them better. ]

[ Quiet : While Yudai isn't completely silent, he still prefers not to talk as much as an average person would. This is mainly because he doesn't have much to say, him believing that everything that he does have to say only needing a few words to get directly to the point. With this, a common response from him is silence accompanied with an expression of either happiness or anger. To maintain his quiet nature, he also tries to keep himself unnoticeable as possible so he also restricts his casual movements to a walk. Though he is a quiet person when it comes to words, his voice is actually quite loud as the bass behind it seems to amplify it. ]

[ Violent : The word violent in this case is more of a broad term than anything else. In general, Yudai isn't that much of a violent person. Actually, a better word to describe him would be calm. Or at least that's the case when he's in a good mood. Once Yudai engages in combat he seems to become a completely different person. Once he gets started, it becomes very difficult to stop him.

Though what he does can be considered "violent", it is actually more of an art. Sure he may cross a line of morbidity and go too far, showing the full extent of his wrath to the fool who happened to tick him off, but in the end he is able to make even death beautiful. ]

[ Patient : One of the more simple personality traits that Yudai posses. To him, patience is virtue, and on that note, he likes to wait and doesn't rush things. This also applies to his social behavior, waiting for others to engage in conversation and approach him than for himself to do all of the talking. When it comes to combat he tends to stay in the back, only jumping in head first when he realizes that he has a winning chance. ]

[ Childish : One of the smaller parts of Yudai’s persona. He likes to cause mischief, which when it’s paired with his brain it ends up becoming something bigger than intended. Most of the time he likes to pull simple pranks or just stir up something. The main motive behind this is that every now and then he feels as if life gets boring and needs a little something to make it worth his while. ]

Character History:

[ Yudai Terumi, born into one of the lowest classes of the Terumi clan, was a very loud baby. His parents, Masa and Chieko Terumi, blamed this on the extremely hot weather that had occurred on the day of his birth, giving him the nickname of Fudo for a short period of time, mainly his early childhood. Crying was something that he often did not do, his quiet side showing signs even as an infant. Instead of crying he would break various objects, some of them being quite expensive and others being very invaluable. In either case, his parents were not big fans of his behavior, so to take his mind off of breaking thing they had decided to give him a handful of dummy scrolls. Being an infant, his first instinct was to show them into his mouth, a habit that he has carried to this day, but over time he had decided to take a look into the scrolls covered in his drool. Inside he was able to find a plethora of symbols that he couldn't understand, but he had a hunch that his parents did. So with every word that he found, he would ask his parents what they meant, slowly developing his ability to speak and giving him a head start over the other children when it came to reading. ]

[ When Yudai had become six years old, his parents had begun home schooling him. Though their homeschooling wasn't the best, it got its main job done of teaching Yudai the basics of life. So with that in mind, the job opportunity of becoming a scholar or something else that was reliant on intelligence was out of the window. Not like there were many of those jobs to begin with in a world full of ninja. ]

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on Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:41 pm

Though I will ask you to start in Konoha or Kiri since that is where everyone starts off.

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