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The Wars of Mithrandir: Namek

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on Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:54 pm
In the beginning of the Eververse there existed two branches of primordial beings who were said to be the most powerful entities in existence. The Aesir and the Vanir. The Aesir were a small pantheon of immortal beings endowed with the purest form of the powers that made up the Eververse itself. These were thought to be the royal kings and queens of the Eververse and were sovereign over all life. Beneath them in rank, but along side them in duty were the Vanir. These were a race of elementals and cyclops; some mix of the two that is. They were entities that acted as angelic forces to enforce the will of the gods upon various worlds, and to act in the shadows as the right-hand of the Aesir.

The time came where the Vanir revolted against the Aesir and there was a great war in the heavens. In the end, the Aesir prevailed and the Vanir fled to a small planet that was in the southernmost part of the Eververse. It was thought that the leader of the Vanir had somehow killed the Aesir through an unknown method. Thus, the remnants of the Vanir repopulated and the Aesir vanished for many millenia. Millions of years later, the children of the Vanir arose into what was then considered the Ootsutsuki. At the same time the Vanirians had been repopulating, so had the Aesir. The throne of the Aesir that existed within the Eververse had been guarded for centuries by the Vanir, but its location changed upon their betrayal. Known only to few, its location resided within the heart of a small planet East of the Eververse; a place Nimrod and many of his descendants spent their entire lives in search for. Here, on this planet known as Gan-Eden (The WellSpring of Life), was where the “tombs” of the Aesir were thought to reside. Eden was also known to many as the origin point of all life, and the nexus of life force in the Eververse. The planet is thought by many to be a complete myth and various stories were comprised of people who claimed to have traveled by it or to know its whereabouts. Nimrod came close to finding it, however was prevented from reaching its point as he came to realize it lay, if it existed at all, beyond the star Enya. Enya, being the first star in existence and the brightest, was of such great power that none could get too close or else they would be absorbed by it entirely. On Eden grew small microscopic life forms known as midi-chlorians. They were the first sentient entities in the Eververse, and are thought to be the originators of all cells in living organisms. These midichlorians were found only on Eden and were thought to be the cell from which the physical constitution of the gods was comprised of. On that world was a small cult of women known as the Ibrim. Dedicated and immortal priestesses who resided there in order to await the oracles of the Aesir. Nothing could die on this planet, and all who came to it were instantly changed. It, however, was a secret to all in the Eververse and only the Aesir and their priestesses knew of it. On this world was a woman known as Hawwah, a high priestess. And she received an oracle from Aule, an Aeserian deity, that she would become the mother of a great people and race. And that she was to travel to a plant known as Arda and there she would conceive children who would populate and subdue the entire planet. They would be known as the children of the Aesir. Following her orders, she went off to this planet to do the will of the gods. There, she gave birth to many children whom she nursed to adulthood. She is the mother of the children of the Aesir, therefore, and became an intricate part of their religion and myths from the beginning of their conception. After the world became populated, Hawwah left Arda and returned to her homeworld where she continued to serve the gods.

The first great leader of the Ootsutsuki, Nimrod, created an empire known for its enormous army as well as its vast treasuries. Babylon was a place in which the arts and sciences of the galaxy found their pinnacle, and the children of the Vanir were given homage by various races. Nimrod thought himself to be a deity, and was the first great king to make such a daring declaration. Such words were never to be said while the Aesir existed. Many races still feared that they were in the shadows somewhere, hiding among mortals. It was at this time that a mighty sovereign arose among the Hawwbrim (children of Hawwah) on Arda known as Aldoron. Aldoron was a great and ferocious king, who alone subdued the mainland of Arda and made ties with all sentient life forms on his world. During the rise of Aldoron there were a great many pivitol things happening in the universe. Nimrod, sovereign of the Ootsutsuki was replaced by his eldest son Abraxus as Emperor. Abraxus was around the same age as Aldoron, but far greater in battle wisdom and experience. Nimrod had created an empire so vast and powerful that it was said that the Eververse was in the grip of the children of the Vanir at this time. Arda, a world known for its high-life force and abundance, was a place that the Vanir looked to plunder in order to gain access to its vast resources. Seeing the upcoming threat of the Vanirian army, Aldoron at this time began to prepare himself for the time in which he would have to fight against this great multitude. Abraxus was still securing the planets that he ruled, and thus it gave time for the Ardians to prepare for the inevitablility of war in the near future. During this time, Aldoron sought to make greater allies with the various powerful species on his homeworld, who up until this point had resisted his rule over their terrain.

On Eden, a powerful vision was given to all the priestesses in these days. The spirits of the Aesir appeared to various priestesses informing them that their return was imminent, but that this time they would return different than before. A cryptic riddle was left for the priestesses to figure out, and the visions told them that only the purest of them would be able to decipher the meaning; and to that woman would be given the blessing and the secret of the gods. A young priestess, Lilith, was the one to solve the riddle. Upon doing so she was transported to another plane of existence; to the realm of the Aesir. There she met them all, these grand and nearly infinite beings. And before them she stood as a fearful servant awaiting their orders and their revelation. Highly favoured did they call her, for she would be the gate for them to come back into the Eververse. The Aesir told her their physical bodies had been used to create the planet and that their spirits dwelt there.
They were now ready to come back, however, in a perfected form and rule. This time however, they would be fused into one vessel. One unique vessel made of the most powerful midichlorians and endowed with the spiritual energies and powers of all the Aesir. This concept of fusion was foreign to any priestess and was an ability that no one knew the gods to be capable of. However it was said by them that unity is the stage in which all living things must come into in order to be perfect and that in the end all things would be unified into “one”. And so this unity began on high with the gods, and would, by their prophecy, be the beginning of all unity and perfect bonding in the universe. This was love; to be one with one another in spirit, mind and body. When the Eververse was truly one; there would be God.

And so the gods formed into a single great spirit, and they came into Lilith. And the midichlorians on Eden formed a womb inside of her, capable of carrying the great power that she would be wielding. Per instruction, she went at this time to Arda where the children of Hawwah lived. There, she was brought to King Aldoron, who was intantly enamored with her timeless beauty and took her for a wife. Strongly at this time desiring an heir, he wed her and soon she conceived. Unbenounced to him, this was a plot of Lilith. For her first order of business was to give birth to this great child and put him on a throne in Arda. For it was for this that the Aesir had created the Hawwbrim; that they might provide a throne for them when they returned. And so she gave birth to a child whose face was like an angels and like a stars; whose counteance was bright and radiant. She gave him a secret name that only she knew and that the Aesir had told her; Quetsiqquaddol. However Aldoron named the boy… Mithrandir. Called Helel by the priests, and Exzodia by the sages, Arda now had a prince.
As a child, Mithrandir was given the most privileged of circumstances that a boy could hope for. Instructed by a team of the wisest sages; trained by the most powerful warriors; and kept in the bosom of his mother's love. Mithrandir grew mighty and great at such a rate that all were shocked. His strength seemed to be beyond what they had ever seen. His deftness for battle and understanding of nature was unparalleled as a teenager, and it was soon clear that he would make a more fitting king perhaps than even his father. Mithrandir suspected that he was different, but was unsure of how exactly growing up. Around the age of sixteen (by Earth standards) Aldoron began to take on a more sinister character. He grew fearful of Lilith, his wife, for her involvement in what he believed to be a cult of some kind. He knew her to be immortal, but knew not how. She seemed to have a strangeness about her that had him suspicious that she was involved with demons or a servant of Abraxus. Thus, he divorced her when Mithrandir was sixteen years of age. Suspecting strongly that Mithrandir was somehow the son of a god and not his own, he grew weary of the boy.
Mithrandir stayed and fought battles for Aldoron up this point, and afterwards departed from his kingdom to live in the south with his mother.

Sometime afterwards, Aldoron privately took another wife named Persephone, who gave birth to a child named Avalon. Avalon was a pure blooded Hawwbrim and thus would be put in line for the throne before Mithrandir; which was his plan. He knew that Lilith was a witch of some kind and that her son was something… other. Thus, to ensure that his kingdom would continue to flourish he needed a son made in his own image. When Avalon was still a suckling however, tragedy would strike. Aldoron would be slain by one of his own servants at a party in the central palace. Immediately, Mithrandir was pronounced King of Arda and commander of the military. Many conspiracies ran about that Mithrandir and/or his mother had planned the assassination, but it is still shrouded in mystery.

Mithrandir spent the first month subduing under his rule all of Arda and establishing a firm grip on the planet that Aldoron had failed to. Once his reign was accepted by all on his homeworld, the first task that was put to his heart was the taking over of the Babylonian Empire. Abraxus Ootsutsuki, cunning and wise, had been watching the events of the Hawwbrim with careful attention from the shadows. He was well aware of the unique and strange nature of the new and young sovereign; and had even tried to bribe him before during his “family” visits to the Ootsutsukki home world. When Mithrandir was younger the Ootsutsuki and the Hawwbrim were on “family” terms that is, and considered themselves cousins. He had become quite fond of Abraxus’s eldest son, Kagetsu Ootsutsuki. Now, however, the time had come for the true nature of things to fold out. The Vanir had wished to destroy the Aesir and bury their remembrance. They had almost succeeded at this point, and needed only to remove the last memory of their glory - the Hawwbrim. The Hawwbrim, sought to create a Kingdom of Light they believed was destined to rule the Eververse with them as a race of kings and priests over all life. Mithrandir thus took an army of forty thousand men, and traveled to the planet of Namek to meet his fabled uncle on the battlefield; this time in person.

Namek was once a very green world. A world not much different than Arda and consisting of unique plant life forms that could only be found there. It was a world that was once in the possession of the Hawwbrim but had been taken over and invaded by the Ootsutsuki and its resources sucked dry. It was now barren and silent, void of any signs of true life. The waters had become black, volcanoes had emerged, and many races had gone extinct on the planet since it was subdued. A horror to the army of Hawwbrim as they docked their plant spaceships and walked about the world they once called “a home away from home”.

“This is what they will do to Arda if they are not stopped,” whispered a soldier who stood at attention, guarding the sovereign Mithrandir.

Mithrandir was silent. He emerged from his golden chariot and stepped down in the middle of a great hord of soldiers. On both sides of him were miles worth of men, and he floated above in the sky at this time so that all could see him. Floating ten meters above the ground, he could see all of his men. He could feel the change in air that was the precipitation for a giant thunderstorm about to take place; the pitch black sky riddled with lightning being the greatest indication. Wearing all white, as he often did in important battles, the beautiful King addressed all in his mellifluous tone of voice.

“For glory’s sake… For vengeance sake… WAR!”

The men shouted aloud in allegiance! Mithrandir was not a long-talker, but had a way of making every word count. Glory, something that he had told his men was more precious than life itself and was to be the incentive over surival. Vengance, for all the pain and fear caused by the continual emergence of Vanirian campaigns all over the Eververse. And finally… WAR, because what had began as a desire for mild struggle or respectful independance had finally escalated into the truth of the situation. There were at war with the Vanir and their children; and they always would be as long as these creatures existed. Only one species could survive, could thrive.

The battle took place in a valley in the middle of two rocky hills. In the valley were various crevices of rock and unstable grounding where the Ootsutsuki knew their agility would give them the advantage. The military genius of Abraxus had rarely been tested before; but today it would. Abraxus stood far off in the distance about 1,500 meters behind, guarded by a squadron of eight of his most powerful soldiers; one of them being his reluctant son Kagetsu. They were a the top of the great hill and had sent down no less than 100,000 troops to meet with Mithrandir’s army in the valley. Both civilizations were advanced enough to make use of flying aircraft, which made the war in the air a sharp deadlock. The battle on the ground became explosive almost instantly as Mithrandir’s army attacked using a sphynx formation that had never been broken. The Ootsutsuki were coming downhill and the Hawwbrim, already being in the vally at this time, awaited to attack them once their footing was equal. The advantage of archery, however was to the Ootsutsuki while they were on higher ground. It seemed, in addition, quite an impossible task for Mithrandir’s army given how gravely outnumbered they were. However there were advantages they had that Abraxus had not been able to calculate. For one, unbenounced to him, the first 40,000 troops that his men fought so valiantly just to stay even with were not the Hawwbrim; they were plant creations of Mithrandir. Plants that, albeit weaker than actual soldiers, had nearly infinite regeneration and superior strength, speed, and durability to those whom they fought. The aerial battle seemed to be even for some time before it was clear that Mithrandir had somehow been able to use 2x the fleet size of Abraxus due to his ability to create plant ships. The entire war, at this point, was between Mithrandir, and the immense army of the Ootsutsuki. Abraxus, not yet understanding how on earth he seemed to be outnumbered, called for two of his most pretigious men to take to the battle field and level the playing field. His son Kagetsu remained by his side. The mountain peak that Abraxus sat upon was roughly fifty meters in circumference, and there were six men surrounding him at all times. From this point, they could clearly see just about all of the battlefield as well as the sky. So as a bright meridian light approached them, they prepared defensively, believing it to be a kind of massive solar beam headed their way from a ship above. A massive structure of bones was created around the peak by all six Ootsutsuki and was completely obliterated by the blast, leaving all under its protection heavily injured save for the sovereign Abraxus. Abraxus arose from his throne at this time, curious to see who could possibly be so bold as to directly attack the king of the most vast empire in the Eververse. Behind all the smoke his byakugan made out a figure of indescribable light and radiance who appeared to have a inner-nature different than anything he had ever seen.

Mithrandir was garmed in a white robe, with white pants and gold and blue sash around his waist. Staring at his uncle with the purest of eyes in his Galagan, he spoke words that shocked the world.

“Kneel.” he growled, fifty meters directly away from his uncle. Abraxus, normally the most collected of individuals, could not help but show some of the shock on his face at the audacity of this… young king. He regained his composure quickly, and his byakugan took on a purple and blue color that indicated an entirely new level of power was soon to emerge.

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