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The Dawn of the Evening

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on Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:48 am
A cry from an angel could be heard as the young Aquiles fell from heaven downward at the gates of konohagakure. A small crater in the earth was left as his dense vessel plummeted straight into the earth. The noise that had been haunting him for the past 36 hours was now unbearable. It was like a loud siren that kept getting higher and higher in its pitch and tone. Finally, he buckled down and began to weep streams of tears from his searing eyes as he grew a great nausea from whatever was ailing him. The pain intensified for about two more minutes, and it felt like two years. After which time, Aquiles’s body along with all of his senses - went numb. He could not hear nor feel anything except a faint throbbing in his temple that had characterized his entire day. He laid on the ground facing upwards now, unable to move or speak. The area around him went completely white suddenly, and without warning he found himself transported into what felt like an out of body experience. All of a sudden he came face to face with a being who looked shockingly familiar; himself. Aquiles looked at the man who stood two meters in front of him in this white universe, and understood not the lesson standing in front of him. Aquiles was about twenty meters away from the actual Konoha gates at this time, still within the forest. The shining light of his countenance was dimmed amidst the trees thankfully, and he went unnoticed among the sleeping guards whose job it was to keep watch. Looking at the man in front of him, he noticed a few small differences. In someway this Aquiles looked… older, though he did not age. There was a certain way about the figure that made him appear… more.

“How is this possible?” Aquiles asked his reflection.

“I am the last remnant of your subconscious mind, kept hidden from the attacks made upon it by Izanagi.”

Aquiles squinted, unsure if he had heard the man correctly.

“What is Izanagi?” He asked, curious. Was it some kind of jutsu or operation? Had the Ootsutsuki done something to him that he did not know about?

The man who stood in front of Aquiles, an exact image of himself but older, began to walk in a small circle around the lad ominously.

“I know who you are Aquiles… I know that you stay up at night, not because you lack fatigue but because you lack an answer to the most fundamental questions that have haunted you every moment of every day since as early as your wounded mind can remember. You are different from all around you, and yet you do not know why. Your closes friends are those of an entirely different species from you. I can feel your loneliness, and your fear Aquiles…
You know he lied to you.”

Aquiles began to feel a shock throughout his entire body for a moment. He trembled as if unable to speak and could only fall to his knees as he came face to face with reality.

“Let me tell you a story…
At the beginning of the universe, the beginning of all things, there was the first race of beings created. The Aesir was their name, and they were beautiful and mighty. A race of immortal gods created for one single purpose; to perfect and rule the corrupt universe. In time, the Aesir became conformed more to the image of the universe than the universe became conformed to their image; and their beauty and power faded. The Aesir died because they would no longer eat from the Tree of Life from whence they came, nor did they carry the glory of the Morning Star; but chose to become like the meaningless nature around them. And so the Aesir perished in their folly, and their glory with them. The Tree of Everlasting Life which breathed life into the universe; and the Morning Star which gave first light took on physical form. And they became One, and that One was called Quetsiqquaddol.”

Aquiles felt a ringing in his ears when hearing the strange alien name and felt at this time that something from within him was emerging.

“You’re name… is Quetsiqquaddol. Now… arise and do the Will of the Father!”

A bright meridian light then filled the entire forest before the Konoha gates, into which every single plant was enveloped. Rainbow light for as far as the eye could see spilled in and out of everything within the forest. The guards that held the post of the gates were awoken to this strange site, and prepared to engage the incoming force if and when necessary. The light died down suddenly, and in the center of the forest was a burned circle. In the center of which stood a man. No… more than a man; a god. Grown to full power, perfection and completion was Mithrandir; or Quetsiqquaddol as was his true name. On his chest was burned the Vanirian symbol for Doom which they took from the archives of the Aesir. Doom had come indeed; and this time in an unpredictable and incalculable fashion. Mithrandir stood firm, tall and naked at the beginning, looking out into the expanse of a world he had not seen in years. It can be said that the rebirth of the soul is much like the process of remembrance. Remembrance of one’s purpose and the path to which the soul has committed itself; as well as the destination to which it strives towards every moment of its existence. And so on this day the world was a witness to the rebirth of this ancient soul, whose path and purpose had been shrouded in mystery. The question at hand now was…

What will Mithrandir do?

There was an explosion in the Earth as he took off to flight high in the sky above Konoha headed in a an unknown direction…

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