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Raiko Hayate (Raijo Arashi)

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on Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:27 pm

Name: Raiko Hayate (Raijo Arashi)
Nickname: Stormcaller
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185
Appearance: Raiko stands at five foot eleven and weighs in at one hundred eighty five pounds, which makes him rather lean looking, with some muscle on his frame, His skin is slightly tanned, and his hair is white as snow which he keeps spiked back. His clothing that he normally wears is a pair of slick pants, and a Ruffled button up shirt which is paired with a overcoat, which is usually opened, the majority of his cloths are black, or a dark blue while the overcoat is either black with blue accents or a vibrant blue with white trimming, Sapphire Blue eyes , and likes to wear leather gloves some times brown, and some times black, both fingered and fingerless. He even likes to keep a Katana at his side if he can. Sometimes Carrying it. Raiko's Boots are brown leather. If he wears the black overcoat with the blue accents, which he usually has close, his hair is slicked back, and his pants and shoes are blue.

Raiko was not always a muscle leaned machine of killing, he used to be nothing but a twig when he first started, but with years of being a Ninja, has given him muscle, toned him out just a tad, not what one would exactly call defined however. As for his cloths he always wore dark and soft colors, since he was young, blue was the color his mother always used to define him because of how blue his eyes were when he was born looked like Sapphires , and his momma always called him blue eyes. It was a Nickname and color that would haunt him from his brother, but he rather personified the color's meaning, as Raiko was always calm and collected , he has always been trustworthy and responsible, and confident and it shows in his stature and standing.

Land: Kirigakure
Character Rank: S
Clan: Gale
Element: Water, Lightning , Storm

Personality: Raiko Has always been calm, Cool headed, and collected, methodical and smart, now he is not a genius beyond most people, but his ability to stay calm in the most chaotic situations gives him that illusion, He is loyal to the bone for his village , family and friends, and has proven to be one that could be trusted and depended on. But not only can he be trusted, but he trusts deeply in people and once that trust is broken, it will hurt him deeply and he will not trust that person easily again.

Raiko has always been Sincere with what he said, Reserved with his thoughts and quiet except when nessicary, he always tried to stay out of the spot light if he could not wanting , he always tried to avoid anything that would cause confrontation with anyone, he has never been one to tense in any situation, keeping his wits about him just about no matter what. Most of the time however he like to try to do things his way if he can, but he will do it another way , if albeit a bit begrudgingly if he has to.

Overall to the general public for those that do not know him well however, would seem him as Aloof, even almost emotionless, Confident as well, almost to the point of being egotistical , But with as cold as he seems, he is just trying to set a professional sense for others to follow, trying to set a good example for the future generations to follow. He has a high expectation for any one who calls themselves a shinobi of the village Kirigakure, and will act accordingly if someone acts in such a way that is unbefitting of a Kiri ninja to act, even for the small things, if nothing else he will look down on them as unfitting of being a ninja.

Character History: It has been a little over fifty years since the destruction of the clan compounds in the land of Heaven's Blossom, and the clan of the Storm release, the Gale Clan, however there was a huge falling out between cousins who felt they were meant to lead, and some felt the current leader should stay as the leader as it was not his fault that the land was destroyed.

Well out story will follow that of the group that moved to the Abraxus empire, which is now known as the village hidden in the mist, Kirigakure, where the brother of the most direct decendent of Tidus Gale took his followers to, where his kids would be finished raising, and they would have kids of their own, who took a variation of the name Gale and used it as their name, Hayate.  This Generation would tell the next of tales of how the clan split in their separate ways, and how the kind Kurotsuchi took their family in and how they owed him a big debt, and by doing this they ensured their kids would be loyalists to Kirigakure, and to Kurotsuchi, their saviour.

Raiko Hayate  was the first kid born of the generation after that one, and has grown up for sixteen years under the rule of Kurotsuchi, people always mentioning how he did not seem much older then when they first saw him, and that their parents would say the same when they were growing up. Raiko had no care for how he stayed that way or why, Raiko was determined to lead the up and coming generation into being the next set of loyalists and top notch ninja for Kirigakure.

Raiko Graduated from the Academy that Kuro had created to help teach ninja the basics at the age of eight, and he obtained the rank of Chuunin no less then a year after that, Raiko was one of the first to officially graduate from the actual Academy that Kuro made, and thus made him one of the first to officially obtain the rank of Chuunin, some years later he obtained the rank of Jounin due to how diligiently he served the kage and the village, Now Raiko has the chance to have actual students and not just lead a team as a chuunin or by example, but to actually teach them.

It would not be much longer after that, that Raiko would become considered one of the strongest Shinobi in Kirigakure, he had raided many of supplies meant for other villages, and sabatoged many of missions for other villages ninja, so it is easy to say that the other village know of him, but they do not know him as Raiko Hayate, rather he spread a different name for them to hear.

Raijo Arashi , was the name he was known as to the other villages, which so happens to be the surname taken by another villages branch of the Gale clan, and so they were alienated by that village till they went to another place, a place of no village, because no other village would accept a clan harboring any sort of Traitor, specially one that has also attacked their villages ninja as well.

Raiko's Ruse was well planned and well established, an idea he had since he was a youngin in the Academy , There was a lesson one day in the academy about anonimity, and they either had to be stealthy, or slick to pull of certain missions, now most of his class went the stealthy route, but Raiko, he took a different approach wanting to be different and put his ingeinuty to work, he started down the slick path that day.

Raiko had continued down that path beyond into his genin years, these were the years that it mattered probably the most, his slick talking always got him out of trouble or it stalled long enough for someone to do what they had to do to get the mission done.

Chuunin was a little more physical for him, getting a little more down and dirty with his hands during his missions, but every move for him was like a chess game, methodically thought out, and no matter what situation, even the precarious ones, he kept his cool, which seemed almost imtimidating to the ones he was fighting against, and made him seem like the cool kid amongst his team.

Now at this point he has been a jounin for some time, recently proving himself of one of the highest caliber ninja in Kirigakure, one of the missions that proved this was when he took his genin team out on a mission that turned much higher then what it was meant to be, and he had pulled his team together in a time of crisis and got them to work together to escape the situation they got put in, and ended the mission in a success over all.

And that is why he is considered one of the top ninja in the village, not because of sheer power , but because of his abilities to handle pressure like it is air, and keep a level head in situations that most would lose their kivy , and the confidence he exudes and the example he tries to set for the next generation of shinobi, not to mention his kniving scheme that got one of the branches of his own clan pretty much exhiled into hiding.

Now a day's you can see him trying to chat it up with the Kage himself as well as the Kage's right hand man, trying to vye for a spot in the ANBU or some equivelent of, specifically a hunter ninja, to hunt down those that he felt are traitors to his clan, those that did not come to Kirigakure and serve under the Mizukage, he also wanted to punish anyone who did not live up to what it means to be a ninja under the rule of the Mizukage, and especially those that oppose him.
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