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Arrival of Kagura

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on Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:08 pm
Kagura at once took out three pulse kunai and placed his Hiraishin mark on them. With great accuracy he made the kunai stick into a rock formation that was eight feet in height and the kunai stuck about six feet up on the rock mass. Its diameter was one meter. He took another and stuck it into a gigantic sequoia tree, nearly one hundred meters up upon the massive trunk of the tree. This kunai was placed fifty meters away from the one in the rock mass. With the third, he simply tossed it amongst the rubble of the rock that he had destroyed earlier which had the original Hiraishin mark he had placed there over fifty years ago.

He went along with Kurotsuchi with the intent to do what he was trained to do; to do battle with whoever or whatever was a threat to the Otsutsuki clan. And now, nothing on Earth nor from the starry realms above was going to stop him.

[So this is it right Kagura? You are going to bring war to the world.]

"Yea. Are you going to try to convince me to not do it?"

[On the contraire. Because you know you do what you wish. And you listen to only one man.]

"That's true because I trust him with my life as my Emperor. I personally want to teach these humans...these wretched chakra thieves who happened to get some power what real power is."

[And then what? When Konoha is destroyed, who is left to stand in your way?]

"Another will come to test me and my people. There are always those who think that the humans should be the dominant race on this planet but I disagree. I hate most of all are shinobi. Glorified chakra thieves who think that they have the right to use chakra as they see fit. Its time the Otsutsuki show them how this is done."

[You know that I would always be at your side. Whatever choice you make I am with you.]

"Maybe you forgot how humans treat Bijuu as well. I say you let them all pay."

[I agree. I am yours.]


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Ootsutsuki Kagura
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on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:59 pm

It was the only word that he needed to hear from his father as the inward child turned a wicked grin and stepped forward to his father and nodded," Yes Sir! I am ready to do whatever you need me to do just say the word and I shall make you proud." The boy was hell bent on making sure he was strong. Strong enough to protect his family...and strong enough to break anything in his way.

While the other two planted their kunai in different places, he pulled out one of the many that Kuro had given him and looked at it with a small guilty pleasure. Maybe today would be the day the beast finally came out to play.

Miotis Sumimura
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