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Heading to the leaf

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on Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:12 pm
Kagura knew fully well it was inevitable. For many years at certain moments when he had observed how petty and cruel humans can be he would remember the one who was carefree and showed to Kagura that not all humans were inheritantly evil. The one he met in Malachandra so long ago was still alive he was going to see this one. He would recognize him from his bone structures because by now the skin of a human after fifty years would change substantially. Humans wrinkle like prunes while Otsutsuki age at a more dignified way. This mattered little to Kagura unless Neah had changed his ways over the past years. That's a next thing he noticed about humans. They tend to let trials and events in their lives change them and sadly it was mostly for the worst.

Suddenly there was a man that came up to Kagura as he stood upon the shores of the main island that housed the Otsutsuki clan compound. He was short and stocky and.of a middle age. His head was hidden by a thick fur coat which its hood covered his head. The coat was of a navy blue and had a white trim on the hood, sleeves and cloak tails. He had a basket of fish and simply stood next to shinobi.

"Tell me human, are you not afraid of me?" Asked Kagura as his gaze haze was fixed to the sea.

"You are Lord Kagura our protector. Why should I be in fear of you my Lord?" Asked the man genuinely as he looked at the shinobi.

"I see..." He muttered, "It is nice to know that not every human thinks something bad of me." He replied and looked at the man with his fish. "Are you going to the mainland?"


"Then come with me then." Said Kagura as he places his hand on the man and the next instant they were both on the forests of the main land Malachandra with the use of the flying thunder God marking he made in Malachandra so long ago. He bade the man farewell and continued inland.


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