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The Awakening/Evolution

The space was filled with darkness, seemingly vast in the manner that it stretched. There were but a few openings within this space, but despite the darkness there was light. One which illuminated portions of the walls, casting shadows. Candles were lit, and so they burned slowly, setting a mood of solemn delight. Sat upon his throne he was which was located towards the back of the room. The hall spanned a hundred and fifty meters in length. Boasting a width of ninety meters also. The space which housed him also rose one hundred meters high. It was hardly grand, but at the same time perfect for the man. The dimly lit room, caused the blue eyes of the Otsutsuki male to glow ever so vibrantly. Its illumination showing it to be no ordinary set of eyes, with floral like patterns adorning his iris. Emperor Kurotsuchi boasted a rather stern expression. For he was conflicted, now reflecting on what had happened. And despite trying to suppress his emotions. He could not shake off the anger he felt. To have loved, and yet have all that was suppose to be for him snatched away. One so brutally murdered by the hands of his own son. Another, one day vanished without a trace, most likely dead. For the emperor has searched high and low, and knew all too well that the woman was gone. The heartbreak was painful. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine harboring such human emotions. Did they really have that much of an effect on him? With every memory he had, the man grew more angry. Kurotsuchi felt a certain level of displeasure. The bitter taste left behind, after consuming something so sweat was truly horrifying. Still those beautiful blue orbs gazed out into the distance. Upon his forehead was a single eye of red and black. Showing itself to exist as part of sinister substance. Th eye in question was the fully matured three tomoe Sharingan. Kurotsuchi remembered the fight very well which bestowed such a gift upon him. The leader of the Otsutsuki also recalls the time when it was implanted, acting as a third eye. The Sharingan along with the Byakugan and likewise Tenseigan proved to be most advantageous. Expressive in thought was he and also in action. Never was he one to sit idle and let the world pass him pay. Kurotsuchi was known for his proactive nature to say the least. Yes.

Throughout the time he found himself sat upon his throne, the emperor's emotions grew even more fierce. The torment that he felt and the share bitterness could not subside. Kurotsuchi was being willed forward, being forced to make a move. The nature of his thoughts and general despair, made him a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile though, he felt nothing but shame to say the least. His feelings were growing intense, deeper he went into the darkest depths of his mind. The body if one can call it that, it was more like a useless bit of meat. A carcass to be devoured if he did not honor the dead properly. But how could he even begin to honor the dead?  ....Flashback....

She Who Was Taken

With a small sigh, she closed her eyes as she relaxed into the tub, it would  be a matter of time before what this man wanted would in fact become dangerous to her health, and that of their hopeful child. She nodded; “I know it is my DNA you want, as I know you want my kekkei genkai, and you may have it.” She whispered ever so lightly as she moved her hands to her stomach slowly, “It would need to be done quickly, and without pain. I fear for what could be growing inside of me. I worry that if done too late, it may cause damage.” She starred at him for a moment, removing her right hand from the water, taking a hold of his left arm, dragging it into the water to be placed upon her stomach. “In a matter of time my tummy will grow, and a child will come. I just know it. And if not now, we will not stop until it does come.” She smiled at the Emperor, at her mate, at the man who’s seed hopefully grew inside of her. Within two weeks’ time they would both know if she was in fact carrying his child. “I would recommend the extraction within the next week, as we will have a short period of time before it becomes dangerous. We wouldn’t want to risk a loss.” She smiled once again, his hand left warmer than the water that was surrounding her body, it sent flames upon her very skin. She wanted this man to know she would do whatever it took to please him.

As for what I want right now, I want for us to take a stroll around once I’m out of the bathe. Although I have no proper garments for doing so, do you think there is a clothing store around that will have something for me to wear?” She smiled at him, leaning up from the tub as her hair spewed around her body. “I really wish to see your Kingdom, the lands you rule with such an iron fist.” She smiled leaning in closer to Kurotsuchi’s face, gently placing her lips upon his, holding them for only a moment, “it would greatly please me, and I would greatly please you later.” She grinned slightly, bitting her bottom lip as she looked at him.

He Who Was There--Kurotsuchi

"Isn't this amusing though? What I want from you, our children will have without bargaining. And yes, I did say children as opposed to a mere child".   His words should easily inform Cecilia wanted more than just a child with the woman. He was seeking a family, and she could give him that. He firmly believed that there bond will be strengthened with each waking moment. Kurotsuchi didn't view his time spent with Cecilia as being a one off. The emperor wanted continuation. More was to be had, and he wanted it for sure. He however understood that it was foolish to force it. If it was meant to be, then it will happen regardless of outside forces. Looking at Cecilia, his facial expression told a story. While he wanted what she possesses that was so precious. The Shinobi also had her welfare at heart too. "Pain is something you won't experience". He stated with a gentle tone and reassuring the Kunoichi. His left hand was grasp by his new lover. Said hand was pulled into the tub, and place upon her stomach. But before his hand could fully touch the water. There was a green glow of Chakra manifested around his hand. This hand touched down into the water and onto Cecilia's stomach. His mark was left behind on the woman, his way of making sure she was safe in the future.

"You see this glow of Chakra? Feel how soothing itself over your body and mine. An healing factor, that will ensure that I can at least guarantee your safety. Not just your safety, but also that of our child. If anything though, I would prefer it, if we were to do it as soon as possible. That way I can put the proper measures in place to ensure nothing detrimental happens. Meaning, we should do it later in the afternoon. With our medical staff and my capabilities. We could do the procedure and have you patched up by later. This way we can get some more practice. I should hope I'm not firing blanks. Though I would have no issues with trying again and again". Kurotsuchi smiled and chuckled a little, gently removing his hand from Cecilia's stomach. The mark disappeared from view, but was very much there. His attention was then directed back to his new mate. A kiss was shared between them followed by a smile.

"Going on a stroll sounds good to me. And worry not, we can go shopping for some clothes if you like. Seems a good way to spend some time. As for this kingdom, I don't have to rule it with an iron fist. The people are of utmost importance to me. So I suppose they're apart of me, as I am apart of them. That is the essence of your new empire. The people would be better off getting to know you. Pardon me though".

The man said, leaning Mu-Onna against his right leg. A set of hand seals were strung together, with the man sending thought waves. Their destination was to that of an housekeeper. Not only was there a request for food, but the man made a request for clothing fitting of the princess. Kurotsuchi stood up and looked at the princess. "Food is on the way, and so too is a dress, well a temporary one. Footwear is also on the way too. Excuse me for a moment will ya?". The man stated while getting undressed. His form soon moved towards the shower, he too wanted to clean up. And laying in a bath might see him take longer than he would want.

Danger Around The Corner--Motsudo

With a knock at the door, and a small time upon waiting to it to be answered, Motsudo sighed and opened the door. He knew Kuro was in here, but he wasn't sure where. He glanced around the room for a moment, taking in the familiar sight of it all as he clutched tightly to the lightly-patterened blue scarf that Omoi had made for him months ago in preparation for the oncoming cold. It had been a while since he had been in here last, and that brought a slight smile to his cheeks. But as he looked around, he noticed a few things out of place. Things that...shouldn't have been there, things that didn't belong.

...There were clothes upon the ground. they weren't Kuro's and they definitely weren't Omoi's. Mother's things had been moved out...Mother's things had been pressed into a chest and set off to the side up until Motsudo had taken it and dragged it and kept meticulous care of each garment within the confines of his room.  The one thing he could be sure of is that they were...a woman's clothes. With a frown, he grabbed Amanozako from his back. He didn't like the fact that Kuro had already forsaken Mother and seemed to have bedded another female. This brought nothing but bile to the back of his throat. With quick but quiet steps, he made his way towards the bathroom, the ringing in his head that he'd only just been able to quiet down coming back in full force as he stared forward with a particular disgust permeating through his body and mind. He doubted they were in the closet, as even Kuro wasn't going to shag in there. No, he heard the water running as he drew closer, or to be more precise, he heard the shower going.

He slowly opened the door to the bathroom and looked around, peeking in for a moment. That was when he saw the female in the bath. In Omoi's bath, dirtying it with her unworthy body. How dare he let some tramp near the bedroom that he had shared with his Mother. It needed to be corrected, it needed to be fixed... Motsudo had to get rid of the bug that had crawled in. With a scowl, he did not thing of the happiness that may be on the horizon for the man he had so lovingly called "Father" in these years as he jumped out from behind the archway, using the frame of the door to bounce off and bring Amanozako arching through the air towards the female. He stopped it barely a centimeter from the females neck, staring at her with a look of pure hate. Only four words were uttered from his throat.

"You. Are. Not. Mother. "

Don't let the tainted bitch have a word in. Don't let her defend herself. She didn't deserve it. She brought this onto herself by seducing the easily-swayed man. Before she could have any chance to recover from the shock, he continued with his swing, letting the blade of Amanozako slice open the her neck. He stood there, watching as blood gushed from the now gaping wound that had been her throat. The water that she was bathing in turned dark red as she slowly slid down into it, hiding that unworthy body of hers, gazing up at her in a mixture of shock and terror that matched the victims of his sacrifice so well...

But he wasn't done.

Not by a long shot.

While she was still alive, even though it would only last a few seconds longer, he raised his scythe, bringing it behind his head and held it for less than a second there. He then brought it down, letting the sharp edge 'whistle' through the air, almost like it was cutting the wind resistance between its present location and its final destination in two. He used his full strength upon this swing, letting the blade pierce the female in the stomach, running her completely through as though she were nothing more than warm butter and even slamming the blade har denough through the body to visibly crack the tub in the process. Now the water looked like it was pure blood with how much was pouring from the females body, though some had begun to drip and trickle through the broken piece that contained it. He slowly lifted up his scythe, dragging her body from the water and looked at her. He was disgusted really with the fact that Kuro had even thought to replace Omoi with anyone.

They were all trash, for they were not Omoi.

They weren't Mother. This...should serve as a reminder to Kuro that there was no one that would replace Mother. For she was not lost. Not to him. He brought his scythe around once more, letting it slice through the air, only to bring it down upon the now dead body's limbs. He cut each one off, making clean and wonderfully neat slices just as Mother had always told him. He smiled at this, watching as the body slowly started to become unrecognizable with his artwork. He made sure to slice the body in inches, as though he were just cutting up some meat for later. Upon reaching her chest, he stopped for a moment, looking at it, then at the shower where Kuro had gone to and scowled. Not even well endowed. How could he settle for this? This body was pathetic in comparison to the allure his Mother displayed when with Father. How could he even...try to replace the woman that rightfully deserved him with something so half-rated, at best? With a sigh, he continued his work until he reached the head of the female. He left it alone, for he still wanted Kuro to know just what he thought of this female, and that this was in fact the female that he had slept with.

After a few minutes of standing there, he moved over to one of the walls and sat down against it, sliding down to sit upon the floor. Once there, he put both of his hands onto his head. His face had dissolved into that of pain and sadness. How could he give up on her so early? How could he just replace her like that? She wasn't dead! She couldn't be dead. Mother was too strong to just die to anyone. It was impossible. So why... Why did he replace her with a cheap knockoff of a 'princess'? Why did he think that what used to be a female body was worthy or even close to being the same as Mother? With a groan, he curled up as Crimson came to the surface once more. But he didn't take over like normal. Instead it was more like a sharing of the body. Crimson and Motsudo sat there, looking at the head of the 'Princess' that had dared to try and replace their Mother. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he looked at it. It wasn't the body itself that made him cry. It was the fact that Kuro thought so little of Omoi to replace her like this. And so he would wait until Kuro came out of the shower. For him to see the head of the 'Princess' and to see Motsudo curled up in front of a wall, blood splattered all over his body, as well as along the blade of Amanozako. For him to see the carnage that he had brought upon this female for daring to replace Omoi.

All while clinging to that pretty blue scarf that had been stained red. All while trying to hold in the sobs bubbling up in his throat.

Mother wasn't gone...

When Faced With Heartbreak--Kurotsuchi

Time spent, plans were made, feelings were felt, and an air of ease and acceptance had set in. Kurotsuchi had scurried off to the bathroom in hopes of having a shower. The tap was turned, and water poured from the shower head. The man had began to test the temperature of the water. He had to ensure it was a hot shower, but not scolding. Just the correct temperature for him to be able to enjoy himself a little. The Shinobi was feeling good now. A grin was on his face, and dare he say love was in the air. Kurotsuchi was a man who had suffered for a long while now. There was a certain longing felt within. One for his first wife Omoi, the woman whom left a gaping hole in his heart. It had begun to heal by the efforts of Cecilia of the Terumi. This was perhaps one of the reasons why the man took to her so much. She offered a solution, and a semblance of normality too. The empire was almost whole again, and that is perhaps what everyone needed no doubt. The Shinobi that is Kurotsuchi was in a good mood. He could not help himself at all. Finally he was sharing his bed with another woman, and was perhaps beginning to shift Omoi to the back of his mind. It was fine for him to do that no? Surely it was, because every time his mind focused on Omoi. All the good memories of what they shared turned into something bitter. A great deal of sadness reigned terror within his heart. And the man was no doubt not gonna be at peace at all. As it were food had been ordered, and so at the point of the assailant entering the room. Kurotsuchi had heard the sound, but the man had thought it to be the servants. With that said though, Kurotsuchi found it suspicious that the service was this quick and so rapid. The Shinobi activated his sensory abilities. And was made aware of Motsudo's presence. The fact that Kurotsuchi now had a new woman in his bed immediately triggered alarm bells. The man was feared the worse, and so began to move into where Cece was located. Motsudo wasn't far off at all, but Kurotsuchi's steps were casual, not wanting to alarm Motsudo. By acting pre-preemptively, Kurotsuchi might end up sending the wrong message. The emperor needed to be sensitive to the feelings of his own son. This was a delicate situation, and must be treated with care. As such the man gave Motsudo the benefit of the doubt.

That was until he felt Motsudo's Chakra signature moving closer to Cecilia's own. The man's Chakra was a blend of disdain and fury. He could not hide it. which prompted Kurotsuchi to leave his safe zone. He wasn't in the shower, but had began closing in on Motsudo and Cecilia. The man hurried his footsteps, arriving on the scene as Motsudo's weapon made contact with Cecelia's stomach. The man's Byakugan activated as he stood there six feet behind Motsudo. The horror on Kurotsuchi's face encapsulated what was being felt. A myriad of emotions flowed through him. In those moments he could feel his Chakra levels rising, causing a shaking of the room. There were cracks in the floor as a result. The sheer fear, anger, love, loss of love, disappointment and nothing was overwhelming. And yet even with his little spiritual display, he could not lift a finger to reach change Cecelia's fate. Kurotsuchi was subjected to the horror of Motsudo slicing away. And with each slice, Kurotsuchi felt another piece of him being cut away. Could it be that he had somehow confused Omoi with Cecelia? Could it be that in Kurotsuchi's eyes they were one in the same? Just how could he properly differentiate? All that he could see now was Motsudo slicing away at Omoi. That was the vision that he saw, and that is how he perceived it all. Kurotsuchi could not help that current feeling of hopelessness. With this act, everything was lost to him, and his own son had taken it away. This was the betrayal, and having to witness it all was all the more traumatic. He could fell his heart skip a beat and grow even heavier. He wanted to kill, he wanted to punish Motsudo. He wanted him dead, but knew full well that at this point he could not lift a finger. The aftermath came, and after Motsudo's satisfaction was had. Kurotsuchi finally found the inclination to lift a finger. He didn't even bother to do so, instead the signature bones of the Otsutsuki erupted from his body. Their destination was Motsudo, looking to pierce through the man, over fifteen bones sought to slam into Motsudo. It was only at the last moment that Kurotsuchi held back on using a certain nasty effect of the bones. Nevertheless, the idea was to stab through the Jashinist, making it as painful as it could possibly be right now. "Motsudo...".

Different Perspectives--Kurotsuchi & Motsudo

The Blood stained blue scarf that mother knitted was held in his hands. Motsudo clutched the thing ever so tightly, a reminder of mother dearest. However horrific his actions were, the Jashinist did not care for Kuro's forgiveness. By hook or the crook, Jashin Sama will be pleased. And that's the only kind of forgiveness he needed. Not Kuro's! At best, Kuro should be asking for Motsudo to forgive..him? That would be more correct and no doubt mother would also agree. Just what was Kuro thinking? To even begin to attempt or consider replacing mother was treachery. This woman who came from nowhere, should not be the empress. She was no queen, and was basically a low life. So why Kuro? Just why did you choose her? Motsudo found himself contemplating a few things. Not even realizing that father was stood there watching him. Motsudo's head lifted, and gazed into the byakugan of Kuro's. It was filled with loss, disdain and hatred. Motsudo was pleased, but equally terrified. He had remembered in the past when father's mercy was tested. He knew all too well what it was like to be on the wrong side of father. Had it not been for mother, and his immortality. Then maybe Motsudo would have perished.

"Father." Motsudo simply murmured, just loud enough for Kurotsuchi to hear him. It was in that moment that he figured he was in for some punishment. Lost in his own insanity, and the satisfaction that it gave him. Motsudo hadn't even realized the horrible Chakra that Kuro was projecting. The room and its foundations shook. With the flooring cracking beneath Kuro's feet. But that wasn't even what made this terrifying. It was the vicious bones heading in his direction...

He cared not for the punishment, since he knew all too well that he could survive it. The pain however was still part of It all. And even though he's been a Jashinist for longer than Kuro existed on the earth. Not to say he was older than the alien that is his father. The point was that he may well be use to the pain. Motsudo watched as the bones slammed into his body. A wince was shown on his face as he sat there. Bones pierced through his abdomens, arms and legs, pinning him to the spot. Motsudo looked on with tearful eyes, emotions running high. "She. Is. Not. Mother!". Motsudo screamed while turning his head to face Cecelia's head. Whether or not Kuro understood his motives did not matter. It was far too late for this slut now.


"She. Is. Not Mother? Don't you think I foxing know that?! You keep speaking of mother. That woman abandon us. Motsudo, I am going to kill you. It might not be now, but at some point I will kill you. And then I will find some way to bring Omoi back. So that she can weep day and night. Knowing what you did. Until then, I will take from you everything. But know this, I loved that woman, way before you came into the picture. The same as with the one you just slaughtered. Freaking momma's boy". Kurotsuchi shed a tear, doing his best to hold back on everything. In the meantime, Motsudo was lifted up off the ground by Kurotsuchi's bones. The man moving in closer, relieving Motsudo of his weaponry. His wonderful scythe, Amanozako, his blade Black Mamba. And last but not least Kabutowari, otherwise known as the Helm-Splitter. That's not to say the Kurotsuchi won't ever return them to Motsudo, it was just safer for everyone if he did not have them. The emperor of the Abraxus flung the Jashinist across the room. While gathering all of Motsudo's belongings. The three weapons mentioned above no doubt. Cecelia's head was also sealed away inside a scroll during the process. The weaponry belonging to Motsudo was also sealed inside a scroll. Kurotsuchi gave one final glance in the direction of Motsudo. "One day, I may be able to forgive you. The very fact that ya still breathing is a sign of my mercy. Don't tempt fate". Was the advise given onto Motsudo as the man exited the room. Thus a new chapter had started again for Kurotsuchi. He was still searching for love.


Love was indeed a vicious thing. One day you could be talking of babies, reminiscing on the night before and what may follow after. Laughter was one, but not murder, and that is what Kurotsuchi bore witness to. The emperor struggled to comprehend what he'd seen. It was beyond him, almost  unfathomable in some ways too. So why was he so desperate to put it right? Why was he struggling to come to terms with this? Why did he have such a burning desire to destroy everything and rebuild it? Why was that single eye in his forehead heating up? It was going through a metamorphosis at present. Brought on by undeniable feelings of regret, loss and a great deal of pain. He was unable to repair anything, and as such the disappointed was most unbearable. His forehead throbbed with pain, he could feel the eye spun, causing a sharp pain. His body slummed forward, while his left hand grabbed hold of his head. His Tenseigan grew even more ferocious in terms of appearance. Red chakra began to seep forth, manifesting itself in bubbles. And all the while this was taking place, the single Sharingan eye was transforming itself. Each moment that went by the man edged closer and closer indeed. Until that sharp pain that he felt was no more, because the evolution from a mere copy wheel eye, all the way to the Kaleidoscope eye was now complete. He had now awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan, using his pain, his struggle, his anger, his disappointment, his loss of love was all fuel added to the flames which burned within himself. The emperor was a fiery one alright, so what shall he do now? Sitting back in his throne, the man sighed, now having far more clarity to say the least. Now then, just what would he be capable of achieving with this new found power of his?

No doubt that with it will come a great deal of responsibilities for him to say the least. It is also his desire to reach higher heights, and one day leave this wretched existence behind. Did he posses the strength necessary to do so? Kurotsuchi was one such person who simply did not know. He hadn't quite yet test his abilities to their full capacity. So where will it all end for him? This may well be a new beginning for the man, as such he will have to take it one step at a time. He had already achieved so much, and yet there was much to be done. When will it all stop? He yearned for someone to take over the mantle of power. A break is what he was hoping for, so that he may live carefree.

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