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on Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:49 pm
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52 years ago…

Mithrandir, as he was then called, found himself in a dark valley under a sunburnt moon on one warm evening night - war time. Galahad had been recently evacuated per the Yumekage’s orders as citizens were called to flee to the Abraxus Empire where they would find refuge from the invaders from Konoha. As they know pillaged the village streets, the secret enemy that was Mithrandir found himself amidst the rubble and ruin of Galahad. Deep in the south, he found solitude and was without objection as he stood within the cramped valley, a small stream only five meters to the right of him. Looking now at a ten meter radius platform just in front of a great mountain. Smoke from the burning towns was now rushing over the southern sky like a wave, and Mithrandir knew time would be short before humans scoured the area. Not desiring to shed blood quite yet, he commenced with the ritual. Beside him stood a small girl, Saia. The girl who was the first to feel his wrath upon descending to mankind now stood at silent, calm attention before her master. Her mind was gone of course, entirely and completely taken over by the midi-chlorians that he had invested into her. And now, she stood ready for the enlightenment first promised to her before she was put into the long slumber she had been kept in for years now.

There were two piles of dust in front of Mithrandir. The one to the left was Kikato Rinku, the pile to the right was Makoto Uzumaki. Fresh blood and remains were they, kept perfectly preserved and tamed. And now was the time for the rebirth to occur. The genius of this plan would not be realized, he knew, until years later. But nevertheless, a mastermind was this Morning Star and never did he go about something without having multiple ways of escape and re-entry.
His midichlorians swam throughout the DNA and remains of both men now, and with a humming of his golden countenance, chakra poured out of them until those cells became visible in the form of a rich golden liquid. This liquid appeared to be bleeding out of the piles as though it had emerged from the earth beneath at first. Soon, however, it would be clear that the liquid had a mind of its own, for in a few short moments the dust, blood and remains of both men were no longer visible. Now, instead, there were two unmoving vessels of pure gold. Faceless and motionless they stood before the great King as he made pronouncement.

“Surely I tell you today, you will be with me in paradise, when my soul shall ascend into the Ether; into the Eververse. Until then will you wander the Earth in righteousness and will be as pilgrims and prophets unto man until the great Day of the Lord. Now, rise and stand before me in glory.”
With those powerful words, the bodies of Makoto Uzumaki and Kikato Rinku became clear through the golden liquid as from head to toe it drooped down and revealed beneath its texture the fleshly vessels of what had once been two humans. The liquid absorbed itself into the two bodies that now stood naked and emotionless before Mithrandir. Kikato and Makoto could clearly be seen to be themselves, yet at the same time they were… other. Some thing else other than just mere men. There was a glow that seemed to emit from their skin ever so casually and continued to grow moment by moment until their brightness was like a lamp, and there countenance was as Mithrandir’s; full of light and glory. They had now been translated with the Aeriopax Quintessance. From that point on, they were gods among men; and they were children of the King. They, no more than light, could be vanquished or ended. Yet he would keep them private as wildcards until the time was right. Suspecting that he would potentially have to leave Earth again, he would have them as Watchmen to ensure that he had eyes everywhere. From this day forward, he would not know them as Kikato and Makoto. They were Aule, and Ulmo.

The girl next to him had her soul taken over in the same fashion and at the same time. Their personalities reformed and regenerated, they were indeed new creatures and of a new creation. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice - for the Kingdom of Heaven has come.


Aeriopax Quintessance used on Saia, Kikato and Makoto making them his slaves and available for his use.


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