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Shinobi Fables Untold: New Era

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on Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:05 am
SFU: New Era

Hello, and welcome one and all. This is just a quick update from the staff of Shinobi Fables Untold. The site is going through a "soft" restart. And as such, we will be changing a few things here and there. Meanwhile also making some adjustments. Below are a few things to be mindful of.

  • The major Shinobi countries will be undergoing a theme change. While we operate as an AU site, we are looking to bring back some familiarity as far as canon is concerned. A story line guide will be released, which should better explain what has happened. A new era, and the Shinobi world has changed a little.

  • We will post an updated list of open ranks. We will look to clear out a lot of old things. I.E old Rp topics will be archived etc. The site will operate with three major Shinobi villages primarily. And currently two of which will require characters in leadership role.

  • You can expect a change in the previous clan leadership system. This time, it will be more about the Shinobi, as opposed to one clan reigning supreme in one territory or another. Clan Compound System| Village System

  • To be clear. Quite a few people will lose characters, especially folks inactive, or who have left for whatever reason. However, if your still interested in Rping. We will seek to give out some bonuses for when you create a new character. We will post a separate topic in order to figure out who is here and who isn't.

  • Adjustments to the Restricted and Limited list will be made. This may concern existing characters on the site. You may be asked to give something up, in accordance to how we intend to rebuild.

  • Old creations are still available. This covers Characters, Jutsus etc. Staff may also ask for edits as far as Jutsus, weapons and the like are concerned.

  • Experience System will have some new additions. And other systems may be revamped as we go along.

  • More updates will be added as we move along. Thank you for your patience.

  • Puppets and Weapons need to be updated to follow proper guidelines. Puppets cost a generic amount, as indicated, S being 10,000, and D being 1,500 Ryo. Weapons, S rank costing 8,000, D costing 1,000. Abilities, any abilities cost ryo, with Major being 8,000 and minor being 4,000. The chakra cost, is equal to the strength of the ability, NOT the rank of the weapon. Thus, a major ability that does 300 damage, costs 40 Chakra. Chakra discounts from Bukijutsu/Kugujutsu do not apply to weapon abilities. There is also no discount on purchasing weapon abilities, for them or puppets. Finally, puppets, every weapon that your puppet has, from a sword in its hand, to long finger nails, to a cannon in its chest, count as a weapon attachment. The max you can get is 5.

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Ootsutsuki Clan Leader
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on Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:27 pm

This has been updated now to include weapon/puppetry costs. If your weapon/puppet does not follow these rules, it will have to be redone, otherwise you cannot use it. You can sell your puppet/weapon back to us if you no longer afford the legit cost, at 1/2 the cost you purchased it for. The reason for this, is the abuse we have seen in the system. People abused it, got away with it, now we have to clamp down.

Please note the following

  • Weapon Abilities that have a power/endurance rating, cost chakra equal to the power that ability does. Such as, if your weapon creates a water shot that has 400 power, it costs 40 chakra, per time. There are no longer "can use 3 times for 1 chakra cost" type abilities allowed.
  • Weapon abilities do not get chakra discounts, only bukijutsu techniques or puppetry techniques. This means, like stated above, that 40 chakra is in no way discounted. Any attempts to do so, are automatically denied
  • Puppetry, every thing on the puppet that is a weapon, constitutes a weapon attachment. That means having a large shield on the arm, is an attachment. A cannon in the chest, attachment, a sword in the hand, attachment. Finger like drills, attachment. Anything that has an effect outside a normal puppet, such as chakra receivers, a headset, a cloak all must be attachments. The ratio is 1 for 1, meaning you cannot say my attachment is 8 shuriken launchers, its 1 for 1. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Weapon attachments for puppetry follow weaponary ability rules. Thus, an S rank weapon attachment, costs as much as a S rank weapon, any abilities cost as much as a ability on a weapon costs, same with chakra costs.
  • Weapon attachment abilities receive 0 chakra discount from puppetry skill. And do not get a discount on cost from the puppetry skill.
  • The max attachments you can have 5 for puppets.
  • All puppets must be controlled with chakra strings, any puppet that is not controlled via puppet strings is denied, and needs to be corrected.
  • Weapon discounts given to techniques do not stack, we always use the highest. So, if you have a weapon that is flame unique, giving katon techniques a 25% discount, and your ninjutsu stat gives it a 50% discount, you only get the 50% discount, not 75%.
  • Weapon abilities can no longer affect/drain an opponents life force.
  • Weapon Abilities are singular, as noted in the weapon section. An ability that shoots ice and water, is actually two abilities. An ability that shoots a fireball, and is also a flame thrower, two abilities.

Please note, chakra absorption has been on the books FOREVER, I'm not sure we have all these abilities, but here we go again, straight form the page
D rank chakra absorption equals 1 minor slot, and lasts for 8 posts with a 3 post cooldown. C rank chakra absorption equals medium ability slot, and lasts for 6 posts with a 3 post cooldown. B rank chakra absorption equals major ability slot, and lasts for 4 posts with a 2 post cooldown. Please note that as chakra absorption is a special skill, you may not absorb chakra without first purchasing the "chakra absorption" skill.

Your weapon cannot have chakra absorption without the chakra absorption skill, PERIOD. (legendary Weapons are exempt) Second, read that carefully. The highest amount of chakra you can absorb 40 a post. Anything above that has always been denied. You need to change it prior to acceptance.

Finally, please notice, the highest weapon ability power you can have, is between 300/400, anything higher will have to be redone. It also costs chakra every post to do. So keep that in mind.

Thank you,


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on Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:35 pm
A few more things...

1. No getting tailed beasts from inactive people.

2. We will allow people to start at jinchuriki for the 1,2, and 4 tails. The rest will be released in later events. You must be clanless and genin to take advantage of this.

3. You may start in either Konoha or Kiri; unless otherwise stated, you are not allowed to start elsewhere or be rogue.

Thank you

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on Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:06 pm
SFU: Update

  • With immediate effect, there are no more Invite Only (IO) topics, private topics, No Kill. So please get out their and get involved in the RP world. Go gain some allies, RP and have fun.

  • The above rule also goes for current IO and Private topics etc. They are now null and void until stated otherwise.

  • Tip: If you want to hide away, then create barriers, and proper hideouts that no one can easily perceive. Places where you cannot be found so easily, and it would take effort to get to. Be logical, as opposed to simply "this is Private and only between friends".

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Ootsutsuki Clan Leader
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