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on Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:10 pm


[T H E M E]

Like gravity carrying limitations for everything in its presence, I have no limits.
I make them.

Name: Otsutsuki Zippo
Nickname: Cadence of the Moon
Age: (13) 29
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 194 LBS
Appearance: Wielding smoky Byakugan eyes, arching eyebrows, with eyelids so bedroom-low, some have immediately assumed he is supercilious. Although a physical force to be reckoned, bulging long and lean muscles in the right places, Zippo's bronze face fall into the address heralding both lust avenue and despair lane. Everything in his countenance is smooth and clean; from the long, thick, curly-wavy black mane to the thin side burns and lip-leveled goatee.

Zippo is well trained as not only a shinobi but a powerhouse—exceeding natural expectations in both strength and speed. But after the years succumbing to the struggles losing a wife, the areas beneath his eyes have seen better days. Underlining his task as a Shinobi of Holy Abraxus Empire, he went like a daredevil in life, making his bodily form more able and actions more ferocious. Taking all the risky tasks before the calm ever came, already he turns out as the real structure suited for wars to come, future peace to manifest.

Not one to be too interested being sophisticated, Zippo is pretty plain when it comes to his choice of clothing. A good amount of blue to accentuate his bronze skin is good enough for him. From top to bottom, resting beneath his shoulder-length midnight curls is a blue tunic. Although the tunic has a kimono-shaped front with a collar, it's naturally made to split open. Buttons not included.

For pants he dons a black pair that stop at his knees, allowing wind to freely smack his naturally smooth and hairless shins. Over his waist are his supplies, strapped against a navy-blue belt. Over his chest is a navy-blue holster for an area what uses to carry swords but now carry nothing  but air. For distinctive features he has nothing but an oddly clean skin. Most of his enemies were unable to touch him throughout his long career as a shinobi. Finally, last but certainly not least, on his feet are a pair of black waraji.
Land: Holy Abraxus Empire
Character Rank: S
Clan: Otsutsuki
Element: Fuuton
Personality: A man of dignity... for those who deserve it. Although he is stern and hard to deal with when it comes to negotiations, Otsutsuki Zippo is one ally you would want on your side if you side with the goal to empower the individual. His sense of respect can only be valued if you have at least some sense to respect people's ability to be self-sovereign/individualistic or have enough windows of opportunity to make self improvements. Scornful but direct, he lets you know if you're slipping, an adviser true to the skill of "telling like it is."

As a blunt person, he can be perceived as mean, disrespectful, or outright "condescending", but there's elements of truth to his "tough-love". Not a lot punches are held back when he speaks, and each word uttered comes from experience. Some might find what comes out his mouth garbage, while others could pick the pieces that makes most sense to them and get a good picture of what the Otsutsuki is trying to say. He doesn't care if a person wants what he has to say or not, but will care if they do want to. He doesn't care about formalities, but will make sure the job is done, and will go for extra brownie points should the right opportunity reveal itself.

When it comes to knowledge and experience, he holds a colossal space for it, always there when enlightenment and true wisdom happens to be needed. A true student to life, how it can create both grace and destruction into this fragile reality. He owes the flaws of the world his sagacity, for it gave him experience being a leader, a warrior, a shinobi who's stubborn, distrusting, forever alert and forever pessimistic. Considered uncanny but familiarizing among his clan, he has an obsessive philosophy valuing the moon. There's always a lunar sign he can philosophize when it shines bright, when it turns into a crescent, etc. Even when the wind blows, he knows it's a signal yet to come. A lot of times when he activates his Byakugan, he actually drew himself to believe it's really what lies within the moon granting him true insight.

Character History:

C H A P T E R   1
[Opening Theme]


Suguru wanted the child to get up. He needed for him to get up!

Suddenly, the child rose to his feet. Unscathed but ready to catch some scars. It was only then did his mother run in, her blue hair dancing with the wind mustered from her swift and powerful legs.


Her arms took a firm grasp over her child's small body. She didn't want him to experience pain. This wasn't the way for the House of Ogiris. To most, they believe her child was a curse...

Her uncle insisted, "Otsutsuki Kirihara! I need you to step aside and let the boy go!"

Tears began rolling down her cheeks, "No uncle!"

Behind her back, the shadow of a pale-skin, white-haired warrior absorbed her presence, eating away any purity from the sunlight her small body could hold.

With a leg reeling to kick, he gave her one final warning, "You're in my way, child..."

As if fate and destiny came to save the day, her husband, Otsutsuki Tsuyu appeared in the courtyard. "I need you to step away from my family."

The old man left the area, but first he had to send them a message with a scoff and a stare at Tsuyu, directly in the eyes. The old man kept his eye on him on the way out while Tsuyu kept a warm smile on his face, not letting the geezer try to tempt him to go down a path he was never designed on following as not only a shinobi, but a man.

"Thank you, Tsuyu."

"Let's go home. For your bravery, I'll cook tonight."

At home, the boy could only stare are his food. He didn't like his uncle, but respected him like he would respect a leader. He was loyal to the old man's cause, his perspective, but not the way he practiced it on others. He was harsh, and a bit of it grew on him the moment when Tsuyu asked him to pass the dumplings...

"Why don't you get your real son to get you the dumplings!"

His mother couldn't have it today, "Otsutsuki Zippo! Go to your room..."

And with that, he left the room. Not to return downstairs until morning. While he left, the dining table was quiet for ten seconds. The two knew what they should talk about tonight, but it was the same old story. Many people were staring at them for having a child not look like the rest of the clan. Most of them had white or blue hair and pale skin.

Their child was born with dark skin, his curly hair and black as the abyss. It all didn't fit the narrative on what a Otsutsuki was supposed to be. It wasn't a birth defect or an oddity. They knew why. His father, Senju Okita, had an elope with the child's mother, Kirihara. They fell in love at first sight when their mission crossed paths, eventually leading the two to work together. It took one witness from her clan to ruin it all...

They knew each other for only a month, truly in love in the deepest sense, a natural at knowing what they other felt within seconds showing subtle signals to one another. The next time the lovebirds met, two days after the two eloped, Otsutsuki Taro, Kirihara's uncle appeared, and killed Senju Okita in cold-blood. The location the two were in reduced the suspicion that it was a member of the Holy Abraxus Empire that took the life of a member from the Kingdom of Malanchandra.

While she cried in fury, she let her uncle in on a truth she did not tell him until now while he knees were to weak, voice too broken to build a clear sentence:

"U--! I--! You bas--... KILLED THE FATHER OF M-m-my CHILD..."

The child in her belly then, the child she told to go to his room just now, was named Zippo.

C H A P T E R   2
[Opening Theme]

Zippo leaped over Taro, blade right against his neck. The two were on the ground, no one was in sight, the night was young and the rain against their backs felt heavy. Finally, the youth defeated the master.

"I believe we're done Zippo. Up."

The old man, now even older, rose with some caution in his naturally resting-furious-facial-expression. Did the boy know of his real father's fate? The more he questioned it in his mind, the more the boy started to walk away, unaware; as if he was pressing chakra into the young man's mind to not tread on waters he could not reel back from.

He was strong, possibly stronger than Taro. The idea that he might one day have to fight him didn't feel like it would be worth trying. But as a stubborn man, he would fight him to the death, and lose a honorable fight. Over the past decade, since the death of Senju Okita, Taro was going down a path he could not stabilize. Although he was strict, aggressive, and one deadly shinobi, he never before had to go through a mental circus like this. He killed the father of a child he now was training to be the very best Otsutsuki within the house of Ogiris. Part of him believed it was the least he could do to correct his wrong, but most of him thought he could do so much more.

As time passed, the two began to become good friends. And hardly anyone can become friends with Taro. But this secret he kept from the child, although was not something he'd worry about as a shinobi early on started to grow like a seed of guilt inside his cold, still heart. Regret was the charge to making it beat once again.

When Taro came to visit Kirihara, gave his hello but she could only look at him with a look of concern. She hadn't changed her facial expression whenever she saw her uncle since that fateful day. The two were never close, but his pride and hatred made them closer in a very awkward and saddening way.

"Can we talk?"

He started the conversation bluntly clear, as usual. She fired at him with a high tone in her voice, which was a first for her to do so in an offensive manner. But he saw her offense as a sign of care, for the two knew Zippo's mind wasn't truly capable of registering such a powerful truth. Should it be told, he might kill Taro with the same tenacity Taro had against Okita.

Already, Zippo was a prodigy. Most shinobi his age were still trying to find a specialty, while he had already mastered quite a lot, going up the ranks with ease. And it wasn't from hope, willpower, or even wanting to be stronger. He himself didn't know why. All he wanted to do was become more protective to those who protect him. Even though he wasn't a pure Otsutsuki, those who believed he would be a curse to the House of Ogiris found him to be a blessing. Some rumored it was because he had fresh Senju mixed in his genetics. The Senju were indeed close descendants of Kaguya with high chakra control.

Part of the reason why he wanted to confess was because after her husband's passing, both the mother and son weren't the same as before. Although Zippo was out there, becoming stronger and losing friends off and again, going down a path of bold thinking and resolute philosophies, he felt worse knowing that he lost two fathers. Both died by the hands of men he did not and may not ever know.

After the two warmed up with a chatter, something they hadn't done in decades, since their arrival back on earth,  since she was a child, Zippo appeared with bad news:

"Mikuyo... she's gone."

Otsutsuki Mikuyo, his closest friend, a skilled kunoichi he was partnering since his early rise as a shinobi. His mother foresaw the two having quite a future together...

C H A P T E R   3
[Opening Theme]

"I knew it would come down to this..."

"It was you this whole time, uncle!"

Zippo's blade was shaking with fervor against the old man's neck. This time, it wasn't for training purposes.

Did the old man finally spill the beans? Did Kirihara?

And why was Zippo's body that of a man near middle age?

It all started when Zippo went on a mission to discover the mystery behind Jikukan, and whether it existed or not. Not a lot showed up until exiting a hidden place called the Temporal Catacombs. There he and his party were stuck inside of the place, including the person who was a second teacher to him compared to Taro, Otsutsuki Kairi. The four of them were trapped for two weeks, sent into a series of what they considered hallucinations at first but eventually started to find them real.

It wasn't until the end of the two weeks, did a crack in the false reality begin to reveal itself. With their all, they found a strategic way to break free, and find themselves still inside the catacombs, wrapped up in green threads made of chakra. They looked at each other and discovered that they were all a lot older than before. If they waited a week and a half, Kairi  would have died from old age.

The men who did this to them appeared from the shadows, congrajulating them for being the first victims to ever break free from the hallucination, but questioned if they could break free from these threads. Each of them were designed to copy a person's chakra, maintain their ability to train in their head and trick the mind to think it is training the body in the hallucination, all the while giving these shinobi more to feed upon. Their time in the hallucination and the increase in aging was actually seconds in reality. Whatever custom techniques they carried, it worked well with teamwork it seemed.

Too bad they were going against a team of Otsutsuki. With their all, the party of white-eyed warriors started to break free with the help of Gentle Fist, snapping each thread without any worry having their Tenketsu being severed. Although they were much older, they were much stronger. It wasn't expected for them to break free. Although these rogues knew a little bit about the Otsutsuki, they didn't know enough. And paid the price for their ignorance.

When Zippo and his party returned, he was informed that Taro was at the brink of death. With no time wasted, he rushed to the hospital. Even though Zippo did his best to explain what had happened ot him, Taro told him to hold his tongue and listen. He explained that there's a lot to learn about this world, for the Otsutsuki have only returned to it recently. He continued on lecturing until he finally concluded that there was a secret kept from him.

"I killed your father. I wanted to tell you for a long time. I had so much pent-up rage over your mother's choice for love. She didn't understand that the House of Ogiris needed to be just as pure as the main family. It was a tragedy I summoned into this family... And accept the--"

And he found a blade right next to his throat.

"I-I can't believe you deceived me, uncle. We were a team... I could've been stronger with a father to look up to!"

"You had Tsuyu."

"He was never my father!" Taro's throat started to bleed.

"You have no right! No right..."

"I knew it would come down to this..."

"It was you this whole time, uncle!"

"I never before said sorry to any man... But to you... I'm sorry, Zippo. Do what you must."


Even though he was enraged... He couldn't do it. Maybe it was the aging effects from the last mission, which ate away a lot of his potential adolescent angst. Maybe it was the thought of having a father that persuaded him to put the blade back in its scabbard. Maybe it was the thought of his mother when his Byakugan detected her presence from behind him.

Did she recognize the man standing before her uncle? Her silence informed him that she was briefed on what happened. He could ask his mother so many questions, but didn't care. Was it possible for him to drink sake now? Only a visit to the bar somewhere nearby could tell. He could care less about this family and its secrets now.

He was nowhere near in peace. Too much chaos in his mind to put things together into a single perspective. By passing her, giving her the cold shoulder, he walked down the hall and found himself outside the hospital.

Today was not only a new day, but a new view of reality for Zippo.

So much horrific knowledge embraced his brain his whole life. What will he do with it now?

Hoping to find a particular direction, he took a long and hard look at the moon.

[Ending Theme]

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Whew. Finally finished.
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Starting Ranks are C or D
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