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Nara Dhalia WIP

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on Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:29 pm

Nara Dhalia WIP 4589839-maya+natsume

Nara Dhalia WIP 0OeODz3
Name: Nara Dhalia
Nickname: none yet
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Nara Dhalia WIP GWSdYHs
Height: 5' 3''
Weight: 107 lbs
Appearance: Dhalia is not shy about her body and her smooth skin and this is evident because of the revealing clothing she always wears. She usually wears a red kimono top  which is gently garnished with a few scattered flowers with a loose and low cut revealing her able breasts. She would also wear a short pleated mini skirt with whatever underwear she decides to wear. On her feet, she usually wears white socks with bamboo open toe sandals. Her hair is purple in color as she lets it grow as long as to the full length of her body in different strands. On the top of her head are two strands that are stiff and in an arc going forward. Her eyes are turquoise when she is angry and brown when she is normal.
Nara Dhalia WIP EW0JlD2
Land: Malachandra
Character Rank: D
Clan: Nara
Element: Shadow
Nara Dhalia WIP IVLimad
Personality: Dhalia's turbulent lifestyle has made her a person that was forced to bury her feelings as she grew up making her sometimes unstable. When situations about her childhood are brought up, it raises her anxiety and when this happens, it makes her angry and stronger willed than usual. Only those that have gotten close to her knows fully well how to push her buttons and these people are now few in the world. She has learnt to be independent of others mostly with occasional man ending up in her bed to be used and discarded. As a lover, her prowess is second to none. As a fighter, because of her will power to overcome all odds she had the reputation by some of besting others that were alot stronger than her physically in a fight. She knows when to be intimidating and when to be romantic and is a woman who likes to get to the point. She knows when to be talkative to sometimes distract an enemy. Dhalia in other words can be very loud and in your face sort of woman and she can also be kind and gentle when she is in a normal state of mind lack of her anxiety attacks. In battle, Dhalia has the habit to make fun of her opponents degrading them because of some physical deformity of if something is lacking. She can also be very annoying and like to repeat the things that people say just to annoy the shit out of them. She likes to crack her toes in an awkward way and read the labels of stuff while she eats. She is weird and she likes the weirdness of others so long as it does not go too far.  
Character History: Dhalia from youth had a turbulent past since she grew up in an abusive home. She was the only girl in her family apart from her mother of course who was so scarce since she was never at home since she immersed herself in debauchery with other men other than her husband. Her father was the same and had a vindictive spirit in that he would beat Dhalia and her two brothers as well but especially her since she looked exactly like her mother. As she got older the beatings got worse and she ended up leaving her home and went out on her own at the age of 12.

It was during being on her own that she got to know about her father and the real man he is. Knowing that her father had eventually killed her mother and the lover she had at the time, she knew she could not confront her father in her present strength. He was a skilled weaponn specialist and she was nothing

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