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Kozan Kyoto

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on Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:59 pm

Kozan Kyoto  Yuji-sakai-shakugan-no-shana-the-movie-32.8

Kozan Kyoto  0OeODz3
Name: Kozan Kyoto
Nickname: -
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Kozan Kyoto  GWSdYHs
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 136 lbs.
Appearance: Kozan is a somewhat short kid, having a scrawny build and not much to him. For someone of his age, he's rather odd, always being seen (even in his uniform) carrying around some kind of new knitting or sewing project, since it's one of the few things he's actually good at. He has short-ish brown hair (if it was longer, perhaps it could be called a "chestnut" color), and naive slate-blue eyes, which seem to be only looking at what's directly in front of his face, and even that's questionable. Since he's not the most active of ninja in duty, his body doesn't have much evidence of battle experience, or really any experience at all.
He does his best to eat well and get enough sleep, so his complexion is healthy, not pale or pallid. Though his build is slim, he can take a few more hits than people might imagine, though he'll complain to no end about it. This also doesn't mean that he can tolerate much pain, as he really can't.
In terms of color preference, he's learned (the hard way) to try not to stand out too much, so he subconsciously avoids wearing bright colors to achieve such an effect.
Kozan Kyoto  EW0JlD2
Land: Carpathia
Character Rank: D
Clan: Kyoto
Element: N/A
Kozan Kyoto  IVLimad
Personality:  Kozan is a timid person, and by timid, I mean he's a wimp. There's no hidden catch here, no secret power or personality. He's a weak person with a personality to match. Born into a great clan, he was destined for failure from the beginning, living up to almost none of his expectations, and having sub-par talent for a ninja. For a few months, he even considered running away and becoming a scholar, but realized that he was too stupid for that too. Such a thing was well within his personality, however, as he tended to run away from his problems, and not face up to them. This includes his obvious social shortcomings as well, which means that since he's terrible at talking to other people, he tries his best to not interact with them. In turn, this makes it very, VERY hard for him to form meaningful connections with anyone. This continues in a vicious cycle, making it nearly impossible for him to make friends. As mentioned before, he's not the brightest, whether it comes to common sense or intelligence. He struggled pretty hard in his early studies, so he's a little behind in comparison to his peers. As much as he tries his best, it's like he's thinking through a fog.
Character History: As part of the Kyoto clan, one would expect Kozan to be a somewhat talented person. However, the fact remains that soon after he was assessed for any amount of skill in terms of combat, his parents realized that he was "talentless" and a "black sheep" of the family. As such, they quickly realized that to invest any amount of love and attention in him was a big mistake, and put more effort into his older siblings and their own careers instead. To a young boy, this treatment wasn't as bad as one might expect. The psyche of a child is resilient, to some extent.
No, the real trouble came when they tossed him in the ninja academy. They found that even though he had no talent as a fighter, he really didn't have any capability as a scholar either. In other words, he was a numbskull, and they let him know it as frequently as they found convenient. His chakra was just a tad higher than the normal dunce of his day and age, so (at least, so the reasoning went) he might as well do something with his life, such as it was. Better to die being beaten up and used by the true geniuses of the clan rather than lying around the house.
Of course, it was well known to his fellow classmates that he was a failure from the start, someone born with absolutely no natural talent. Just as his parents desired, he become a punching bag for his colleagues. People who he reached out to shrank away from him. After all, no one really wanted to be associated with a loser. There is a certain stigma with hanging around those who aren't able to perform as well, especially among children. The stigma can come from within, or from external sources (like parents). Either way, things didn't seem so good for Kozan.
To make things worse, it was around this time that people started doing language studies, and found a rather hurtful way to translate his name: "I give up". If it hadn't been for the intervention of a ninja whose name he never learned, he would never have actually made it out into the world of shinobi. Sure, he still was far from being remotely competent, but if he gave up, then there would never be a chance for him. Naturally, there were hardships aplenty ahead, but he had hope.

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on Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:25 pm
And finished.
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on Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:58 pm

[22:17:04] @ Noir Senju : I'm legitly loosing everything if I lose.
[12:09:51] Jianyu Uchiha : We gotta keep competitive in the arms race of which land has how many Sorikata.
[21:26:29] Rei Uchiha : If you have beef with someone, let them know & give far chance
[16:55:16] Psychosis : Maybe but people get PISSED when you take shit away from them based on a misunderstanding.
[16:55:23] Psychosis : A lot of being staff is knowing how to not piss people off.
[16:56:30] Psychosis : Have you met most RPers?
[20:12:14] Muroku Washiba : This is no WE is MEssiah
[14:26:12]Cecilia Terumi : Pretty much let the snake find the hole, and make it fit. >>
[19:59:06] Valentina Yuki : I am the senior director of playing with penises on this site.
19:23:14] @ Neah Senju : and i would edo tensei him but
[19:23:27] @ Neah Senju : then hed be a immortal being with unlimited chakra xD
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