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First Level: Arena

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on Fri Dec 02, 2016 12:53 pm
Mission Name: BadLands Arena
Rank: D
Type: Work
Client: Anonymous
Exp/Ryo Reward:
Mission Description: Want too make a name for yourself mister villageless, Clanless? Well here is your lucky day. Come fight in the BadLands arena and earn money and make a name for yourself.


1. Open to any who wish to enter however Only villagless characters are able to leave before 3 wins have been completed or their death. If they do so however they are shamed and no longer able to progress in the arena.
2. The Fights are typically to the death or in the case of immortals complete and utter incapacitation. However one can choose to knock an opponent out or spare their life at the risk of being attacked later on as all opponents and participants are not able to leave until all sets are complete.
3. One can choose 3 types before every fight, Easy, Standard or Hard. This results in more ryo being gained after each fight and it can be gained all at once or in groups of 7 to predetermine fights.
4. Each weight has 3 sets which must be completed before moving to the next level
5. Once A Weight Level has been completed one is able to particiapte in Pair or Team (3) matches for Harder opponents.
6. Each completed bout will gain mission completion equal rank.
7. Each completed weight level will earn the competitor an ryo reward equal to 3x the rank of the fight.

Note chakra does not refill every fight for D bouts.
Location: Arena
Additional Information: Anyone can die even D-Ranks so take at your own risk and make your own three npcs and get them approved. If one was too try and save a person in a bout they will be deemed a missing ninja of the area they are within unless they are the Kage which retain the right too stop any fight.(you get a small 50 feet area too fight, surrounded by a crowd of people, technically your not even in the arena yet. So have fun.)
Eligible Members: Any

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on Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:57 am
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on Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:21 pm
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