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Qrow Rose (Base)

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on Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:55 pm
Name: Qrow Rose
Rank: S
Type: Transformation Sword
Galahad Metal
Tifa's Benevolence
Visual Description:

This blade came from the wandering mind of Q. This blade has three different forms, one for carrying and two battle form. While normally seen in its carrying form, the other two forms are its broadsword form and its scythe form. .(Scythe Form) In the completed form the blade gained red sharpened edges on the inside, while the outer edge took on a jagged, toothed appearance due to the folding. The hilt telescoped in two places, which then curved much like a traditional farming scythe. (Blade Form) he first form shown is a single-edged greatsword with a clockwork mechanism of indeterminate nature built into the space above the hilt, and a pair of parallel handguards is set beneath. When swung, the sword appears to make a number of clicking and ratcheting sounds, but it is unclear whether this is significant or simply a sound effect.

The top half of the blade can be retracted into its base, forming a more compact portable mode, which is how Q normally carries the weapon outside of battle. The hilt itself seems to contain some kind of control mechanism which serves to extend, curve, and retract the blade.
Power: 450
Minor: Weapon Form: The  base ability of the Rose, it allows the blade to switch into its many forms (more can be added as time goes on) But at base it comes with three forms ( not including its carried form). In Greatsword mode, it gives the users +50 strength and the ability to wield it with one hand. In Scythe mode, it gives +25/+25 to both speed and strength respectively. In the final form (the barrel is behind the blade, when the clockwork turns counter clockwise 45 degrees it appears) In shotgun form, the blade drops into a 45 degree slope releasing the barrel mechanism. Using the chakra of the user (40 Chakra per shot) the user can shoot a concussion based blast in a cone up to 20 meters.
Cost: 5,525 + 6,000 = 11, 525
Requirements: Q exclusive or those he gives the blade to

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on Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:35 pm
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on Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:42 pm
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