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Custom Limited Skills and Techniques

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on Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:05 am

Name: 衝撃波こぶし | Shōgekiha Kobushi | Shockwave Fist
Rank: Custom Limited (S)
Cost: Life force
Upkeep: varies but cost life force
Type: Taijustu
Element: none possibly wind
Range: varies
Power: Double the speed generated
Description: A speed-based fighting style, Shockwave Fist is a unique form of taijutsu using a concept known as the 'zero-hundred-zero' principle. Starting motionless, the user would increase their speed immensely with extreme acceleration, and then stop their movement immediately. The force generated is carried away from the user's body, allowing perpetually unlimited range of Taijutsu. However, the style comes with a major drawback; the amount of constant movement and braking, when used in a constant amount can cause the user's muscles to tear, predominantly in the areas they use to attack, although it does put strain over the entire body.

Because of its nature, it can be confused with Ninjutsu, and regarded as such repeatedly. However, with the lacking use of chakra, it is far from such; making it ideal against those that might be capable of absorbing techniques, and unknowing to what a technique actually is. Considering how it acts, it is also associated with the Fūton nature; and it does, in fact, affect the techniques gravely. Whether it be a boost, or a disruption. It should also be noted that to utilize this style properly, brutal training is required, focusing on the legs and tendons of the body a great deal. Flexibility, reactions, and speed; all acting as vital parts for the Shockwave Fist.

Techniques of this style have power equaling double the speed generated and can even generate speed over post too make techniques stronger, each shockwave fist technique however has a life force cost which is the body tearing upon use meaning over use can render any body part unusable.
Requirements: 5 in taijustu and over 200 speed too start learning!

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on Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:48 am
Well can you check my custom limited S rank
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