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on Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:08 pm
One two three, one two three, one two three. The young girl threw punch after punch in a tight, regimented pattern, her fists beginning very much in a quite slow and controlled manner but eventually she chose to pick up that pace just a little bit and to increase the speed with which she began to throw those punches and eventually she had gotten to such a speed which she was now at a pace which blinded people who looked upon her though there was no one that she could see who would be observing her but none the less it was the thing which she was doing and that was a terribly intensive training that she was currently enacting with an alarming swiftness and yet she could not rightly feel that it was enough not fast enough or strong enough and so she then turned to a nearby dummy and threw a punch once more and again in that same one two three, one two three pattern and this time she was already moving at her absolute maximum speed and so she focused now upon the physical strength of her strikes and all that and so she had to toss these powerful blows at the dummy and destroy that which was the dummy and about half way through she could notice that the material of the thing she was attacking had begun to deform and twist and change and so she was actually making some progress and by the end of this whole thing she had done a huge amount of damage to it but she could not yet completely destroy it and not yet even in a single powerful attack which was most unfortunate but she knew that she would soon be able to get there and then it would be most glorious and wonderful for her power would then be completely unparalleled. Training occupied the majority of her day and night as she needed as much time as she could possibly have to hone her skills. By day she practiced kenjutsu and fencing at the local dojo at the behest of her father, a proud samurai by lineage, and while the art did not interest her greatly, she found out that she was in fact actually quite good at it and that she was able to excel in the arts of fencing in particular quiet effortlessly. However, her true passion was placed in her puppets, the things that she made and practiced with by night, deep into the dark when there was no one around to watch her play with those toys. But they were not toys to her, no, they were works of art, beautiful machines that she had built and spent such painstaking time with and she loved them as any architect loves his or her creations. She preferred no harm to come to them as she preferred no harm to really come to anyone if she could help it.And so, finally ready to depart the house, she would leave for the local dojo. The dojo was rather close to her family’s manor, a large affair, a huge place which boasted the very best in the way of trainers and training. Only the best would suit the only child of her parents and the fact that the traditional mode of the samurai way was to not allow girls to become the warriors known as samurai was nothing to them. Her father would have a samurai be he or she a son or a daughter and so a samurai she was. She trained with the sword at the dojo almost every day and became strong, though the pride her father showed to her was not the main reason she did it. In fact, she found the artwork and mental games of the sword to be most entertaining and, in fact, beautiful. Sparing in particular thrilled her as she could so quickly learn of someone in a friendly and nonthreatening way. It was not so much a show of violence as an elaborate dance, and Ann could easily love the artistry therein. Her training had more or less gone quite well and she could feel that she had made huge improvements in her power and strength and speed and endurance and all of those things and yet now it would be that she actually had many other things to do and so she had to go on and to repeat that which was what her training previously on her punches and such had been but she actually had to go and to do it with her kicks and the like so that she would be as powerful as she could possibly be and so that it could be that way in every single way and on every single possible area of her so that she was evenly powerful and adequately prepared for literally and realistically anything even though she realized that she would probably struggle terribly if she ever had to fight anyone who had a huge amount of power in ninjutsu and the like for it would be true that she was incapable of using those arts herself and so she would really struggle getting on top of them especially considering how many people have crazy powerful abilities that they can just activate at will and without any hand signs or anything of that nature yes it would really prove to be a huge problem it seemed and yet she knew that she could overcome these powers with more training an power and of course by using that which could be said to be something that was her unique and very useful and prominent She then began to do some additional warm ups to prepare herself for fighting and sparing. She began lightly with push ups and sit ups and the like, running around the dojo in circuits between these exercises. She then procured a training sword and went to work training, moving slowly through forms and such as she proceeded to warm up. She moved the wooden blade slowly and moved her body slowly as well, moving in and out between different stances and striking at imaginary enemies and such. She blocked strikes in the prescribed ways that were of her school of combat, going through the various parries that she would use when fighting an opponent and occasionally counter attacking with half turns of the tip of her blade. Once she was done with this she went on with another bout of faster exercises, going through a long bout of strikes and blows and increasingly and increasingly acrobatic moves so that she was fully warmed up and limbered for the day, her breath heaving just the slightest bit but her body not yet having broken into a sweat despite the intensity of the workout and the heat of the layers of clothing she wore. Now it was finally that time for her to go and to actually go and do the next and perhaps more powerful part of her training and her being and that was the unique and very powerful nature of her corrupted and irradiated chakra and it was quite glorious and powerful but she needed to develop a more proper and useful mastery of the whole thing and so it would be that she had to actually go and to train this and this would of course require a rather large amount of meditation and the like and so she sat down to begin and she found that it was more difficult because of how rigourous her training had been and how elevated her heart rate was currently at the present moment but of course this would only provide a more powerful and beneficial challenged and so when it was to be said that she had succeeded for she would naturally succeed than it would be all the sweeter and better and she would be even more powerful and strong that she ever had previously been and that would most certainly be a most wonderful and great thing for her to add to her little list of powers and all of that. So she meditated and focused on that which was her most magical and wonderously purple and vibrantly violet chakra which was so malleable and strong and sh went about doing the simple modling of it but it seemed that it was more boring that she thought though not because it was not interesting but because the large tails or feathers of the cloak jsut did not do what she wanted them to do for she wanted them to be more versatile and also at hte same time she found it so taxing and difficult to maintian for it did in fact drai n the very life from her but this training would eventually go so far as to help to alleviate that as well for it would have to because it just so happened to be that the only other viable alternative was going to be that sh eowuld die but she was not oging to alloing her self to go and to do that nad so she would have to survive and become very powerful and strong so that she would not sucumb to that whihc was the pitfall of her powers and so on ward she was go to and to develop her powers and she eventually found that the thing which it was that she would want to create with her feathers were not the loosely defined blobs or anything like that of the more common feathers but instead it would come to pass that sh e actually formed them into that which was that none other than a shape of human arms compelte with human hands and fingers and the whole she bang and this would allow her great versatility for she could grip things but it would also alow her to unlock the super powerful ability of her special power of the peacock chakra and this was what she referred to as her abiltiy called foul play and this was amazing and powerful and so it would come to pass that this form would eventually prove the most powerful and useful of her abilities for it would allow her to almost endlessly magnify her over all power and perhaps even her overall speed to almost endless degrees which she hoped to eventually allow her to fully overcome even that of the dreaded power of the eight legendary gates of chakra known as the chakra gates which she feared if for nothing else than that of the raw power that they could afford to her enemies and it may even allow them to fight on par with her or to outpace her and that would be fully unacceptable so it would be that the she had to keep on training and keep on growing and she found in her almost endless practice and inner mediation that she would fill herself with more power and it would become easier and easier for her to keep maintaining the cloak which was amazing because this would allow her to keep on fighting and fighting and this would allow her to survive more an dmore and would even allow her to regenerate damage though in reality this was not really that which she happened to care about for she simply did not want to die at the hands of her own technique and she foudn now that her cloack was growing more and more powerful and even more absurdly that it was actually killing the plant life around her because it had grown so very strong and overly forceful and deadly and this made her quite pleased for it coudl very will end up being that she would be able to simply destroy her opposition just by being near them and by allowing them to whither under the endless strenght of her chakra which would poison the lives of those who were near her an this could prove bad for allies and the like and yet at the same time it would allow her to dish out heavy damage to almost anyone and she was quite pleased about that for it would allow her to destroy those who stood against her or those who stood even more terribly against that which she herself stood for and so now she rose among a clearing a death and decay caused by her overwhelming corruption and strenght and dusted herself off realizing that she had finally made it to a level of power which could compete with the big dogs.
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