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The Journey

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on Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:08 pm
Seven Days Ago.

Trees fell over having come up against the furious winds. Water droplets beating against leaves and all that stood in its way with furious anger. Panting could be heard as water from the heavens poured down. The clouds were given the authority to flood everything down below. Thus causing the water's to rise without warning. There was a raging storm, meanwhile a battle was being waged. An ocean of unchecked emotions ran wild, giant waves smashing against the shores. The shark slept peacefully below the waves, choosing not to concern itself with the happenings on the surface. If only the spirit and soul in charge of the vehicle could do the same. This whole time, whatever the one known as Kurotsuchi was feeling was merely a metaphor. In actuality, the man seeing sunny skies, wind a gentle breeze blowing through the area. He was quite frankly waiting for the moment of revelations. The Shinobi found himself standing in an open plain, grasslands for miles. Off in the distance were hills, and in some area were streams of waters. Trees stood erected, going through their phases of photosynthesis, along with other plan life. Everything appeared peaceful, but it was far from such to say the least. The man waited with bated breath, knowing full well that he must come upon some dangers of sorts. It was approaching, and he was most certainly ready to say the least.

Otsutski Kurotsuchi possesses long white spiky mane like hair, that reach down to the middle of his back.  This long spiky white hair of his extends down in his back, but a few locks, that appear to be in the form of thick dreads rests on his either side of his chest. Kurotsuchi is of a fair skin tone, blessed with a handsome face that is up for debate. His eyes are of the Byakugan pale eyes color, appearing to be without emotions and at the same time giving Kurotsuchi a ghastly stare. But what makes Kurotsuchi appears most menacing are the black outlines around his eyelids. Many would think the man was wearing woman’s make up or potentially some rather emotional Otsutsuki clansman. Though if he could, Kurotsuchi would change that perception ever so slightly. The aforementioned accessories outlining his eyes, makes for a cold and ghastly stare. Perhaps it is hatred that lurks from within, or maybe its simply an uncontrollable defect. Despite all this, and knowing exactly how his eyes are often perceived to be, Kurotsuchi pays no attention to those intimidated or offended by it. If anything, it is more of a psychology weapon than anything.

Kurotsuchi appearance becomes more noticeable with his chosen head gear that bores the Otsutsuki clan symbol on it. The head gear in question being the Happuri, a black one to be precise. The Happuri head gear was first shown in the Manga to be worn by the second Hokage Tobirama and then Yamato. Kurotsuchi wears the same head gear, although a black one as previously stated. The Happuri that Kurotsuchi sports also has a pair of black horns, which protrudes upward, very reminiscent of most Otsutsuki clan members, in canon and otherwise. The Shinobi in question also has a black metal bar piercing through each ear, completing gear.

Otsutsuki Kurotsuchi is garbed in a full black body suit, with a white apron like piece of clothing with ragged bottoms stemming from his waist line. The ragged bottom apron type piece of clothing. Is cut in a diagonal manner, with majority of this piece of clothing resting on the right side. Visually, the ragged apron like clothing covers portions of Kurotsuchi's right leg. The Otsutsuki clansman  also has black gloves covering his arms, and as such the entirety of his arms is covered in some form of attire. The man also has bandages carefully woven as part of his sleeves. These bandages, often being utilized to employ Ninjutsu techniques. Kurotsuchi also wears black high Shinobi sandals, those stretching up to his knees, more customized compared to usual Shinobi sandals. On both sides of his sandals is the Otsutsuki clan symbol. However to think his attire ended there would be false, since the man is set on looking and playing the part. Black armor is worn over that full black body suit of Kurotsuchi’s. The aforementioned armor is very similar to that of a Samurai’s armor, though closely resembling that of Hashirama’s or Madara’s. The armor that Kurotsuchi wears over his clothing is rather lightweight, more of a fashion statement than to actually give him any extra defensive boost. This is because of the Otsutsuki bone pulse technique that is often utilized by the wielder of the Byakugan.

It was designed with the intention of not to impede his abilities while in battle. The dark armor was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body. The chest, shoulders, back, thighs and forearms are covered. Each collar on his shoulder guards has the Otsutsuki clan symbol emblazoned on them. The Shinobi also had all his weaponry. Serrakura and Mu-Onna his sword, both were sheathed on his either hip. One on the left and the other on the right. He also carried with him all his ninja tools, scrolls, easily transported via the generic sealing method technique. Walking towards him as he waited was his day of reckoning. A man and woman who was determined to see him fall. Simply because it meant with the fall of the emperor, they would be able to ascend. Their ascension coming in the form of sacrifice, and a desperate act of murder. In their minds they were off to please the gods. A story had long since been foretold, a thing a prophecy regarding the rivalry of siblings. A story which carried with it a great deal of significance, enough to unnerve the trio. At present though, Kurotsuchi was all on his own. A lone wolf verses of pack. He would like to consider himself more than capable. But fighting one's own brother and sister was never an easy task at all. He wondered how it will all turn out for him to say the least. He already knew this day would come, and by the gods it had arrived. What Kurotsuchi felt though was nothing but sadness. Deep down all he could feel was a great deal of regret. He desired time, the type that could never be regained.

As if on queue, his siblings arrived on the scene, standing face to face. They took up a position three feet away from the man. In some ways, Kurotsuchi needed to take from his siblings, likewise they needed to do the same. This was a dog eat dog scenario for him. One that did not sit so well at all. "Yourichi. My only and yet favorite sister. I have missed ya, and its quite upsetting that we gotta meet under these circumstances. Is there not another way?". The emperor of the Abraxus empire asked with a heavy heart. How could one so tough be so vulnerable? Regardless, his own family didn't seem to have changed at all. "Tch! Such a crybaby as always. Kurotsuchi! Man UP!". Demanded the Kunoichi as she closed the gap between them. Her right hand launching out of anger. The punch collided with Kurotsuchi's mid section, causing the young emperor to fall to his knees. The man found himself down on one knee, bowing at the feet of the Kunoichi, his sister. Yourichi like Kurotsuchi possesses the Byakugan, and long white hair to match, although hers is longer. She sports black eyeliners, along with a necklace around her next. This necklace having nine tomoe shaped beads attached to it. The empress in her own right stands at five foot eight inches tall. Her body was slender, curvaceous and elegant. She was probably the most beautiful of the Otsutsuki women. Even more so than the woman who gave birth to them. Yourichi sports a white kimono, that is tied at the waist with a black sash. She also wears black three quarter lengths tights. Her footwear is that of black sandals. The Kunoichi that his Kurotsuchi's sister, has two Kodachi blades slung on either hip. A pair of black gloves are also worn on her hands. But here she was now with her right hand on Kurotsuchi's head. The man's hair was ruffled as he smiled, meanwhile trying to gather himself. If she really wanted to, Yourichi could have caused a great deal of damage. "Have you already given up already? Or have you already foreseen yourself the victor? Is it pity that you feel towards us little brother? You bring great shame and dishonor to us by parading in such a manner. This was fated, and unfortunately for you, there is no other way. This was always going to happen, the first children was destined to quarrel. At least me and Kagetsu have made peace with this. So why can't you?". Yourichi asked while Kurotsuchi smirked. Despite the overwhelming sadness that was being felt right now. He couldn't help but feel a little bit of joy at the same time. This wasn't about to turn into a meaningless blood match. "He is too much of a softy that's why. It irks me to have to breath the same air as him. Stand up little Kurotsuchi. Be careful, for you might fall without being able to lift a finger. Just be glad that things are the way that they are. Now then lets go and get this over with once and for all".

"Yes Ni-sama, forgive me you two. I'm the younger sibling, so I get a pass for acting silly sometimes. But I am fully aware of what's at stake. I'm just not so sure that its absolutely necessary to have to go through this. I would happily give up and turn everything over to you two. If it would mean that none of us will have to-" A loud smack could be heard as Yourichi's hand connected with Kurotsuchi's right cheek. One so furious that the man could do nothing my freeze, maintaining a motionless disposition. The sound echoed throughout the area. Just in time for the guide to their path which leads to death to arrive on the scene. "Don't insult us you little runt. Next time you do, I will shove my hands down your throat and rip out your intestines. Stand up, for its time for us to go". With her words spoken, Kagetsu soon shook his head and stepped forward. The man moved past his two younger siblings to where their guide was waiting. Kagetsu himself also possesses the Byakugan, and unlike Yourichi and Kurotsuchi. Kagetsu proved himself to be a rebel by having trimmed his hair, leaving it at a respectable height. Not even long enough to reach his shoulders. Kagetsu's hair is also white in color too. The man is dressed in black and white, quite similarly to Kurotsuchi's apparent armored attire. Kagetsu stands a foot taller than Kurotsuchi, and is generally more serious. And as for the guide, this came in the form of a spirit. An elder, a relic as it were who was given a specific task. The whole idea behind this coming together, was for Kurotsuchi along with his siblings to put their lives at risk. With the spirit as a guide, all four of them stood in a black circle with sealing patterns inside of it. And without warning, all four vanished in a beam of blue light. All traces of their existence wee now gone.

Present Time:

Kurotsuchi found himself inside a large temple, one with an arena down below. A balcony served as a platform for the spectators. There were few, and these spectators were only present to ensure that something went according to plan. This plan was the death of all but one sibling. And currently only Kurotsuchi was knocking at death's door. The emperor found himself impaled through the heart with Kagetsu's bone spear. Meanwhile Yourichi's body also laid on the ground. She was half dead, and Kagetsu was looking to finish the job. But for Kurotsuchi to get in the way in order to protect his own sibling. For the first time ever the Shinobi found himself with tears of joy running down the side of his face. The battle was a long one, and was no doubt brutal. So much so, that it was shaping up to ensure all three combatants were dead. Kurotsuchi though made the ultimate sacrifice to save his own sibling. "You fool. Why did you get in the way? She was ready to die, and this is our way. How else are we expected to ascend?".

"What are you talking about Ni-sama. Even as I slip into the darkness, my body should be cold, and yet I can feel the great warmth flowing through me. Can you not sense or feel their spirit?". Kurotsuchi asked of Kagetsu, his brother in the mean time began pulling the bone spear from his chest. The younger sibling Kurotsuchi began falling back. But as he did, he was caught by something not of this world. He had managed to somehow invoke the spirit of the ancestors. His own selflessness and sacrifice had satisfied them. Kagetsu on the other hand could only look on his awe. His bone spear was released from his grasp, falling to the ground. He had somehow surrendered himself to the spirits that were his ancestors of old. It is through them that Kurotsuchi could possibly ascend at all. Even with that said though, most of it seemed a blur to Kurotsuchi. But he turned out to be their redemption, and they also turned out to be his. The man could feel a new power surging through him. A new lease of life, his spirit felt invigorated. He was so in tuned with nature now that even his Senjutsu capacity had increased. His Byakugan pulsated for a few times before stopping. His eyes closed, and his heart beat one more time. Until everything came to a stop, and for a moment, yes for a few moments. Everyone, the spectators as it were looked on with great expectation. And just when they thought he could be saved. The ancestors picked themselves up and moved away. Kagetsu and Yourichi were also taken away from Kurotsuchi position. The body of the earthly emperor began to levitate as he laid horizontal. This was certainly a sign of sorts. As his body went through a metamorphosis of sorts. One of the spectators descended from the balcony and landed next to Kurotsuchi's body. A large wooden pot was summoned next to the spectator. A man who now saw fit to bestow upon Kurotsuchi a gift. Something thought to have been lost for a while now. The Chakra of the Bijuu could be felt resonating from inside the sealing pot. The man wasted no time shifting said Chakra from the pot and sealing it inside of Kurotsuchi. The seal appeared on his stomach, and this person too soon back away from Kurotsuchi. Kagetsu and Yourichi were also left alone. Having also been given gifts unknown to themselves. The Shinobi that is Kurotsuchi's heart beat grew stronger with every moment. His life force becoming stringer too. But it wasn't long before his eyes opened, and his body exerted a great deal of Chakra. So too did the bodies of his siblings, signalling an awakening. Kurotsuchi's Byakugan was no longer just a mere Byakugan. It was the Tenseigan, the legendary and ever so elusive Dojutsu. Only a few are ever able to awaken these eyes. And the process itself can sometimes be unique to most. But it certainly required someone with a strong will to be able to sustain it. Kurotsuchi on the other hand was now fully aware of himself. His body while levitating stood vertical, his body bathing in a shroud of Chakra. Truth seeking balls surrounded his person as his feet once again touched the ground. His brother and  sister had something very similar happen to them.

"Now this is foxing amazing. And er...what the hell is this feeling inside me?" The emperor asked while looking around rather puzzled. "Kurotsuchi sama. You've been entrusted with one half of a certain creature. In time you will come to take notice of it more and more. For now though, please work on familiarizing yourself with the Tenseigan. And remember, try not to lose yourself. You carry another Dojutsu which can corrupt your mind. The Tenseigan was not awakened through hate, but through self sacrifice. That was your own unique circumstances, don't ever forget it. In the mean time, I ask that you prepare for what is to come. Something tells me, you will need all the help you can get. I have no more need for you here. Go back to the people and carry on with your mission. As for your siblings, I am certain you will meet again. Hopefully next time you won't be at each other's throats". Kurotsuchi nodded out of sheer delight for what had been accomplished on this day. It was time for him to return to his people and put in places the numerous changes he had in mind. He felt himself to be a new man now. And who knows what else he has on the agenda? The Shinobi had only really just began his journey.

2832/2100 Words

A Quest For Kings

Level: 2 Major & 3 Minor


  • Advancement of Byakugan→Tenseigan
  • One Half of the Kyuubi→Kurama
  • +200 Senjutsu Chakra
  • +50 Life Force
  • +2 Skill Points


Lets Us Be Free of This Now

One, two three four, two, two three four, his heart beat along with rhythm. Eliminating the randomness or cloaked under the disguise of consistency. There was a method behind the madness, and each beat of the heart herald a new thought. A new dawn was just around the corner, and Kurotsuchi may well have a hand in shaping things to his own liking. There he was watching and taking heed of the actions of those before, albeit above him. The distance which separated them will no doubt be closed in a short while. During the time of his ascension towards the meeting place of the trio. Kurotsuchi took note of the multitude of beings, spawns of the devil. For despite the light show, and clustered mass of entrails which trailed him. He did not put this down to the work of a god, but merely a devil. Be that as it may, Kurotsuchi himself was a devil in his own right. A man who so refused to be the hypocrite, and be a pretentious Christ. He was no savior, not in his eyes, although he did perform a great number of good deeds. It was all a matter of perspective, and one's own perception and interpretation of his actions. Thinking back on the events which transpired before they arrived at this point. The meeting may have gone ahead without an itch. Had it not been for one so disrespectful, that he saw fit to refer to the Mizukage as "San". That was blatant show of disrespect, and not once did his fellow kages correct it. Nor once did Setoshi sought to mention a word in anger of such an offence against Kurotsuchi. All of this could have been avoided, if these men had showed the proper respect to each other. Now, one fears for what the future holds, but in the eyes of Kurotsuchi. This truly made for some exciting times. To even begin to contain it would be disastrous, anticlimactic in a sense too. This wasn't yet over, not by a long shot indeed. The Mizukage held firm, taking note of what was happening around him. The formation of the four which accompanied was a sign. At some point, the meeting among kages was infiltrated, and that Kurotsuchi could never forgive himself for. Being who he was though, Kurotsuchi had other plans. For he believes that this lot should be able to show themselves for who they are.

With all that said, the man felt an overwhelming sensation. One where his heart beats danced to a certain tune. This tune brought forth resonance as it came from within himself, his own creation. He was all seeing outside, vigilant still. But if one could see the turmoil inside of himself. They would run a thousand miles never looking back. For some, it may yet bring forth nothing but fascination. There he was stood in the darkest of places, only ever visited a few times. This time however it felt different. The Mizukage stood upon the dark waters, embraced in complete darkness. The chill of the room brought forth goosebumps, meanwhile forcing the man to tremble. A sudden gasp was perceived to have come from him. An eerie breeze swept through the confines of the space that he found himself in. A minor shifting of his body weight caused ripples in the waters. And if one could see these ripples, they would notice them broaden, seeming never to end as they move outward. Bathe in complete darkness, the Shinobi stood still, possibly confused by his current situation. But as he stood there, he began to contemplate. Was this death? Had he finally made it? Where was she? Where was he? Where were they? He was waiting in anticipation, just to hear the voice of a few individuals. However, they did not call out to him. A sickening and devilish chuckle could be heard. The exhale of something malevolent echoed throughout the space. The man, Kurotsuchi narrowed his eyes, seeking the light. The left hand of the devil rose up, grasping for what was or could be standing right before him. However, his reach was not long enough as of yet. Thus bringing a frown to his face as his eyebrow arched. The Mizukage heard his heart beat the loudest he has ever heard it before. Such a sound brought vibrations from within, which then projected themselves outwards. Such vibrations caused the ripples to form into waves. This new form rose high, racing across the distance. Before finally crashing against the hardened rocks made of iron. These waves however could not breach these hardened rocks.

Getting a hold of himself, Kurotsuchi's body steadied, his mind focused now. His eyes lit up in the darkness this time. The blue hue seemingly majestic, accompanied by a red orb lacking in mercy. Staring back at the Mizukage, was however a pair of red orbs also, carrying a black vertical slit. These eyes pierced the very soul belonging to Kurotsuchi. And but for a moment, he was confronted with fear. But out of the corner of his eyes appeared a white light, imbued with blue. The beast possessing the malevolent nature chuckled once more. "I am truly baffled by what I'm seeing. Why do you hold back so? Do you not want more of what I have to offer? Give yourself to me, and I will show you true power. Right now, your nothing but a baby attempting to wield power. To think you allowed that think to look inside and gaze upon me. Truly pathetic!". Did the beast utter with harsh disdain. For Kurotsuchi was not the only one to see the Kyuubi on this day. The emperor found himself with his head raised, so that he may begin to fully grasp the creature. As it stands, the beast, the Kyuubi as it were towered over Kurotsuchi. And it was only sitting down, showing how magnificent it can be when on all four. A swipe was taken at the cage which contained it, and in doing so created a huge bang. This echoed, causing a reversal of what happened when Kurotsuchi's heart caused some vibrations. A huge wave was sent in the man's direction, and by instinct alone did he raised his hand. A slash was performed, reducing the wave into mere droplets. He stood there looking more determined than ever. The man moved to step forward, but was stopped in his tracks. The darkness came to know light, so that Kurotsuchi may gaze upon the Kyuubi in all its glory. But what stopped the Mizukage was a hand on his left shoulder. The man soon turned around, and as if manipulating his actions. The Mizukage was pulled into a warm embrace. The source of such was unknown to Kurotsuchi, as it was shrouded in light. However, he could tell this was a woman. Omoi? No, it wasn't her at all. This was different. Cecelia? Not even close. His eyes soon came to rest upon what was an unknown unknown. But perhaps this new comer thought itself to be a known unknown? Seeing as there are known knowns, and known unknowns. Things that we know that we don't know that we know. "Do not falter my child, for I am with you. It would appear that I am finally needed. The stars have managed to align themselves, much earlier than I thought they would. I view this as a good sign. In any case, I will be here waiting so that we may speak later. Go now, this day is not yet over". The man had received his orders and was much too willing to obey. Outside of all this though, Kurotsuchi was Still making his ascension. Not Yet in place properly.

Despite his instability, he was beginning to own this instability, and molding it to be of great use to him. Nevertheless, he could end up losing control. The man found himself a guardian, or maybe he should add another and make that guardians. Back to reality, Kurotsuchi watched Setoshi. Better yet, he watched the vessel that Setoshi hid inside of. Which made the Mizukage all the more curious about his intentions. To think that they would hold another meeting like this was unthinkable. He however understood that tensions were high, and some necessary precaution may be taken. If only they could simply sit down and talk among themselves. This was a fated meeting, and as Kurotsuchi arrived on the scene. His anger while still present, did not overwhelm his jester's nature. Before he could fully arrive and find himself in place. The man had taken but the briefest of moments to check in on the Yumekage. The woman was safe, and Kurotsuchi wasn't exactly sure why he even cared. That's a question he may well have to ask her. How peculiar it was that she was on the move. Clearly not wanting anything else to do with what was about to happen. Did she know of the one that had requested their presence? The Mizukage took up a position where he appeared to be standing on air currents. The red chakra and lightning whipped about, meanwhile forming a protective layer. The crackling of the lightning, screeching constantly, causing a distortion of sound. How was he to hear what was happening fully? With the violent, but controlled resonance of the crackling thunder. It made it even more difficult for Kurotsuchi to perceive what was being said, or what was to be heard by him. Furthermore, he was also burdened by the Hiraishin Kuusho. For in the moment that he erected the barrier. This occuring while the man was inside the building still. The space around himself became a nullification zone. Where by he could easier protect himself from harm, physical or of a more subtle nature. This coming as a result of rejecting outside influences. Causing a rebound or rerouting of chakra physical and otherwise. He had his sight to work with it now in this instance. Which was a pain, with even the cloak or chakra forming a kind of bubble in his ear. He had perhaps grown deaf to the sounds of war. This all happening during his ascension to be in position with everyone. For it seemed that he still had some way to travel.

Not only that, but the formation that they took on made things interesting. The spawns which were placed behind Kurotsuchi should perhaps make the man nervous. However, he seemed more composed. His anger was under controlled, one may refer to it as controlled anger. As such he was able to direct it all for maximum effect. Now then, Setoshi to the left and the pillar or mass of light to his right. Setoshi's current confines was turning this into a circus. A place where the freaks gathered, which was true for this assembly. The bugs on display also caused the Mizukage's skin to crawl. Such yucky bugs, he was fortunate that none had touched him. For he doubt he could have stand it. The moment of truth had perhaps arrived it seems. With them all being in position, Kurotsuchi was hoping for something spectacular. However, he was hoping that by now, the newcomer of illumination and radiance, would have toned down the light show. Maybe this way, Kurotsuchi could lip read through the use of his Sharingan. The Tenseigan was also being disrupted to some degree by the lightshow. Equally, Setoshi sought refuge inside the belly of the shark skin, Samehada. How can they even begin to have a conversation? In any case though, Kurotsuchi stood his ground for the briefest passing, awaiting the moment for something to happen. The barrier around himself already expanded, further pushing the light cells away. A distance of ten inches now, and while it was there since being called upon. He wondered if any of the men before him will perceive it. In the mean time, the Mizukage held a blank expression on his face. His eyes set up the two other beings.  He hoped that the two others in attendance, would at least make themselves visible like he was. But while such an action was yet to take place, a pulse kunai was brandished, and let go of. And in that moment, Kurotsuchi swapped places with his clone. The switch occured so swiftly, that Setoshi was likely to miss it. But as for the illuminated one. He may have perceived it, though may not yet fully understand it.

In perfect tandem to Kurotsuchi performing the switch, his clone had also leg go of its own pulse kunai. And in doing so, causing the blade to spin in mid air. Kurotsuchi who was above, but now below took hold of it. The clone had taken his place, and the man now rested on the side of his bone construct. What he did may be seen as the man being cautious, however, it was also his way of suggesting that he wasn't pleased. Whether it be, man, beast or god. The least they could do was show themselves, that way the victim may well know who killed them. There they were hundreds of feet above him, the original Kurotsuchi that is. It should be noted that the clone also took hold of Kurotsuchi's abandoned Kunai mid air. The man had a smile on his face while standing there Below. His watchful eyes also taking note of the Yumekage's mask that fell. As for his clone, it took up a position before "His Radiance" began his speech. And oh what a speech it was to say the least. Upon hearing the words "gird up your loins", clone Kurotsuchi held back the urge to burst forth with laughter. For while they stood in anticipation for this speech. The clone was maintained above by its ability to fly obviously. Clone Kurotsuchi had not expected Shakespeare to join them at all. One had to wonder now if Juliet had ran away from Romeo. His illumination was perhaps too overwhelming. In any case, with the first utterance of words. The clone only thought of one in and in true Kurotsuchi style too. "Ha! Gay Yeee!!" He got that one from uncle Ken Jeong Memes library.


He however did not utter such words out loud. Kurotsuchi figured he needed to carry himself a certain way now. Otherwise it could be a pain dealing with this new comer. In any case though, a listening ear was given to those present. Not that the original Kurotsuchi could hear anything that was happening above. The Mizukage however did move forth upon setting foot on the bone construct. A slit of the thumb through the use of the kunai that was held. And so blood came flowing, a small amount it was, but was enough for the job. Kurotsuchi had allowed for this to happen to him, despite the Chakra cloak and other wise. He was in control after all, for now. The Mizukage placed his hand upon the side of the bone construct, and a cloud of smoke could be seen. One that masked the presence of what was summoned. A creature which stayed between the bone constructs, his malleable body, allowing it position itself perfectly. Kurotsuchi wasted no time in causing the bone forrest to disappear from existence, leaving absolutely no trace of it all. The found himself standing atop of the majestic creature's head. Mama Sango had appeared. Meanwhile though, above Kurotsuchi, hundreds of meters in the skies. Too far for him to hear, but no too far away for him to see. A exchange of words was taking place. As the newcomer began to speak, the clone let go of the kunai, meanwhile using the Chakra cloak of the bijuu to grab hold of it. The speech sounded intense to say the least. And upon its completion, Kurotsuchi's clone could not help but do one thing. And that was to honestly give a round of applause. "I have absolutely no ferking clue what'cher talkin' about, but I do understand the kneeling portion. But lemme think on that". The clone stated, before Setoshi could chime in. And even his words made the Mizukage more curious. But he shall respond no doubt.

"Goodness me, pardon my rudeness. I have but two requests here. One, could yer at least tone down the light show? I'm too young to be going blind. Furthermore, everything yer said, sound all well and good. But why the hell do I have to kneel before yer? Maybe its my defiant nature, but me being me. Lets just say I'm too old for kneeling. Side's I might do that and find it difficult to get back up, bad back and all that yer know.

With that said, I am curious about yer offer all the same. But for goodness sake, speak plainly. All this gird up yer loins...wait a minute..you know my father? Wait before yer answer that, lemme address something else, hm?".
The Mizukage stated while his eyes glanced over in Setoshi's direction.

"Setoshi, I am interested to know, why yer allowed the leader of the Carpathian empire to show such disrespect. To think this could have gone differently had yer corrected such behaviors. Nevertheless, I can't even take yer words at face value. Hiding away is no way to properly conduct yerself. I mean, don't tell me yer scared. And yer proposal is something I usually get from women. As such, its downright creepy... Alas, my curiosity is killing me. I wanna say no to both, but at the same time, I can't help but wanna see yes...What to do, what to do I wonder? There is so much that you two or three creatures have to divulge to me. I am being faced with some tough choices here for sure. Please tell me more". The clone seemed almost relaxed, but throughout the whole exchange, it had remain vigilant. Kurotsuchi down below was also paying attention to what was happening. He was hoping Setoshi could explain his reasons for leaving Kirigakure. And better yet having not returned, but saw fit to follow some other lord. Not only that, but the man appeared to have gained some interesting abilities along the way too. Then there was the stranger, the man who briefly mentioned Abraxus to him. While also offering many things that may prove to be useful. But even then, there was something deep within tugging away at Kurotsuchi. Was he suppose to give in?  As for Mama Sango the beauty.

Mama Sango is a very large summon, easily towering over most things, such as trees, buildings and rock formations, easily standing out where necessary. Mama Sango is serpentine in appearance, but is more of a cross breed between a snake and a creature with claws. Mama Sango has shades of black, dark purple and blue in terms of color scheme along her body. Mama Sango like other summons from the same contract, does not have scales at all. The make up of her body is more closely related to avian creatures. As such it almost looks like a mixture of feathers and fur flowing along her body. Mama Sango's tail trails off or is made of of three appendages. Importantly also, Mamma Sango also has hands and legs that are claw like in nature. These four limbs are extremely sharp and long, and can be used for holding onto things and also gripping. Mama Sango's claws gives her different capabilities as opposed to your typical serpent. Of course Mama Sango can move along the ground like your typical serpent, while having the best of both world, also capable of soaring through the skies. From the time of her summoning, she maintained a size of twenty five feet in length, and eight feet wide. This of course was not her actual size, seeing as she can morph to be far larger if required. Kurotsuchi had his reasons for calling her out for sure. At this point in time, they saw fit to sit back and watch as proceedings unfolded before them.


Clone Two(Waiting)→Own Stats -20%
Strength:  203+600(Bijuu) 642
Speed: 522+180(Bijuu) 561
Endurance: 400+580(Bijuu) 784
Chakra: 920+800(Bijuu)-20%: 1376
Byakugan Upkeep-=  -10
Chakra After Deductions: 1266
Kurotsuchi's Stats

Strength:  203+600(Bijuu)803
Speed: 522+180(Bijuu)702
Endurance: 300+580(Bijuu)880
Chakra: 920+800(Bijuu)+1000(Bijuu)1720+-318: 1322-215: 1107+60+1000= 2167
1227+60+1000: 1307 Chakra
Chakra levels of 1820

LRA- 30
Life Force: 265
Flight= -10
Seeding Fern -25 Upkeep
Sharingan -15
Kurama +60
-50 Summon
185 Used: 1635

Mama Sango


Strength: 50+150: 200
Speed: 50+200+50(Tai): 300
Endurance: 50+150: 200

700/3:233+120: 353

Chakra: 50+70(Nin+Gen)+233: 353 Chakra

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