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Stein's Moment to Shine

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on Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:34 pm
A Study of Taijutsu's Strongest:
One day Fenn was walking around and he gets a sudden summon to the Kage, he would report immediately and bow as he entered, smiling at her "Hello Sir, what do you need today?" he asks and she already is answering back with "You need to go back to the Silver Country, an old friend is in danger from a group of Samurai, go find her and protect her" she finishes and hands him a paper with the full directions on it on what he had to do and who he had to go after so he would give her a nod, and then head out, already packed with his Sword, his paper bombs, smoke bombs, kunai, shuriken, and food pills. Fenn will head towards the entrance of the village and turn back for a moment like before as he continues on out to the woods outside of the mountain that the village is in,he travels till night time and he takes the night to rest,in the morning he would make himself breakfast and then packs his stuff up and sets off again,traveling one third of the way,just as he did last time,but also made it a little further before night fell once more,he once again made camp,he would do as he always did,make dinner then go to sleep,waking up just before the sun rise and making breakfast and heading of as soon as there was light,and then when the night fell once more he was at the village,he would see it mostly destroyed as the female he escorted a couple months ago comes running up to him,she was battered and dirty,seems as if shes been barly survivng,he would just take her to the top of a local hill and make camp and lets her eat,then sleep peacefully,and when morning hit he told her to go to Yama and wait for him to return with any news before comming back,she would listen to him and he would give her whats left of his rations and sends her to Yama,then he would turn around and go into the town waiting for the samurai come back,he fell asleep as he waited.

The Next morning when he woke up he saw movement in the distance and he would stand up looking out to them,after a few minutes he could tell it was the samurai,there was a great number,maybe about 300,not too good of odds in his favor, was his thoughts,and he would walk out to meet them and he announced when he was about 15 yards from them"I am Fenn ,Guardian of Yama, And your messing with people we have an alliance with, for your actions you will be killed,prepare yourselves" when he was done he took his Sword off his back and drew his sword and a kunai,he prepared for an attack,meanwhile the samurai laughed at him and they spoke You againest us? your one ninja against three hundred samurai,so prepare to die and a group of five of them charged at him,he waited till they were in front of him and began to block and swing,killing off each Samurai within seconds of the next,this was simple let them charge him in fives he thought,another set of five charged,these one were more skilled he could tell as he fought them,they were harder to kill and catch off guard,then as he turned ten more was already right there infront of him and he did all he could to keep them off him,as he won that small battle he would throw the kunai into the group of them and kills one,now the total he killed is twenty one,leaveing two hundred and seventy nine,seeing this twenty of them charge,and he takes a kunai with a bomb out his pocket and throws it,the samurai would move their head out of the way till it exploded in the middle of the group,now his total was at two hundred fifty nine,another twenty charges and Fenn would charge at them after a moment and using fluid movement he begins to slice and dice the enemys,two thirty nine is left,twenty five think they can take him,and they charge at him,seeing how many there are he would draw a paper bomb from his pocket and when they meet he would begin to cut the first five down and the sixth one he would flip over her and slap a bomb on their back then while in the air he holds a hand sign and makes it blow up taking out the other twenty,while he had jumped in the air,three others would chrage thinking they could catch him off guard till he came spinning down with his blade cutting the helmet of one and he would spin till he hit the ground and as he hit the ground the blade would be pulled out and go into the back of another one,and then he would dodge the other two blades so that they kill each other and he jumps up from between the two blades,and looks at the other two hundred and one,now there is one standing out in front and he smiles and shouts to Fenn"Well your very skilled my name is Eutame Shichinin and you Fenn will die here!" Fenn would shake his head an say "i refuse to die" and when he says that fifty samurai charge at him,when they charge he would wait till the last second to use smoke bombs and then when they were blinded he would begin to cut each and every one down,when the wind blows away the smoke they can see him finishing off the last of the samurai in the group and he would turn around,the rest of them Except Eutame Shichinin would charge at once,and Fenn would run back to his Sword real quick and sheeth his sword and turn around using the hand sign for Snake,and waited,once they were in range he began his jutsu and with this attack he would make a sticky substance that make a river like body in front of him,he spewed each inch from his mouth and then he would wait,when the samurai was almost at him and there was about ten that didnt step in it,it hardened and the samurai began to freak as they couldnt move their feet,Fenn would draw his sword again and begin to dispatch of each and everyone,Fenn would be covered in blood,the ten left would look terrified as Fenn would then turn around and face them,he dropped his sword and began to weave hand signs and he said" Time to die" and as he did Magma from the Sword began to flow out and around Fenn,wrapping his hands up to his elbows,and his feet up to his knees,as well as his forehead and down the sides of his face,hardening into his armor of magma,he would then charge at the last ten and begins to flip and kick,while swinging his elbows and fists,each hit would make a sizzle sound as skin began to burn,and while some would be crushed under the force of the hits allow some would burn to death,screamming in pain.

When He was done he looked over at the Head samurai and says"your turn" and then Eutame would begin to walk away yelling “I will get my Revenge Fenn,I will never foreget your name or your face till i have my revenge!!" Seeing him run Fenn would turn around and head back home,he would take a few days to get back home but upon his arrival into the Kages chamber he would explain about Eutame getting away and he would be told it is ok and to go rest and shower up,he would nod and go to shower the blood off,and then goes out to let the Samurai know what happened,and she would say thats its ok we will get him eventually,so he would go home and begins to charge his chakra and sleep,then the next morning he would take a stroll around the village

Fenn would raise from his sleep, It had all been a dream, It was a bright and sunny day that Fenn woke up to. Sitting up, he yawned, rubbing his head, The pain of the cold floor on his feet, and slight shock slowly faded, as the man shook the sleepiness from his head, slapping himself a few times. Splashing his face with water, he thought over his day. He drew a blank. Thinking he was still sleepy, Fenn filled a bowl with water, plunging his face into it soon after, spraying water all over his apartment. A few minutes and a lot of cleaning later, Fenn finally was ready to get to whatever he needed to do, which meant breakfast. At least breakfast had no hang ups. Lots of potatoes, with eggs and bacon. Fenn got his equipment and headed out, Today was a day for him to do some of the harshest Training he would ever do.

Fenn got dressed In his Normal Red outfit he used for training, he left the Phoenix Armor at home, as well as the Gilgamesh gauntlets, His Tenseiga sitting next to the door still as he left, he began a small Jog to the Mountain side people liked to climb for fun, he knew people tend to get hurt on this thing, but he had to do what he had to do, he wanted Strength, he wanted power, and so he would begin A harsh Rigourous training, He would walk up to the Mountain side, the cliff that was practically sheer, and he would place his left hand behind his back, and his right extended and prepared, Fenn would bend his knees and launched himself off the ground, digging the fingers of his right hand into the side of the mountain, Catching himself with only one hand, not even with his feet touching the side of the cliff, after a couple of breaths he would pull himself up with his one right arm, and launch himself up, moving his right arm fast enough to catch himself on the next rock above him, the strain great, but he was prepared for it, this was what his training was preparing him for, and so after a few deep breaths he would do it again, once more launching himself up the cliff side with a single arm, and once more catching himself before he fell, This cliff side was about a Kilometer high, and he was only about five meters high from where his head met the side of the cliff, so a total of seven meters or so, and he would begin to go faster, thinking less and just acting, not allowing his muscle fatigue to kick in just yet.

His Speed did increase, and now it at the point it was a single breath per jump and had made it up another ten meters by this point, and so with the next leap he switched arms, in mid jump, His left arm now carrying his full body weight, his muscles tensing as he pulls himself up, his right arm now behind his back, like his left was, like a military parade rest, he also picked up the pace of his moving, now jumping twice before he breathed, his progress was exponential, now only being three meters from the top, he would use both hands, and arms, for one final pull, and launched himself about a meter over the top of the cliff, and he turned around to look out over kumo, the beauty it gave off, and then suddenly a voice behind him, and he turned around, and there was a man, a smirk on his face and he said to him "You were rather impressive, one arm climbing, I remember those days, yes, you will be the one I teach my secrets to" and With that he took off running into the woods he stood in front of, much faster then Fenn seen anyone move.

So Fenn would take off after him, moving at full speed, jumping over fallen tree's and bounding off the trunks of others, he could barely keep the man in his site's, till suddenly they were standing in a clearing, and Fenn almost ran smack into the man, halting inches from the man, Fenn stood there, with a slight pant coming from the sprinting they just did, and the man was standing there like he did nothing, then the man would begin to speak as he walked back and forth, pacing in front of Fenn "I am teaching you an Old style of Taijutsu, It is called the Inner Gates, or the Eight Gates, Now you may ask, what is these Eight Gates, now let me explain, The Eight Gates are eight specific tenketsu on a person's Chakra Pathway System. They limit the overall flow of chakra within a person's body. The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body's limits on the functions within it. This makes the body much weaker, but it keeps the body from expiring too soon. By undergoing intense training, one can learn how to open these gates allowing the user to surpass their own physical limits at the cost of extreme damage to their own body. Now your next question may be, what does Chakra have to do with Taijutsu, is it not supposed to be one of the ways to fight without chakra? and I tell you, WRONG, and Right at the same time, this Skill lets you utilize and Open the Different Gates, and with those gates, You get more powerful, but as your body will not be able to hold through all of that power, it can and will eventually Kill you....So your training starts now First you will work on, the first gate." the old man would smile start.
as he would Then have Fenn go stand on his head , just his head, while using a tree to help
While Fenn had began to get the blood to rush to his head from being upside down for so long, the man would smile and say to him "Now I have you doing this for one reason, The Gate of Opening is located in the brain, it removes the restraints of the brain on the muscles so one hundred percent of the user's strength can be used whereas normally, a person can only use twenty percent of their muscles' strength to keep them from disintegrating So you see son, the Head is needed to be first." and After awhile the man was quiet, and eventually would tell Fenn to get up, and he did so, and the man would begin with the next part.

"The Gate of Healing is also located in the brain, forcibly increases the user's physical strength and temporarily re-energizes the body, and is the Second Gate you will need to open, next is The Gate of Life which is located on the spinal cord. “ At this point the man would point out where exactly on the spinal cord, and then he would continue on “That is the gate that most do not pass, then you have the few brave ones to continue on to The Gate of Pain which is also located on the spinal cord, this gate increases the user's speed and power. But most will not use it cause, it May cause muscle tissue to tear on use. The Gate of Limit , Is the next gate and is located in the abdomen, increases the user's speed and power. And each of these Gate’s Powers stack, and stack, this gate is where most of the previous few brave souls stop, but you, I will train you to go further, The Gate of View is located in the stomach here” and he would point it out to Fenn before he would continue on again “Which again increases the user's speed and power. Opening of this gate releases such enormous amounts of energy that it can cause nearby water bodies to form a vortex around the user.” And at this Point the Old Man would stop and nod saying “Now is time to Go back to your training, this will be harsher then you imagined” the man would smile after his words were done.

Suddenly this man had Fenn doing push ups, With One hand, not so bad, except Fenn's feet were not included either, they too had to be up off the ground, so Fenn would would be supporting his body across his arm, his elbow feeling like it was ready to snap or something, he had to muscle past it, then when he was done, he had to switch arms, doing the same thing, till he collapsed , and while his legs were still good, and had not done anything, the old man had him doing squats, with the old man on his shoulders, that was holding a small boulder, Fenn would almost be crushed under the weight of it all, this extreme training was not what he had in mind, but he had to do it quickly, and so he would continue the squats, barly reaching ten before he collapsed under the weight of the man and the small boulder, which the man would just throw to the side like it was nothing, then the man would begin to go into detail how exactly to unlock each of the gates he previously explained, the chakra flow had to be done just right for each gate to unlock, and when Fenn had recovered enough, he would have Fenn begin to do sit ups, not to bad, till the man would turn the earth under Fenn into coals, not all of it, just where his back would lay, and Fenn would not know till after starting the first one.

With a Slightly red back, and a sore abdomen, Fenn was made to flip onto his stomach, and once again do push ups on one arm, but this time he had to be straight up and down, so Fenn took some time to balance on one arm, then took even longer as he had to find the perfect balance while he moved, after some thirty Mintes though, fenn had found his rythem, and he as knocking them out, till he had to switch arms, without touching the ground, that was simple, he did that on the cliff... except that he had to keep his balance once again as he landed on his hand, to late, he hit the ground.

Failure is what that was, he had to attempt it again, after his arm tired out, which made it worse, cause the other arm had yet to fully regain its strength, but he had to do it none the less, and this would take another hour of his day away attempting to land that, and let alone do a single push up with it.

The man would Once again allow Fenn to take a break while he explained the rest of the gates."The Gate of Wonder , is located below the stomach, which further increases the user's speed and power. Those who open this gate will secrete glowing green or blue sweat from every inch of their body which immediately evaporates from their own heat energy, creating an aura which people mistake as a chakra coating. Unfortunately, the side effects of opening the gate are that the user's muscle fibers are ripped to shreds, causing intense pain if anything or anyone touches them. This is the Seventh Gate, and Is usually the Last one anyone will ever use, I have only ever reached this gate, for the Last will certainly kill you, but that will be saved for a little later, Now, we will have a bit of a spar" and with that, the worn out Fenn and the man teaching him about the Eight Gates would stand up and face each other, being about five meters away.

They would both take their stances, Fenn's Stance being more like a full fledge boxer, and the Man's being more open, with one hand extended out and angled up, the other behind him, and his foot stance being close together, Fenn would think this man foolish and would attempt to charge in, but that was just what the man wanted, and he would duck down low with his leg extended and he would sweep the legs out from under Fenn who would hit his back on the ground with a loud Oouf Sound, Fenn would then jump back up and being right in the man's face, he would begin his flurry of blows, Methodical, calculated blows, but the man was to fast, he just kept dodging them like they were nothing, and then he would strike Fenn, Fenn being hit harder then anything that ever hit him before, he would gasp for air, and he would black out, dropping to his knees and then face first into the dirt, as his Abdomen was struck it sucked all the air out of him.

Some time Later Fenn would awaken to the smell of cooking, food that was just what he needed, and he would crawl over to the fire the man had made while Fenn as asleep, and was cooking some fish, which was also caught while Fenn was asleep, but Fenn had only been knocked out for like an hour, but Fenn would graciously accept the Fish he was handed and ate it, and he would sigh softly when he was done, he had food, he was just now reciving a drink from this man, his temperarly new found sensei, which he had no idea who this man was, and a small nap, he was fully ready for more training. At Least, that is what the Temp Sensei told him.

Fenn was doing more hardcore rigouress training, Sparring with the Sensei, everything he would keep doing till he would collapse from Muscle failure, then he was told to push beyond that, to continue going, he would be doing every kind of exercise under the sun, but to a whole new extreme he never knew, And on his last break for the day, His sensei would tell him "Son the last and Final Gate, is The Gate of Death which is located at the heart, it requires the user to puncture their chest just above the heart in order to open it. Opening this gate will cause the user's blood to emanate a flaming aura of red steam from all pores of their body, hair, and eyebrows. Releasing this gate uses up all of the body's energy while making the heart pump at maximum power. Exceeding the power of every other gate, the user is granted approximately a hundred times their normal power, far beyond that of the five Kage. Unfortunately, the side effect of opening this gate is that it comes at the expense of the user's life, causing the user to crumble to ash, having virtually cooked themselves from the inside-out. This is unlike opening the other gates, which simply injure or damage the body. " and with those Final words the Sensei would fall quiet, and distant, and he would slowly seem to fade.

Fenn's temporary master, the Ninja with Black hair cut like he was in the Ramones, and wore a green jump suit, Orange exentuated what he wore with Warmers for his legs and arms, big busy eyebrows, and his eyes, they had a gleam that slowly died away, Fenn had Blinked and the man vanished, as if he was a ghost, but a Ghost could not cause Physical harm he experienced...Could it? Nah Fenn was imagining things, he would Suddenly feel the weight of all of his training buckle down on him for the day, and so Fenn would take off at a slow trot.

Back through the woods he chased the man through, back down the cliff, which would take forever as not to fall and get hurt on his way down, and back into and through town, it was night and must places were either closed or closing up, Fenn's mind reeled on if he would ever meet that man again, Fenn would eventually arrive home and sore.

Once inside, he took a deep breath, one, and then another. Today had been a long day. It felt like he had compacted weeks and weeks of training into one long, boring at times, slightly monotonous day. It was a little weird that all the interesting stuff had largely happened at the end of the day, with the exception of the Cliff. Learning about so many powerful techniques was very fun after all. Fenn remembered there was one other technique that he had wanted to learn though, that was reasonably helpful. One he would save for a rainy day, Till then he laid down in his bed, got comfortable and fell asleep.

Fenn's Dream tonight was about himself, Fenn laid there unconscious on the beach, the water washing up around him, wave after wave, his Armor was under his green vest, and black pants held up by a brown leather belt, that had his sword on it, to the left side of him to be precise, the sun beat down on his face as he was face up on his back, just lying on the beach, then a big wave washed ashore and splashed his face as he inhaled, at this time he would jump up and twist to the side as he coughed and spewed up the salt water onto the beach, then the man would slowly stand as he looked around, bits and pieces of his ship he was on all around, and not a soul to be seen, nor bodies for that matter, nor any of the supplies, they must have been ransacked already or washed away to a different location, at that point Fenn looked out over the ocean that had just torn up his ship, hard to believe that a storm was out on these waters recently.

Fenn would let out a sigh as he turned around away from the ocean to see not far off was a forest, a wooded lot blocking his sight from anything beyond, and after so far in, it seemed the foliage above blocked out sun, and was too dark at this moment to see past it with where he was standing, and with that he would begin his trek in an unknown land, what was his parents wondering at this time about him, maybe they do not even know of the thunderstorm, or the ship wrecking, anyway it was not a time to dawdle, who knew when night would be upon him, he would need to find shelter, that was one of the first things the people had taught him when he was younger.

So off he went into the woods, sounds of creatures in the distance, a smell lingered in the air, wet wood, decay from a recent carcass, freshly fallen leaves, and even the smell of some fruits, it must just be the beginning of autumn to smell such smells, Fenn would continue his trek into the darkness, his eyes adjusting as he got further in, until it seemed that they were no longer needing light, the little light that shone through the forest was enough to guide him through, Fenn would travel on for what seemed like hours, two at most, and then a weird smell came to his nose, and so he would begin to follow the direction it seemed to be wafting from, this kind of smell could be a smell only produced by living people, it smelt like fresh meat cooking.

And thus Fenn followed this smell, it seemed the breeze also came from this way that was blowing to allow the scent to waft so far away from the spot it was generating from, and eventually He came upon a small clearing, just ever so small, as if someone lived there, and there was a house, suspended only a few feet in the trees, with stairs leading up to the door, and so Fenn would walk up the steps, not trying to conceal his footsteps, his heavy leather boots would make the clunking sound as he stepped on them, and then he would softly rap on the door that seemed to be made of wood, all of it seemed to be that way, rather nice way to camouflage ones place away from fast traveling people, but the wind was the enemy to this location today.

After a moment of waiting from his Knocking Fenn would call out in a bit of a gruff and dry voice “Hello is there anyone home, I smelt something cooking and I..... Well see my shipped wrecked because of the last storm that hit, and I just awoke on the beach not far from here, and I was wondering if you could help me with directions, or Maybe if we can work out some sort of barter for food and drink" Fenn stayed standing on the top step as he awaited someone to answer him.

At this time a woman would answer the door. and Fenn's dream would continue on to speak of odd things indeed, Kingdoms far away, of clashes and love, this seemed something out of one of his storybooks, Fenn really needed to stop reading those silly books, oh well, guess it is to late now, he would peacefully sleep, while the world around him twirled on.

It was a fictional story to help explain to kids the eight gates and their workings, but it was one Stein remembered reading over his brothers shoulder, Frank always strived to be the best he could be, but sadly Frank's dream was no more, Stein thought if maybe one day he should pick up Taijutsu and live out Frank's Dream.

The Flashback faded, that was 4 years ago at this point, now Stein had changed drasticly, he now had blonde hair, a great Sensei who was the Kage, and he had done so much, he was now more powerful then ever before.

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Please tell me you did not copy paste something from another site... IF so, please redo this. The wc requirement is 2,100 words.
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