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Fangs of Fenrir

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on Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:34 am
Name:Fangs of Fenrir
Type: Fusion Sword
Materials: Unobtanium
Visual Description:

As you can see this is a Six part blade, a Fusion Sword.

Main blade
The main blade, resembles an exaggerated two-handed sword in its shape and appearance, though Stein usually wields it with one hand, invariably his right one, despite its apparent size and weight. It consists of a long hilt wrapped in a red material, a distinctively large handguard which the other swords are locked into, a wide length of blade, and an equally long but thinner length ending in a point. The main blade is the only sword among the six that is double-sided.

The main blade has two forms. In the first, the appearance is as described above, with the blade one solid length of metal except for the transition between the wide and thin halves. In the second, the blade is pulled in two lengthwise; the edges are locked apart and the sword's complex inner portion is visible.

Endurance: 500
Ability: Major- Fusion Sword - This Sword gains ten in each stat for every Blade from the Fusion sword list added into it (meaning with five blades, thats 50 each totaling 100)
Cost: 8,500
Requirements:200 Strength
Hollow blade
The hollow blade does not have an inner core as expected for a sword. Rather, it is essentially (though not exactly) a thick sheet of metal folded in a V-shape when looked from above, the sword's edge being the bottom point of the "V", with its lower one-third of its length wrapping around a red double-hilt. The hollow blade is locked onto the main blade's front edge, where it snugly covers the entire edge of the main blade, and its own edge serves as the striking point for the assembled sword. It is this addition that turns the completed construct from a symmetric shape to the distinctive Buster Sword appearance.
Power: 500
Endurance: 500
Ability: Major- Fusion Sword- when added into the Main blade this blade grants it 50 Extra stats into each stat
Cost: 8500
Requirements: Main Blade
Back blades
The back blades are identical long swords, mirror images of each other, with one straight edge and one saw-toothed edge, with a long black hilt for each. The two swords are attached to the main blade's back, on both sides of the main blade's back edge, with the saw-teeth pointed forward toward the hollow blade. The addition of these two swords completes the fusion swords' trapezoidal silhouette.
Endurance: 800
Ability: Major- Fusion Sword- when added into the Main blade this blade grants it 50 Extra stats into each stat
Cost: 8,500 A piece (Up to Two)
Requirements: Main Blade
Side blades
The side blades are identical mirror image dagger-like swords, though they are long. They are single-edged, with a gear-like mechanism between the hilt and the blade that allows them to fold up like a switchblade. In the folded form the two side blades lock onto the two sides of the assembled sword, with their edges turned forward toward the main blade at the sword's front. One of the two blades can be quickly ejected from the assembly if needed.
Endurance: 200
Ability: Major- Fusion Sword- when added into the Main blade this blade grants it 50 Extra stats into each stat
Cost: 8500 a Piece Max 2
Requirements: Main Blade

8000 x 6 = 48,000 Ryo for the Abilities

8500 * 6 = 51,000 Ryo for the Weapons themselves, 2975 for Bukijutsu Bonus = 17,850

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on Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:21 pm
Added Abilities
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on Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:37 pm

Obviously, when they fuse, they add 100 total stats; and their power and endurance stats are temporarily ignored. Only the stats of the main blade exist.

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