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Weizhe the God Shirmp

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on Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:28 pm
Name: Weizhe
Rank: A
Type: Companion!
Element: N/A
Size:: 2 feet long, 8 inches tall, 25 pounds.
Handseals: No
A massive mantis shrimp who has escaped the confines of the sea, Weizhe is, by the standards of most terrestrial life, quite small. His body, entirely covered in a tough, chitinous carapace, is an assault of color, his flesh around his eyes a vibrant blue, his shell composed of green segments which tapper to blue fringes with occasional red spots, his many, many legs are a bright crimson, his eyes shine a bizarre blurry, grayish purple, and he possess two massive - compared to his body - fans on the side of his head which serve as false eyes.

At the fore of his body he sports two large, ball-like appendages which serve as fists through which he can launch blindingly quick and terrifyingly powerful blows and which can reach up to ten inches from his body. Nearer the center of his body he possesses two more similar claws, though these end instead  in a large claw, allowing him to grasp and manipulate objects, as well as pierce them.
Personality: Proud and feisty, Wei is quick to anger and swift in his judgments of others. He does not take kindly to insults, either real or perceived, and has no issue launching into a full blown verbal of physical fight when insulted. When he does eventually come to enjoy someone, he continues to insult them mercilessly, though he does harbor a deep love of his comrades and will rise to their defense at a moments notice.
Summon Abilities:
  • Exoskeleton Grants the crustacean an extra 50 endurance.

Starting Ryo: (Based off rank of summon)
Ninja Skills 3 unused

Taijutsu: 5 (Strength)
Bukijutsu: 5 (Endurance)
Medical Ninjutsu:


Strength: 260 (160+50+50)
Speed:450 (400+50)
Endurance: 242 (92+50+50+50)
Chakra: 495 (445+50)
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on Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:37 pm
Looks fine to me.
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