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Ramses "Gino" Kyoto

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on Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:48 pm

Name: Ramses "Gino" Kyoto
Nickname: Tailless Jinchuriki - 0 Tailed Beast
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Height: 5'4
Weight: 159 lbs

Ramses, although short, is very well built. He has a small frame, but is muscular due to his training. His hair is brown and shoulder length. Ramses hair is fashioned into dreadlocks. He has Amber toned eyes, with freckles scattered below his eyes and above his nose. His skin tone is a light brown, or tan in color. Ramses normally has a calm inexpressive demeanor. Various tattoos cover both of his arms.

On normal occasions Ramses wears relaxed clothing for the most part. He wears a baggy beige jacket with a hood. The sleeves cover up majority of his hands. The jacket itself has deep pockets, with a pocket on the inside of the jacket. Ramses also sports a pair of camouflage combat cargo shorts. He wears a black v neck shirt, and black compression pants that cover his knees. He wears classic black shinobu I sandals. Ramses has two blade holsters on his waist. One on each side of his body.

Depending on the mission he is given, Ramses changes his outfit only slightly. His jacket becomes black in color, but retains its other characteristics. He keeps the jacket zipped up; while zipped up it covers the bottom half of his face. Ramses keeps his hood on his head and covers his face with a jackal themed mask. He wears black combat cargo shorts, but keeps his compression pants and shinobi sandals.

Land: Oashisugakure
Character Rank: D
Clan: Kyoto
Element: N/A


Ramses preaches individualism to everyone he meets. He believes in believing in ones self first and foremost. Ramses thinks one must first love them self or no one will. He lives on that basic principle. Self promotion; you shouldn't try to be something for someone else and that you should always stay true to who you are. These things all attribute to his individualist nature.

Ramses is truly strong minded; meaning he will never back down in what he believes in. He never backs down from any challenge and refuses to waver. This personality trait can even become over bearing at times, but Ramses has learned to compromise when it is needed.

Ramses loves women and feels they are gods gift to the world. He will never miss out on a opportunity to tell a woman this either. Various people he knows  often scold him for being flirtatious with women. He's even been seen with various woman. Even though he's had various women Ramses is a gentleman and treats them all with respect.

Ramses is a lazy bum. At least now he is. The only time he will get up and do something is when he feels it is absolutely necessary. He has missed many meetings. Most of which were important. Evens when he was called several times; he would never appear. He just feels that most things are trivial, especially if it's not about furthering his goals or helping someone he considers a friend or comrade. He'd rather lay/sit around all day. Ramses loves taking naps and is cranky if he doesn't at least get one a day.

He doesn't bite his tongue for anyone. Ramses constantly speaks his mind. This makes him come off as a asshole or rude, but he truly doesn't mean to give off that impression. He has a answer for everything even if it is the wrong answer. Ramses also won't miss the chance to poke fun at someone; even if he is in the middle of a battle. He doesn't care if it offends someone or not.

Character History:

One could call the circumstances of Gino's birth special. He was born during a solar eclipse on the first day of the first month. He was pronounced dead when he was born, but only minutes after the diagnosis he began showing signs of life. Just as he did the eclipse ended. Of course his parents were relieved. That was the only glimpse of anything that made Ramses special.

Well until he began getting older. Ramses started talking at 2 and walking in the same year. After that his growth wasn't to spectacular. He was born into the Kyoto clan, however both of his parents respectively specialized in a single form of the clans KKG. His mother Titus, used Dust release. While his Father Natalia, used Swift release. They each wanted him to have their specific style, but in the end Ramses became more adept to using Swift release.

Ramses showed his true genius when he was still young. One day he went out to play with some of his cousins. The oldest of the group of 5 was 10; the youngest being 6. Ramses was that 6 year old. There were neighborhood bullies who used to terrorize them; on this particular day something inside the adolescent Ramses snapped. In defending himself and his family Ramses sent the boys who bullied them to the hospital. All in attendance could only say that one minute they were being pushed around and in the next moment the bullies were scattered on the ground.

Ramses used swift release to attack the boys before they even had a chance to defend themselves. He used what Taijutsu he had learned from watching others and dealt devastating blows to the bullies. Immediately his parents began teaching him the proper ways to fight. Much to their surprise Ramses was extremely adept in learning Taijutsu. By the time he was 10 Ramses was sparring older members of the clan. If he didn't win he'd at least give them a good run for their money.

Eventually Ramses transitioned to weaponry. Just like when he was learning Taijutsu; he excelled. Whatever weapon he was given Ramses seemed to almost master it. However, his weapons of choice always ended up being dual kukri blades. During his training Ramses was enrolled into the Academy. He showed his skill in close range combat and mixed with his swift release; Ramses was a force of Nauture. He breezed through the academy, but it became boring. He slacked off to the point where he graduated at the dead center of his class. After that Ramses began going out and doing things that excited him; his life of learning and training caught up with him and made many things boring. He currently is searching for his purpose, or rather something that would bring him constant excitement.

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on Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:52 pm
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