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Four Horseman Project

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on Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:19 pm
Mission Name: Reaper Initiate
Rank: C
Type: CD
Client: Mujin Jashin
Exp/Ryo Reward: normal
Mission Description: Upon the wall being scaled and Abaraxus being attacked albeit by wimpy people the nation still saw it fit too train the next generation of warriors who outshined the rest. The first chosen was Mujin Jashin a C-Rank shinobi possesing S-Rank Sensor skills all five releases and a high aptitude for genjustu, Seeing his destructive might they gave him clearence too find three more students no matter there rank, then those students would became known as the Reapers. Essentially this is a top secret project. This mission covers the meeting of the potential members and the gaining of their codenames for future missions involving the Reaper project.

Location: Abaraxus
Additional Information: This mission will span into a mini plot for abaraxus
Eligible Members: Any

Mission Name: Reaper Birth
Rank: S
Type: CD
Client: Abaraxus
Exp/Ryo Reward: normal
Mission Description: With each member of the reapers found they begin their trainings each taking up bukijustu if they were not already masters at such a skill each would need too excell at it, after awhile of gauging each of the Reapers power the nation decides to unleash the group on their own nation in a attemtp too test their power. The mission was simple kill 30 genin throughout the village or die trying.  Likewise each member was told while away from the others that if they see a member being beaten to kill them there selves.

Location: Abaraxus
Additional Information: This mission will span into a mini plot for abaraxus
Eligible Members:
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