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God King Vaughn Uzumaki

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on Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:55 pm

Name: Vaughn Uzumaki
Nickname: God King Vaughn Uzumaki(he insists on this title!)
Age: 42
Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245 lb OF PURE MUSCLES!!!!!!!
Appearance: Vaughn Uzumaki, his name meaning royal, and his nick name mirroring the sentiment, are very much in line with the way that he dresses and carries himself in day to day life.

He was very tall, and very broad as well. Standing at six feet and four inches he towered over most other men and all other women whom he had ever come into contact with. His body was also very well built. He was ripped from his broad shoulders to his fantastic calves and ankles. Decades of training in the wilderness had made him the power house that he is today.

His natural features were much more fine. Before all of the training, and much further back in his youth, some people even suggested that he looked effeminate. His hair was very long, going almost all the way down his back and was that length in all directions. It was also a beautiful blood red, just as an Uzumaki leader should have. What was very unlike most proper Uzumaki leaders, is that his eyes were the same color. He was also incapable of growing any more facial hair than a little red triangle on the chin.

His time among the beasts of the earth may have shaped his body, but surely his clothing and styles were based in his royal lineage. He wore the highest forms of fashion, or military attire, at all times. Nothing in between these two extremes were allowed to be on his person at any time. He did not even wear pajamas or any kind of a bath robe. If it came down to those situations he would rather be nude than wear something comfortable. His favorite outfit was a black uniform with golden buttons, and of course they were the real precious mineral not just the color! The opening part of the jacket was entirely rimmed in a perfectly regal color of gold. The cuffs of the sleeves were white and frilly. His pants were the same color of black, but entirely devoid of gold die at the bottoms of the legs. A man was not to draw attention to that region, the ankles. However with more gold buttons and only a thin, black, leather belt, he drew a good deal of attention to the crotch of his pants and to his pockets. Both were very full. He also wore thick, black gloves. He had very high boots. They were black leather with golden buckles.

This outfit looked very classy, and also did a very good job of what he needed it to do when he had it designed just before his return to the village. It hid most of his scars. The only skin that showed was his face and neck, but half of that was hidden too by a white piece of cloth with a cross on it. This was to hide what had happened there. He was missing one eye, and his face had been shredded by a wild animal. This was hidden in the name of not seeming non-majestic. He also had a huge bite mark on his shoulder, several gashes on his arms, and enormous claw marks down his abdomen. There is also a large burn mark on his right leg.

Land: Carp
Character Rank: S
Clan: Uzumaki
Element: N/A

Personality: Vaughn Uzumaki, though he may seem intimidating at first, is a very reasonable person who likes almost everybody and every thing that he comes across, and he as come across a great many things. Though his wide smile may seem wicked, he really does have the best of intentions.

His love of people can make him seem even more intimidating than he already does, which is a very sad fact in his life. He likes to go up and hug people that he does not know just because he is so very excited to be getting to meet them, or just to get to have seen another person. Due to his domineering size and wicked grin this is often taken as some sort of an attack, and he is used to this. Due to this is he rarely reacts in violence until a person has shown explicitly that they are attacking him out of something but fear. The love of animals can make him seem very intimidating as well. He loves all things from moths to bears, and will quickly make friends out of them. He has often been seen playing with vicious carnivores, and feeding insects and spiders that he finds along his way. Due to this he is often followed around by animals because of the strong trust bonds he forms with all living creatures.

The list of things that he likes could go on for several hours, but here are the highlights. He enjoys people, new or old, even those who have tried to harm him in the past are welcomed friends if they promise to have reformed or if the circumstances have changed to where they are no longer on opposing sides. He likes animals, especially the fluffy ones, and after he gets a firm hold on them and shows that he does not intend to hurt them, they usually decide to like him too! He also enjoys a pack of smokes on a rainy day, a well made tool or piece of art, and a crowd to please. He dislikes overly sweet tea, harming things, and hatred.
Character History:

From early childhood to seventeen years old.

Vaughn Uzumaki was born into a loving, though deeply eccentric even for the local religion, family within the main bloodline of the clan. Both of his parents were regular civilians who did not engage in combat their entire lives. His father was a carpenter, an artist on the side, and a general lover of all works of art. His mother had gone through the training necessary to become a ninja, but instead she used her chakra for bigger better things. She formed the first every veterinary clinic. Both raised him with their loving outlook on life, are still alive today(though are now in their late sixties), and take to gardening and taking care of any animals that they find near their home in need of a bowl of food or just a warm place to stay a night or two.

His grandparents on his mother's side were hard line fanatics about the religion of the Shinigami. They believed firmly that one of the children to be born would be the savior, and possibly even an avatar of the gods of death, their physical form on Earth from which to rule all that they could see. This was obviously not the case, but it managed to throw his childhood into complete chaos anyway! He was stolen away one night by his grandfather who had been a great ninja of his time, and brought to a room with his grandmother. Here they told him the story of what they believed that he was, and what they believed that it meant that he had to do. His grandmother was known around the village as a psychic of sorts, and probably even the real deal, or at least as close as anybody was going to get any time soon. This, sadly, led Vaughn and even his parents when they would hear about it the next morning to trust what she was saying without question. This was definitely an over step of respecting ones elders.

She held him close and told him that he was the chosen one, the savior, the vessel through which one of the gods of death would come to this earth and move all things that were not meant to be and set right all of those who opposed the beautiful Uzumaki clan, which of course meant setting them right into the dirt and then waiting for somebody to put up a grave stone. He was only eleven at the time, and had never had any real challenges, but due to how he was raised he was very willing to try anything to please somebody, and being a god sounded like it would please a lot of people! She told him that in thirty years a great calamity would strike the Earth, and it would split the Uzumaki clan and all of those who were wise enough to follow their lead into nothingness. They would go from a Kingdom to a bunch of heathens huddled around a flame begging it to make the cold inside vanish. She said that he would not possibly be strong enough to stop it, but that if he spent three decades of his life training that he would be strong enough to fix it when he got back.

On his adventures he met many a great people. One of the first people he met was a strange man who owned a shop where he did beautiful works of art made out of wood. He made clogs, puppets, clocks, furniture, bird houses, toys for children and every other thing of wood that Vaughn could possibly have imagined. His father had made similar things, but not to such perfection! The man asked if Vaughn was lost, and he shook his head no, and then told the man that he was sent on a quest to be a hero! The man chuckled, thinking that this was a child with a fantasy like every other, and then asked him if he had a sidekick for all of his exploits, and he shook his head no again. And then the old man asked him to wait, walked back into his shop, and brought him a toy. It was a little wooden puppet.

It was painted to have a natural skin tone. It had a little brown button for a nose, and black buttons for eyes. It had fluffy, black fur from some animal as its hair on the top of its head, with a little, thin, black, curly mustache painted on. It wore a little, dark green military uniform complete with boots, a removable jacket, and a hat. It even had a little wooden sword strapped to its side on a real leather belt. The boy said that he had no money, and the old man just waved his hand and told him that every hero needed a side kick, so it would be cruel to expect money from him. So he went on then, with his side kick.

He and his side kick traveled side by side all of those years, and met many wonderful people. One of whom was a strange man who also sold things, but these were not play things, and only the cheapest of them were made from wood. He had red eyes, like Vaughn's, but also very different from the eyes that Vaughn had. They had two little black dots with tails in them! He asked Vaughn what he and his puppet were up to, and Vaughn told him that they were working to be the greatest ninjas together! He smiled and told the boy and his puppet all about how he had once had the same dream, and invited him in to talk shop. Vaughn did not own a shop, but was glad to talk about ninja stuff with him!

In the back of the shop there was a large building with walls made out of sturdy bamboo that seemed to still be growing and a trap tied to the tops of each pole to make a sturdy roof. As they entered there was a wide variety of weapons, scrolls, puppets, posters on human anatomy, and other things that Vaughn would not even have been able to think up a name for if he tried.

The man pulled out a pack of cigarettes, smoked one, and smiled from ear to ear. He told Vaughn that this was he and his wife's happy place, where the whole world stood still as they grew taller. The man asked Vaughn to show him something that he knew how to do as a ninja, and he pulled out a scroll and unsealed a kunai. The man gave him a clap and then something magical happened. Vaughn's little puppet started to clap too! But he was holding the strings, so how was that possible? It was like he had come to life just like in a story book! He looked closely and saw glowing blue strings, even more thin than fishing wire, so thin that he was only half sure that he was not imagining them. He followed them back and realized that the black and red eyed man had been moving his puppet with strings made out of chakra! Or magic! Either way it was a trick he wanted to learn!

Vaughn asked to be taught and the man pointed to a curtain and said that the most beautiful woman in the world be the one to teach him that trick, because she could move things far greater than a little wooden puppet. His wife walked from the other side of a curtain in the back corner, stretching and yawning, but looking so pleased to have company and so generally serene. She had flowing brown hair going all the way down her back, and soft, pale skin. Behind her was an enormous iron bear. Vaughn asked her how she even fit it in that small space behind the curtain and she smiled and told him that it was a secret. He asked no more, because he felt like he had walked into an area of the world that though small, was so much greater than himself. Were these strange people really two married shinobi, or a couple of wizards who had wondered into this world from the next?

He stayed with them for six years, and learned many things about them. They were indeed not wizards, but just very well respected shinobi from their respective lands. Vincent Uchiha was a powerful warrior, and had once lead a great army of people who he told Vaughn all had eyes just like his, and some had even better ones that could do things like summon immortal fires, create giant warriors, or even alter time and space!

She was Valerie Senju, a woman who protected the lands that here people hailed from from the outsiders who wished to taint it or to steal the powers of her people. She said that the trees and nature itself bent to their wills, and that they healed just as quickly as they were injured, and when he heard the second part he shouted that he could do the same, that he was an Uzumaki! Both chuckled and told him that they had guessed, and pointed to his black outfit and his red hair.

They also taught him many things about what it meant to be a ninja. Vincent taught him how to be a nimble fighter, and how to use many weapons. His favorite was something called a hook sword, because he could use it without harming his opponent, but could also finish them off with it if they were going to be a future hindrance to him or anybody he held dear. One day in particular Vincent pulled out a katana and was teaching Vaughn some killing strikes, places to cut on the body to cause a death of any speed he preferred, but Vaughn shouted at him that killing was evil! Vincent stomped out the cigarette that he was smoking even though it had more than half left of it, and then bent down on one knee and put a hand on Vaughn's shoulder. His hand was rough, and full of callouses, but still very warm and comforting. He said to Vaughn in a gravely voice, "You are a great kid, pure of heart, but sadly the rest of the world cannot be like you. There will come a time in your life when you will have to kill to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. How quickly you jump to that solution, and how you react when it really is that time, those are how we know what kind of a man you are." Vaughn just looked down and shook his head, to hide his tears at the idea of taking the life of another living breathing human being.

Valerie taught him softer arts. She taught him how to control puppets without using strings, and how to more properly harness his Fuuinjutsu skills as a proper Uzumaki. She told him that one day if he got strong enough that he would even be able to move her big, iron bear, who he now knew was named Baloo! Sadly, that day never came.

One day while they were all relaxing after a hard day of training in the dojo, a man with glowing red eyes, similar to those that Vincent had, but they did not have dots, but a weird pattern in them, walked through the door of the shop. At first Vaughn was excited and turned around to ask Vincent if this was one of the men who had been in his army, but when he turned back he saw that Vincent had already gone running for the dojo, and then he felt Valerie's hands snatch him up and drag him along to follow them as they ran. She was so much stronger than he could ever have imagined.

Valerie and Vincent ran with him to the back of the dojo, near the curtain in the back corner that he had still never seen behind. As they ran through the door way Valerie did something strange with her hands and suddenly the bamboo that held up the structure was wrapping itself around the man, and he seemed to be trapped. She even wrapped it around his face, but then Vaughn was filled with a sense of unshakable dread. Uzumaki were great at sensing chakra, and he sensed something more malevolent than he had felt in his entire life coming from that man.

A bright, violet flame erupted out from him, and then it encased his body and even began to solidify. Soon the bamboo that had covered him was reduced to ash, and so was what little remained of the roof on what was once his home. There was now a great warrior wrapped in a mighty, flaming warrior. It held a great sword that came down, landing between Valerie and Vincent, missing Vaughn only by inches. "Father," the evil man with the evil eyes shouted, "How could you leave the clan, to which you swore obedience, for this woodland whore?!?!" Just then wooden spikes came up from the ground and pierced through the bottoms of his feet, and the pain seemed to cause the jutsu to dissipate completely. "Don't you dare fucking tell me," he said in a voice full of rage, "you made some half breed scum I am going to have to call brother!" The eyes flashed again and he felt a burning sensation on his right calf, he had been wearing shorts that day. He shouted in pain and then was given something to distract him.

From behind the curtain came ten puppets. One was Baloo, and the other nine looked like humans. One turned back to look at him, and then the fire on his leg that had already done some very real damage to the skin, was gone. Each of them attacked with the ferocity of a real human being, using high powered Jutsu just like a real ninja would, and he was quickly subdued in a hold by the ten of them, with two holding each limb, the bear standing on top of him, and another forcing his eyes shut. Vincent told Vaughn to run as far as he could, because things would soon become very dangerous.

He ran for a long time, and then stopped. When he came back he found that his home had been reduced to rubble, his family was no where to be found, and he was all alone again. He searched and searched for one of the few things that he never thought he would ever need again, until he found his little puppet. He held on tight to his side kick, and wept. He then felt a familiar hand on his shoulder and looked back to see Vincent. He said, "Keep your chin up little soldier, and don't let this taint you. Always remember, the mark of a man!" and with that, he vanished into a cloud of smoke, never to be seen again.

Late Teens Through Forty

Vaughn Uzumaki had seen so much pain at the hands of his fellow human, that he did not want to see any for quite a long while. He retreated into the woods, and lived with the beasts. He was attacked several times, by several different creatures, and at first he would use his two hook swords to defend himself from the beasts who were much larger than himself. He would never kill any of them, but it was more than enough to redirect their motions and protect him from severe injury.

One day, when he was around the age of twenty seven, a bear came after him while he was eating some berries that it had apparently laid prior claim on. He lifted up his hook swords but the bear batted them away, sending them flying into a local stream and then down a water fall, to be bent up and rusted. She then took a swipe at his arms, and then grabbed him and crunched down into his shoulder.  

That is when he saw it. In her side there was a wound just spewing out precious blood. It was so close to her vitals that he was sure that she was going to die soon. He poured out his chakra into her mouth, and pet her head with his hands, whispering into her ears that it was all going to be ok. He felt like he was going to pass soon himself if he kept losing so much blood and so much chakra, but then she let go, licked his wounds a little until she felt that she had properly paid her dues for him healing her, and then ran off into the woods.

He walked to the stream and cleaned out his wounds, feeling very light headed, and was lucky enough to grab hold of a dead fish. He bit into it and it was foul, but he could no longer care about that. He had given almost every drop of his precious life force over to that hulking beast, why? Just because she needed it more than he did, and he would never regret this. But this? First of all he was a vegetarian, but it had died of natural causes so this did not too badly offend him, but he was a king eating a dead fish. How much lower could it get?

He spent several more years living off of the land, eating the fruits and vegetables that it bore him, bathing in the streams, and one day he even found his hook swords, bent and rusted all to hell. He kept them, but they never served much of a purpose anymore. He kept them in his little hand built shack with his puppet.

One day, feeling like he would soon be driven to madness by his solitude, he took some fabrics, found a dead deer that he skinned with a kunai, and built himself some mediocre coverings, just enough to keep himself modest and hide all of his scars, and walked to the nearest town. Here he found a newspaper with the date. It had already been thirty years.

He went back to the land of the Uzumaki, the great Kingdom where he had hailed from, and found the family who had bore him. Even his grandfather was still alive. He was embraced, given new clothing and allowed to look as regal as he so obviously deserved to, and he was going to be the King once more. His family insisted to him that he was the king, that he was the one now the strongest Uzumaki in all of the Kingdom, and that the mantel of clan head was now his to take on. He accepted not knowing completely what this meant, and then took him down to the basement. It was enormous, definitely larger than the actual house, possibly the size of an entire compound. There was a large scroll that he was brought to, and his grandfather placed his hand on it. Both of his parents started to weep loudly.

Before he had any idea what was going on it was too late. A massive beast with nine whipping tails was released from the scroll, and he was about to fight it, but he was not given the chance to. His grandfather got behind him, and then he saw the best get drawn into his abdomen, and when he looked behind him he saw that his grandfather had died. Now he was the clan head, and would have to live for the rest of his life knowing that the shinigami had placed in his body a wicked demon.
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