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Jisatsu Medical Arsenal

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on Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:29 pm
Advanced Chakra Scalpel (Rought Draft)
Freedom- The First stage of Jisatsu advanced Chakra Scalpel technique is the ability to change his scalpel from a scalpel to a saw to needles. This allows him the ability to perform all that is needed in a surgery. The Saw form of his blade allows him the ability to cut through the bone of his intended target by grasping the target intended bone sending the chakra through the body grinding away at the bone slicing it cleanly in half leaving no time to even know it's broken. The needle form of his blade creates  a syringe that allows him to inject poisons or anesthesia. 

Flight- the second stage of the technique allows the scalpels and needles the ability to leave from the grasp of the users. if the scalpels are expelled from the hand they will only leave wounds on the outside but each blade and needles are razor sharp able to pierce steel. The syringe is able to inject his intended target from a distance.

Destruction- The third stage takes the First and second forms principles and expels the chakra saw from his hand and creates a giant scythe with the same principles as his saw. Once the blade is complete it creates a giant blue scythe made of  complete chakra. The blade of the scythe is able to slice through some of the toughest defenses. But to create the weapon he must expel a lot of chakra while keeping it under perfect control to keep the blade steady.
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