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Clan Compound System

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on Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:15 pm
Clan Compound


On Shinobi Fables Untold we use a system known as Compound Perk system. This system is used to strengthen one's clan and land through a variety of perks that your clan leader can purchase. Each clan has its own update section on the forum, that is where the clan leader can and eventually must post their clan's update sheet. This update sheet will contain a list of perks that clan already has, as well as the amount of Ryo  that clan has. These perks can be purchased with Ryo which the clan gains through the clan members of said clan doing missions.

  • Only a clan leader can do these updates and make purchases with this system. In the event that a clan leader has been offline for 2 weeks+ or has been using the system in an unfit way (for his or her own advantage) or the Clan Leader hasn't done any updates/very necessary purchases and has the funds - Then the Highest ranked member of said clan can request permission from an admin to do the updates or purchases.
  • The updates must be done weekly, only counting the Ryo gained from missions within that week.
  • The leader can use said Ryo , however at own risk. Clan Members have every right to challenge their clan leader, no matter the rank, if they deem the clan leader unfit for the job. Using Ryo for your own use will require the clean members to find out ICly themselves about your corruption.  These kinds of situations will be heavily monitored. Staff reserve the right to withdraw these automated knowledge of "corruption" from any and all clan members if they find the situation to be fair.

All Clans have a rating known as CI (Clan Influence) , which is a calculated value of how powerful and influential said clan is within their particular country or land. This statistic is derived from several different variables, influenced heavily by the number of Player characters in the Clan, and their individual power levels. The formula for CI is calculated as follows, with each Player being worth 10 points before Rank Modifier:

CI = 100 x [10 x (Rank Modifier added)] + Upgrade Bonus | This formula should be used for each Player Character in a clan within a certain territory

Rank Modifiers:
E-Rank (x1)
D-Rank (x2)
C-Rank (x3)
B-Rank (x4)
A-Rank (x5)
S-Rank (x6)
Shuchō (leader) (x7)

This number is calculated only when a new member joins the clan, it does not get recalculated when someone ranks up.
Example: Clans starts up - Senju - Has 5 members, Leader, 1 A rank, and 3 D ranks. So we get

CI = {100 x [10 x (6+5+6 = 17)]} + Upgrade Bonus = 17,000

Lets say someone joins 1 month later - D rank add twenty points. (10 X 2)

Upgrade bonus is added when someone ranks up, and is as follows.

E-D rank - 50 Points
D-C rank - 200 Points
C-B Rank - 500 Points
B-A Rank - 1,200 Points
A-S Rank - 2,500 Points

This rating is used to determine upgrades to be purchased, and can be further modified via the purchase of various upgrades which can be acquired via the Resource Pool. This Pool is a bank contributed to by the members of the clan as they earn Resource Points for completing missions.

Doing Missions earns the clan a Resource Pool on top of the standard CI bonus. CI bonus is calculated just once when a new member joins the clan, while the Resource Pool grows with each successful mission the clan member does.

Mission Rewards - Take Reward Payout and multiple, to figure out Resource Points

D Rankx2
C Rankx3
B Rankx4
A Rankx5
S Rank
Plot/Event Bonusx10

Question: Aren't resource points just ryo?
Answer: Yes, they are, but there is a calculation for turn them into regular "ryo" you can spend on weapons, or jutsus. The ratio is 3 to 1. So for every 3 Resource Points it equals 1 Ryo. As an example 20,000/3: 6,666 Ryo. Experience points is also taken into consideration now. Those gained from missions and events. It carries the same 3:1 ratio.

Gifting Ryo from Clan Treasury: Gifting Ryo while allowed has certain components to it. Those that are designed to prevent the system from being abused. Here are a few rules/guidelines to follow.

  • Can only Gift Ryo Twice a Month
  • Must apply the 3:1 rule when calculating Ryo
  • No more than 15,000 Ryo can be gifted to each member at a time.
  • For monitoring purposes, please include dates when you gift Ryo in a month.
  • Experience points may also be converted into Ryo. Must follow the 3:1 rule when calculating.
  • If there is seen to be no investment in your clan, and instead Ryo gifting, it will be denied and taken away.

Purchasable Upgrades: (Do not contribute towards CI)

  • House - 15,000 Points - Purchase a house that hold's 4 NPC Troops.
  • Lair Housing - 30,000 Points - Purchase additional housing in your compound to hold NPC's, can hold 8 Troops.
  • Additional Housing - 25,000 Points - Upgrade your Lair to hold additional troops, can now hold a total of 12 Troops. (Can be bought additional times, for an amount of 4 troops each purchase)
  • Create a Village - 100,000 Points - You create your own village, named w/e you want, this village is similar to minor nations in the canon Naruto.
  • Purchase Land - 250,000 Points - You can purchase a minor nation for your clan, effective becoming Damiyo and take over. Your village becomes like a major nation in the canon Naruto


  • To rebuild a destroyed gate/Walls or both, the cost is Twice the amount it cost to purchase them.
  • To rebuild your clan compound completely when destroyed, you must buy back the land/territory. This cost 300,000 Points.  
  • All other buildings must be bought as new once again as 1.5 more than their original cost.

Clan Techniques

If your character (after creation) has joined a clan, they will only gain techniques bought after they joined and not one bought before he/she joined the village.
If your character joins another village then they will no longer gain any more techniques bought by their previous village, they will however keep the ones they gained while being in said village.
The case can also vary from character to character and thus the staff reserve the right to deny you any gain of a technique if the situation deems it so. Such cases will be moderated by Admins only, any verdict made by a staff member who is not an Admin or higher will be void in these cases.
Your character may have the technique given by your village however if you do not have the necessary requirements to use it then it will be locked until you meet the requirements.
These techniques can be canon or custom, however if canon then it may not be from the limited list, if custom then you need the approval of the technique's creator.

  • First Technique: This technique  can only range from E-C ranked techniques.
    Price: 1000 Points

  • Second Technique: This technique's rank may be anything from E-B ranked.
    Price: 2000 Points

  • Third Technique: This technique's rank may be anything from E-A ranked.
    Price: 3000 Points

  • Fourth Technique: This technique's rank may be anything from E-S ranked.
    Price: 5000 Points

  • Fifth Technique: This technique's rank may be anything from E-S ranked.
    Price: 6000 Points

Training Grounds

  • Hill (1):Anyone training in the training ground can receive a benefit. Word Count Reduction for Training is 10%  Price: 9,000 Points
  • Field (2):Anyone training in the training ground can receive a benefit. Word Count Reduction for Training is 15%  Price: 12,000 Points
  • Arena (3):Anyone training in the training ground can receive a benefit. Word Count Reduction for Training is 20%. Any Contests/Tournaments/Exams held in the Area give those preforming an additional +50 Exp (from this clan)  Price: 15,000 Points
  • Stadium (4):Anyone training in the training ground can receive a benefit. Word Count Reduction for Training is 30%. Any Contests/Tournaments/Exams held in the Area give those preforming an additional +75 Exp (from this clan)  Price: 18,000 Points
  • Academy (5):Anyone training in the training ground can receive a benefit. Word Count Reduction for Training is 40%. Any Contests/Tournaments/Exams held in the Area give those preforming (from this clan) an additional +100 Exp  Price: 20,000 Points


  • Wall (1):Basic Wall Surrounding the village, has a Durability of 100 Price: 5,000
  • Large Wall (2):A Large Wall Surrounding your village, has a Durability of 200  Price: 7,000 Points
  • Large Wall and Standard Gate (3):A Large Wall (Same as level 2) and a Standard Gate for your village, the Gate is the only Gate in the village, Gate closes at a speed of 100 with a Durability of 300  Price: 10,000 Points
  • Huge Wall and Custom Gate (4):A Huge Wall Surrounding your clan, coated with a special jutsu that makes climbing it impossible, only flying over is an option (Bijuu sized creatures can jump over). Walls Durability is 300, the Gate is custom made, closing at a speed of 250, and with a durability of 400  Price: 15,000 Points
  • Massive Wall and Perfect Singular Gate (5):The Best money can buy. The Wall is massive, no creature can jump over it, flying over or entering through the gate. The Wall is coated with a special chakra, making it unable to be climbed. The Wall has a durability of 700, and reduces all incoming jutsu (aimed at the wall) by 200 power. The Gate closes at a speed of 300, has a durability of 500, and can reflect up to 2 A rank jutsu at a time right back at the attackers. Price: 30,000 Points

Sensory Barrier

This barrier is placed around your village and allows your sensory squad to monitor your village and it's surroundings.

  • Sensory Barrier(1): This barrier is weak and only allows your sensory squad to notice a foreign chakra signature that is not being hidden in some way and only if this chakra signature has more than 400 Chakra. Sensory range is everywhere within the village up to and ending at the walls.
    Price: 4,000 Points

  • Sensory Barrier(2): This barrier is strong enough to reach up to 100 meters outside the village walls. It can sense chakra signatures with 350 Chakra or more that are not being hidden in some way.
    Price: 6000 Points

  • Sensory Barrier(3): This barrier is strong enough to reach up to 200 meters outside the village walls. It can sense chakra signatures with 250 Chakra or more as well as sense through any means of Chakra Suppression methods that are B rank and lower.
    Price: 8000 Points

  • Sensory Barrier(4): This barrier is strong enough to reach up to 300 meters outside the village walls. It can sense chakra signatures with 150 Chakra or more as well as sense through any means of Chakra Suppression methods that are A rank and lower.
    Price: 10000 Points

  • Sensory Barrier(5): This barrier is strong enough to reach up to 400 meters outside the village walls. It can sense chakra signatures of any amount as well as sense through any means of Chakra Suppression methods of any rank, however not two S rank methods stacked on top of each other until the target enters the village.
    Price: 12000 Points


  • Merchant (1):A local merchant occasionally stops by, selling basic tools and weapons at a 5% discount. His taxes pay around 500 Ryo per month to the clan.  Price: 3,000 Points
  • Local Stall (2):Setting up a stall, selling basic tools and weapons at a 10% discount, his taxes pay around 800 Ryo a week to the clan.  Price: 5,000 Points
  • Shop (3):An actual blacksmith has come to town, ready to set up shop and sell his wears. He can make up to B rank weapons (no abilities) at a 15% discount; his taxes pay around 1,000 Ryo a week to the clan.  Price: 7,000 Points
  • Factory (4):Several smiths create weapons specifically for the village, selling up to A rank weapons with minor abilities at 20% discount, the factories taxes pay around 1,500 Ryo a week to the village  Price: 10,000 Points
  • Foundry (5):The cities first real industry is smiting, they sell up to A rank weapons with major abilities at a 30% discount, the foundry taxes pay around 2,000 Ryo a week to the village Price: 15,000 Points

Hospital/Medical Center

  • Medic's Tent→Can Purchase a medic's tent. You can visit here to heal minor wounds, or recover from fatigue within 4 posts. Cost 6,000 Ryo

  • Medical Center→ Here you can recover from battle injuries, that are none life threatening. Cannot perform any complicated procedures here. At most, an NPC will be in charge of the medical center. Her name is nurse joy, however she cannot perform DNA transplants etc. A playable character with medical skills can of course be in charge of the medical center. Can heal wounds in 2 posts. The Medical Center is a basic building. That is fifteen meters high and twenty five meters in width. Cost 15,000 Ryo.

  • Hospital→ This can only be bought if your compound was upgraded to become a village. The hospital is of course far more sophisticated. Here, you may be healed from afflictions such as poisons A-rank and below. Life threatening wounds may also be healed, although at minimum, it takes 2 post to stabilize someone and another post to properly heal. Poisons will vary between 3-5 posts depending on its rank. D-B rank takes 3 posts and A-rank will take up to 5 posts. Note: The rules on healing poisons are subject to change. Gain 25% discount on medical Jutsu purchases, both canon and custom. The Hospital is of course a multistory building, three times as large as the medical center.  Cost 30,000 Ryo.

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on Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:16 pm
Organization Rules

  • Must have at least four (4) members to start an Organization. Each must be met in a topic discussing the formation of the group before it can be recognized as an actual Organization and an Update applied for.
  • Bases/Headquarters are subject to the mercy of the Leader of the Land in which they are placed, thus approval from the Leader is needed to establish it otherwise it and its members are subject to being Invaded/Ransacked/Destroyed.
  • Members of the Organization are not forced to be removed from their respective clans, but must choose which Update sheet to receive an Update Bonus from: Either their Clan or the Organization. Your character will not receive from both and any abuse of this will exempt the member from receiving a bonus from either.
  • Joining an Organization, puts you at risk of being deemed a Nukenin onto your clan. Which means you may be hunted down as Nukenin's usually area.
  • Be sensible about when you create an Organization and recruit others. Meaning, utilize IC situations, as opposed to OCC influences etc.

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Ootsutsuki Clan Leader
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on Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:30 am
A bank is a secure location within the village that allows ninja to store their precious items, ryo and such. Keeping it safe, and allowing them to preform transactions within the village that cost ryo, without having to carry such things around. A Bank however, is secure on in of itself, that means should someone rob a village, they could potentially gain a large amount of ryo, and the village members could lose it. The positive side to the bank is, if a ninja goes to war and dies, all of his ryo is safely stored in the bank, so a rogue fillbuster cannot take it.

  • ATM(1):A basic ATM style window, one older lady that handles the money and gives out passbooks. Nothing special, just a place to store moneyPrice: 6,000 Points
  • Location in a building(2):A actual location, usually in a run of the mill building, has a teller there and handles money. Once a month the bank pays 5% interest on amounts stored there. (Ryo not RP) Price: 10,000 Points
  • Bank (3):A actual building, specific for the bank, with a full staff to handle transactions, and generally keep an eye on things. Once a month the bank pays 10% interest on amounts stored there. Price: 18,000 Points
  • Bank with Guard (4):A guard was hired, by the bank, not the village. However since everyone lives in the village, many know the guard. He is a C rank NPC with no clan, (and no elements, but does not get the bonuses) to be created by the village head. He works for the bank, and does nothing to help the village. Bank also pays 15% interest on amounts stored there once a month. Price: 24,000 Points
  • Bank with Guard and Vault (5):The bank has upgraded security, the guard is now B rank (same as before) and works entirely for the banks security. A vault has also been installed, with a special S rank fuuinjutsu trap (to be created and approved once). Once a month, 20% interest is paid on balances there. Price: 35,000 Points

Market Place
The market is usually a caravan or meeting ground for traders, merchants and the like. It has its own separate district, and is a place of food and merriment, if not constant yelling of "for sale for sale"
Amounts do not stack, so A bazaar only gives 800, not each set

  • Farmers market(1):Local market selling produce and various household necessities, like soap, oils, candles etc etc. The Farmers market only happens once a week, so dues aren’t collect but once a month, earns the village 500 Ryo once a month. Price: 4,000 Points
  • Street Market(2):A weekly street market in the village, selling not just household food, but various other commodities. Earns the village a weekly stipend of 200 Ryo. Gives a discount of 5% for non-blacksmithing items up to C rank (Minor abilities). Price: 9,000 Points
  • Open Air Market (3):A huge market, open daily, selling almost anything imaginable there. Earning the village a tidy sum of 500 Ryo a week. Gives a 10% discount for non-blacksmithing items up to b rank (medium abilities) Price: 16,000 Points
  • Bazaar (4):A massive market selling items from around the world, 99% of what you can find is there, somewhere. Earning 800 Ryo a week for the village. Gives a 20% discount for non-blacksmithing items up to A rank (Major Abilities). Price: 20,000 Points
  • Black market(5):The seedy belly of the underworld, stackable with the Bazaar and other village upgrades. With Bazaar, earns up to 1,000 Ryo a week, and gives a 30% discount for non-blacksmithing items up to S rank (Major Abilities). Price: 30,000 Points

  • When purchased after Blacksmithing (5), adds up to S rank weapons/Armor with minor abilities at 20% discount.
  • When purchased after Hospital (5), adds one special nurse of B rank that (has no clan or element or bonuses) NPC that works for the hospital and can heal. Does not help the village in any way outside of the hospital/healing
  • When purchased after the Bank (5), adds 1 additional S rank Custom Fuuinjutsu trap to the bank
  • When purchased after the Sensory Barrier (5), adds in one additional S rank. So it now reads, “however, not three S rank methods stacked on top of each other”.
  • If purchasing this before getting the others, to add each one costs 6,000 RP

Other Special Purchases

  • Kage Tower:Purchasing a Kage tower, gives not only a Kage a place to work, along with other administrative functions, entertain guests, hold summits and host foreign officials. It adds an additional 10% village rewards, and an additional 200 Ryo per mission. Price: 45,000 Points

  • ANBU Complex:The deadly secrets lay within the ANBU Complex. ANBU are the supposed guardians of the village and its secrets, and at times the Kage. Having an ANBU and ANBU complex allows the village to do ANBU missions, a new type of missionPrice: 35,000 Points

  • Academy Facility:The academy is an illustrious place to train and mold young ninja’s minds and bodies. Having in your village adds another technique at the highest level you bought, but also adds an additional 500 Exp and 1000 Ryo when new characters are created in your village. Price: 20,000 Points

  • Guard House:The guard house, houses well ironically the guards of the city. Once purchased, this adds an guard at B Rank (cannot have a KKG, but gets the bonus, and can have an element or not, kage choice). This NPC is a guard, does not do missions, but handles people entering and leaving the village. Will also help in an attack/invasion. Price: 35,000 Points If the village has sensory, this guard is patched into that, and knows what the sensory barrier knows

  • Communication Center:The communication center is a relay station that allows villages to communicate with their ninja and possible with each other, if the villages both have this. Any ninja who purchases a communication device, can be patched in, and effectively radioed by the village. Allowing them to communicate with where ever they are.Price: 15,000 Points Both villages must have this, and to communicate they must meet ICly at least once and share the communication "channels". At no time can things be transmitted over the channels, including genjutsu, items, ryo, etc etc


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