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Ann Frank

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on Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:18 pm

Name: Roxanne "Anne" Kyoto
Nickname: Fist of God
Age: 16; March 15th
Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150
Appearance: Gorgeous and slender, Anne, despite her younge age, carries herself with the poise and grace of a confident, powerful woman. While quite long, she wears her pitch-dark hair most commonly in an assortment of extensively elaborate updoes, most often a bun pinned together with a collection of gold pins, and generally allows a few strands of her bangs to hand loose, framing her lovely face. This framing serves to soften her otherwise quite angular face, otherwise accented by her sharp chin, small nose, and small, rather thin mouth. These petit features also serve to draw attention up to her massive, almond-shaped eyes and their odd appearence: they seem to lack a pupil and are, instead, a uniform golden yellow color all through the iris and pupil.

Born of years of harsh and mercilous training, the woman's body is phenomenally fit and she enjoys showing this off by wearing elegant dresses and kimonos which hug her form in just the right way. While her skin is a lovely shade of delicate cream worked over by the faintest hints of pink, most attention tends to gravitate directly to her perfectly proportional and glorious breast or, when viewed from behind, her equally lovely rump and long, slender legs. All in all, her delicate appearence belies her true nature as a hardened warrior and has seen many a would be suitors flung into nearby walls.

Land: Carpathia
Character Rank: D
Clan: "Kyoto;" "clanless;" exhibits no bloodline traits at all; Peacock Chakra
Element:  N/A

Personality: Rigid. Among all other aspects of her personality, the young woman displays in nearly all situations a rigid, unyielding temperament in her beliefs. While in no way definable as overtly evil, her devotion to that which she believes the correct path borders on zealous not for the particulars of her belief but her near blind adherence to laws and rules. In many cases these amount to her strictly following a personal code which she holds and which, in general, many would classify as "good" or, at the very least, generally beneficial to society. Of course, she oftentimes values this code, order, and the law above personal freedoms or positive outcomes, so if she has placed herself within a corrupt system or under a corrupt government, she executes her orders flawlessly and without pause.

Because of her unique adherence to the rules of her profession, she has, on some level, lost the full emotional range one would expect form a normal, functioning human. While certainly she still feels happiness and, not herself a horrible monster, decries the senseless loss of human life, she finds it almost scarily simple to justify otherwise horrible things so long as they come to her from on high, either as the order of a superior or the word of a god. In the case of the latter, her faith manifests as the adherence to a strange polytheistic religion which strictly prohibits the use of bladed weaponry but highly values intense combat. In many instances, this manifests as a voodoo-like practice involving strange superstitions and myths, as well as the odd ritual. However, the religion remains largely benign and would seek to avoid killing where possible, though does not strictly prohibit it. It does place her in direct opposition to the religion of Jashin. She recognizes both the Shinigami and the Pharaoh of Carpathia as a direct, living incarnation of a god.

Offsetting what would otherwise prove an almost terrifyingly harsh exterior, the overall tone of her person is that of a highly energetic, bubbly girl. While not unnecessarily silly or foolish, her high-pitched voice and intense curiosity to that around her can help to distract from her extremely stiff beliefs. This aspect demonstrates itself most notably around her brothers and adoptive family, with whom she often finds herself intensely exasperated.

Character History: Born as the middle of three twins, Anne frequently took on a motherly role within the family, especially as she aged, frequently talking deeply and seriously with her two brothers and growing to understand and appreciate them as the unique individuals that they are. While in many cases she disagrees with their decisions and viewpoints, for them and them alone she reserves a place of the utmost love within her heart. Where others she may strike down for their infractions, with them she only laughs and shakes her head. In essence, they have found in her a relationship so tightly knit and a love so unconditional that she uniquely forgoes her beliefs and 'bends the rules' of her personal code in their favor.

Her life within the clan was difficult though as, due to the side effects of ancestral radiation, she did not inherit the clan genes and, as such, could not be trained in the clan techniques like her brothers. This instilled within her a strong will and determination as she trained with an almost inhuman vigor to keep up with her arguably more gifted family. When the wayward triplets met fatefully with Doc, her training paid off and she learned from him a vast array of of martial arts and, importantly, to harness the strange chakra which her body contained. Among the three, she may have found the most love for this man and looked up to him as the most prominent fatherly figure within her life and would, upon his whim, die for him. Along with her two brothers, his word has become her law and she would follow him to the ends of the earth.

And thus starts the History of the unfolding tales of Doc, Frank, Ann, Stein, with the past of Victoria and Von, Tune in to our threads to find out more!

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