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Rage Quitting/Leaving Rules

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on Sat Aug 06, 2016 4:49 pm

Rage Quitting/Leaving Rules

Rage Quitting: This is where you flip a table, curse, stomp around, pout and decide to call it a day. This might occur for numerous reasons, and all of us at some point have either done this or have come mightily close to doing it. However, here on Shinobi Fables Untold, we have certain rules and regulations for rage quitters. Please see below.

  • Rage Quitters will suffer penalties to their characters if they try to return.

  • Must start off at D-rank(No matter previous rank or position) May be apart of a Clan, but no Special Bonuses that may have came with it other then a Clan's KKG

  • Custom Creation Restriction, for One month after Character Update approval, the Rage Quitter may not create anything Custom (Cause it is unfair if anyone is apart of or has something you made and you ask for it to be deleted on them).

  • Know that your actions may well affect other characters. As such take due care when you throw a tantrum.

  • As a consequence, your character must wait 6 weeks before applying for Limited/Restricted Jutsus. This must be 6 weeks of constant activity.

  • If you quit, you do not get to delete your custom clan.

  • If you rage-quit, you do not get to come back and keep your stuff. Your stuff is archived and you get to start over at no higher than D rank.

  • No deleting pages off of the site without first talking to staff.

  • Leaving due to inactivity will yield less severe consequences. To what degree will be down to the circumstances and situation.

  • If you have yet to post - your body disappears and you cannot be raided. If you post, your body is raid able and can be found at the last place you posted in.


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