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Order Kyoto (Finished)

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on Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:52 pm

Name: Frank Kyoto
Nickname: Order
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Height:  5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Appearance: Excessive wearing of black clothing is probably the only way Frank Kyoto can be describe. (Course, call him gothic or emo and he might just punch you in the face). He has black hair, with a red streak running off the side, his eyes are orange, and oh yeah, he wears black clothing. Black v-shirt, showing off his chest, with a black trenchcoat that is emblazoned with some red on it, and he wear grayish, nearly black pants, with black shin guards. He wears the latest in black running boots as well. He also wears black gloves, one of which looks cool, like it could shoot something out of it (maybe like i don't know, Dust?) The other hand grips a sword that he plans on having, because this is how Frank scethces his self when he has the free time to. Besides the glove that looks ready to shoot stuff out of and the sword, everything else is what he wears. Oh, and can't forget his utility belt that he wants to have as well. That's where he would store ninja tools that are to big to hide up his sleeves, if he actually have sleeves, because it sorts of looks like he has noe arm with nosleeve, and the other sleeve is actually a full arm glove. 

Land: Carpathia 
Character Rank: D
Clan: Kyoto-Dust
Element: Earth, Fire, Wind

Personality: Order can be described as the lawful evil type, he's willing to work under the law to accomplish his selfish desires. He fakes being for the people, to twist the law to his side. He cares nothing for beauty, the finer things of life. He wants strict order and follows a simple code: 1. You shall not lie, unless it's in order to promote order. 2. You shall harm the innocent to advance yourself or promote order. 3. You shall kill to advance yourself or promote order. 4. You shall not aid the weak, unless it promotes order or can advance yourself. 5. you shall honor legitimate authority that promotes you and your comrades. 6, You shall follow the law, to the utmost of your ability. 7. You shall not betray others, unless it advances yourself or promotes order. 8. You shall not aid criminals or those who protect the weak, unless its to advance yourself, or promote order. 9. You shall use the law to advance yourself and your comrades. 10. You shall seek unlimited power over others and unlimited order in society. 
He follows this code, though around his siblings, he will pretend to be something he's not, he'll pretend that he's just one to follow the flow of things, and let things go as they will. Secretly, he will watch, and plot, and determine how he will increase the order of the land around him, and the whole lands in general.
Character History: Order is one of three people born at the same time. Well, not really born, because he and the other two that make up the triplets were actually ripped out of their mother to try to unsuccessfully save the life of their mother. But before the whole story of their birth, the story of their parents should be noted. Victoria and Von Kyoto, met at a science convention, which brought both branches of the Kyoto family together to discuss the future of science within the lands of Carpathia. Their Research that they both happened to be working on was how to create life via Science, more so by bringing back the dead. Victoria was from the swift branch, and Von was from the Dust branch. Fate made sure to bring those two crashing together.. They discovered that they were distant, distant cousins, who knew many of the same people. They quickly fell in love, and married.
Two years later, and Victoria was pregnant with their first child(ren). They were so happy, until complications happened, and to save the lives of the child, they had to preform a cesarean on Victoria, only to discover the reason for the complications was that in fact, she was carrying three children to term. Victoria died, due to the complications, and because the medical ninja wasn't a proper med ninja, and had no idea on how to save her.
Thus Von had three children to care for., each technically "born" at the same time, none the oldest, none the youngest. Of course, Von raised his two sons, Frank and Stein to look out for their sister Ann, though Ann proved that she wasn't a frail thing. The three grew up together, each of them always watching out for each other.
They joined the shinobi of their clan, learning and growing under them when they turned eight years old.

Von was Consumed in finishing the work of his and his late wifes, using her as the test subject, however this stole time of his away from his Kids, which he didn't think an issue due to they were now shinobi, or at least working towards to becoming shinobi. Well sometime later the Uzumaki decided to move into Carpathia, and when this happened, Von was killed during this time, rather is reasearch was completed we will never know. However this create the first transgression that would forever seer a distaste for the Uzumaki clan into the back of their heads .

While on his travels, a man the triplets came to call Doctori, came into their life and helped to train them and teach them the truest essentials in life that anyone would ever need, Order was specifically taught about how to fight hand to hand, his syblings each also had their own lessons from this man, but they always stayed together. 

Order also became a medical ninja, to follow the footsteps of his father to determine what was so important to his father for him to become consumed with it, but he always made sure that he stayed with his siblings.

After the Training with Doctori , Or Doc for short , the nickname they affectionaitly gave to him, would overall turn out to be like a second father, or more like a first father, as their first was always too consumed with work. 
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